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Canon 70D : Specifications and Opinions

Canon 70D, front

Canon 70D, back

Canon 70D, top

The Canon 70D is a reflex camera with APS-C (1.6x) sensor and 20.2 megapixels manufactured from 2013 to 2016 (discontinued). The range of sensitivities, including ISO extension, is 100 - 25600 ISO and it has a continuous shooting (burst mode) of 7 FPS x 16 RAW, 60 JPEG. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 875 €;
234 users have given it an average vote of 9.3 out of 10

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 Review by JuzaPhoto   Canon 70D Review by Juza

 Format   APS-C, 22.3 x 15 mm (image ratio 3:2, crop factor 1.6x in comparison with FF)
 Resolution   20.2 megapixel
 ISO sensitivities   100 - 25600
 File formats   JPEG, RAW, mRAW, sRAW

 Shutter speeds   30" - 1/8000
 Exp. compensation   +/- 5 stops at 1/3 steps
 Exp. modes   M, S, A, P, Scena
 Metering modes   Multi-Area, Semi-Spot, Spot

 Mount   Canon EF, Canon EF-S (click here to view al compatible lenses)
 Stabilization   No
 Autofocus (AF areas)   19
 Continuos shooting   7 FPS x 16 RAW, 60 JPEG
 Live View   Yes
 MLU/SS   Yes, Silent Shooting and Mirror Lock Up
 Dust reduction   Yes
 Video mode   1920x1080p @ 30 FPS
 WiFi   Yes
 GPS   No
 USB Charging   No

 Built and notes
 Touchscreen   Yes
 LCD   3.0", 720 x 480 pixels, articulated
 Viewfinder   Optical, coverage 98%, 0.95x
 Flash   Yes, guide number 13 meters
 Storage   SD, SDHC, SDXC
 Battery   Li-Ion
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Weight   755 g
 Dimensions   139 x 104 x 79 mm
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sent on August 29, 2013

Pros: + well designed (very similar to my main body EOS 6D) + GREAT high ISO performance (among other crop cameras I've used so far) + touchscreen (I am very surprised how useful it is) + great upgrade of AF system (19 cross type points) + horizon icon right in viewfinder (great tool I have always enabled) + wi-fi (I have several plans to use it during my next trips) + overall image quality

Cons: - smaller backside "wheel" (finger encounter the display when rotated all around) - one-touch zoom button missing (I love this button on my EOS 6D, I would be happy if the same would be there, but touchscreen works pefectly in this case) - AF-system only close to 7D (I miss my prefered setting - 1main AF point and 4supporting around) - silent mode (not as silent as my EOS 6D but still works well)

Opinion: I have very good first impressions after first few days with this camera. Great output, ISO well controled. It would be great addition to my main body EOS 6D. Feel free to browse my full resolution sample gallery where ISO 320 - 2500 was used together with EF 300mm/2.8 IS (w/o TC 2x II) and EF 100mm/2.8 IS. I can highly recommend everybody who is looking for upgrade of all older cameras EOS xxD. http://gallery.sulasula.com/Equipment/CANON-EOS-70D-FULL

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sent on August 09, 2018

Pros: Swivel and touch screen, Wi-Fi, general file quality, battery life, buttons customization, fine AF adjustment

Cons: Few points of MAF

Opinion: The 70d was my third SLR and the first serious camera. Very great satisfactions with this machine. When I took it I began to support only optical L series and was immediately love. I kept it several years and was a loyal companion even in adverse weather conditions. Infinite Battery, the tilt and touch screen beautiful, clear and very useful. Equipped with Wi-Fi. I highly recommend as a handyman machine coupled with quality optics that can be calibrated through the fine adjustment of the AF directly in the camera since the 70d has this fundamental function. To have a higher number of AF points and a more powerful module, maybe in the same band, you can steer on the 80d, but if you do not have excessive claims then, even today, is an excellent machine "generic" on which you can rely fully in every Condition.

sent on June 26, 2018

Pros: Shooting quality, possibility of practicing any type of photography, tropicalization, burst of shots, autofocus, Wi-Fi, level

Cons: Noise at higher ISO of 1600, hot pixels

Opinion: Great body that I use for the past 2 and a half years, allows to explore practically all kinds of photography and gives unique emotions. At higher ISO of 1600 begins to get noticed a little ' noise, but nothing that can not be solved with a minimal post-production (at ISO 3200 you still make wonderful shots to the Milky Way without the noise annoys). Shooting for a long time and continuous (startrails), after a few shots begin to be noticed the fastidiosissimi hot pixels. Wonderful The fact that it is tropicalised, very useful when the humidity is high.

sent on October 25, 2017

Pros: Rugged but lightweight body even though tropicalized, full-frame photo quality comparable

Cons: High perceptible noise (from 1600 upwards)

Opinion: I've been using this camera for more than two years, I'm very pleased with its quality. I got it bundled with lens 18-135 STM, with which you really do it all, and it's also quite light. Exposure meter is very reliable, it is difficult to mistake exposure if you have a minimum of practice cone the most common exposure techniques. Very easy to use in manual thanks to the double ring (exposure times and diaphragm). I would try to change the model, who goes for the new road knows what he leaves but not what he finds ...

sent on October 19, 2017

Pros: Semipro, autofocus, burst body, double ring, adjustable screen, level, excellent light and shadow recovery, battery life.

Cons: Noise over ISO 800, lights in the display are not reliable, 15-shot RAW buffers

Opinion: I had this car for 1 year and 10 months, with her I did more than 50,000 shots and I'm currently waiting for the 80D. The 70D is an extremely interesting machine, bursting with 7FPS, 20mpx and 19 cross-over points. Its strength lies in the strength of the machine cover, durable but lighter than a 7D, the upper display is clear and all the necessary info and the two timing and diaphragm adjustment rings are indispensable. The battery makes about 900 shots, the screen is usually mounted on both 700D and 200D, the machine has a level and each function is quickly accessible. On the other hand, in my opinion, it has a buffer limited to 15 RAWs, with its burst saturated in two seconds, using 95mb / s SD quickly, but still does not go beyond 15 continuous shots. The high ISO grain is felt, especially by applying clarity and recovering shadows in post production. Overall, in its price range, it is the best in circulation, I really loved it, we hope the 80D gives the same satisfaction.

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