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Canon 5D Mark III : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on June 25, 2019

Pros: Stability, solidity, operational security, elegance, very rich menu, top level professionalism, ISO, double slot (CF and SD), stunning AF, remarkable leap forward compared to the 5D Mk 2, 100% viewfinder, LCD 3.2' screen.

Cons: Menu too rich, ultrasensitive shutter button, weight.

Opinion: A camera with excellent and stunning performance. Canon has made an epochal leap forward, compared to its sister Mark 2. The features that I note most, in addition to being those that I especially need when I shoot, are the double slot for memory cards (CF and SD), a feature that I consider absolutely vital. Then the estate to high ISO, since I take several photos of interior. The 100% viewfinder: at 24mm there is the feeling of shooting with an ultra-wide angle!!! I could go on endlessly praising this camera. An authentic tank, as I likeit!!!

sent on April 30, 2019

Pros: Professional body, double slot, operating speed despite age, advanced functions, very valuable autofocus.

Cons: Weight, footprint, video capacity (but it's a machine of 2012!), lack pop-up flash (for me it's not a big cons, but it can be)

Opinion: Socket used with few shots in the era of mirrorless... You can take it home now at reasonable prices, being often sold off. Despite the age of the project, it can be considered a definitive machine, at least speaking as an amateur photographer. It makes an impression even today, seven years after the exit. A tank... Very solid, excellent operating speed, double CF/SD slots, silent fairytale shot, suitably configured, ready-to-use JPEG churns, at the limit with a pp-skin.... Autofocus that I think is excellent, as well as being extremely flexible and widely configurable, although a bit ' difficult to master. Video side seems lacking, compared to today's monsters, but it is also obvious that it is so... And on the other hand I do not find it limiting, since I only do small pieces and the fullHD is more than enough. The high ISO yield for the age it has is not bad at all. The dynamic range is not great, but, always considering the age, I think it's great. It has the ability to connect microphone and headphones for audio monitoring, really great thing. The lack of flash pop up I haven't heard it yet... Although a filler every now and then, especially in strong contrast conditions would not be bad... Unique flaws are weight and size, but from a pro SLR body you can't expect a featherweight... The ergonomics is however exceptional, everything at hand and that falls to wonder. Balancing with heavy targets (tested with 70-200 2.8) is outstanding. In this historical period, in which the unhurried mirrorless race is relentlessly, you can find great bargains, bringing home a car for life. Really great on all fronts.

sent on February 04, 2019

Pros: Professional, dual slot, quality, solidity, ISO, AF, dynamic range, BW, joystick, reliability, safety.

Cons: He's getting old, but not yet to have flaws.

Opinion: A tractor. Solid and massive. At the same time reliable and precise. A quality image is comparable to the younger sister 6d. But as soon as you use it you immediately notice the superiority. Already from the simple shooting ruomore, which from a feeling of professionalism important. Use with 85mm 1.2 II and 50mm 1.4 sigma Art. He never let me down, under any circumstances. The use in ceremonies and in-room poses, but I also used it for sport with 70-200 2.8 II. A car that is not afraid of the technology that looms.

sent on January 06, 2019

Pros: Almost everything

Cons: The selected AF point does not remain illuminated after the MAF

Opinion: The ultimate SLR. He has everything that is missing from MkII, a faithful companion for years. An AF finally efficient and precise, which hooks well even in low light, with numerous and well-arranged cross points; impeccable display meter; ISO holding excellent up to 6400, besides you still take home the shot with fine grain and easy to work; ISO automation with the shutter speed setting really convenient in many situations. Opening shadows of dreams compared to MkII. Files of size still reasonable compared to the new big pixels, double slot very useful. Power button finally in a rational position and key block dial very useful. Large and faithful display, level, grid and other small features that are convenient. Intuitive and well translated menu. There is a lack of Wi-Fi and orientable display but who cares: finally it is used at reasonable prices, super recommended.

sent on October 09, 2018

Pros: But what should I say?, it is an icon of digital photography. It has a thousand merits and the defect of being Canon, the house that unnerved Performance.

Cons: Here too It is written about everything: do I have to say mine? Other planet, even just as a qualitative perception of Solidity.

Opinion: Bought used with about 25000 shots at a well-known Marchigiano retailer, I have preferred for equal price, a guarantee formula that only a trader can Offer. well, compared to other machines that I own (, see profile), has an immediate behavior, however Versatile. A machine in the round, able to amaze still in spite of the 6 years of difference with the super Megapixels. Thousand five hundred euros of Enjoyment. Why did I buy it? To not deny me the pleasure of going out with a shotgun, if you decide to do other genres besides the portrait.

sent on August 04, 2018

Pros: Low-heavy file management with good dynamic range. Good AF, excellent ISO tightness, ergonomics

Cons: AF improvable (In fact it has been improved in the IV), good dynamic range but.....

Opinion: I bought this machine at a great price (in the used now give them) and with satisfaction I knew I was not wrong in the purchase. Excellent, solid, beautiful files, the handyman par excellence for a matrimonialist who knows how to make the most of it. The advantages are many, from the files, to the ISO management and to an excellent white balance. It is an evergreen and until there will be valid alternatives to the Mark IV (read Mark V) will be Lamia second chamber combined with 1DX and 6d. Excellent battery life, the AF is fast enough and the burst is absolutely perfect for those who do little quick shots. Robust and very reliable with both the original and compatible batteries, no mistake (almost) never a shot and as I said before, the machine with which you can do everything. Of course, in the studio I prefer to have a few more megapixels but you can't complain. Recommended above all because of the price of the used now the minimum historical. Vote 9 (compared to the present day).

sent on June 21, 2018

Pros: Very fast AF, high ISO sealing, tropicalization, dual slot, FF sensor

Cons: Difficult setting AF, lack of GPS and WI-Fi

Opinion: From my point of view is a great camera, after losing some time to understand the various settings of the menu allows you to shoot with any condition of light, extremely balanced files with good sharpness, the Af is very fast but not too intuitive For those like me is a photo amateur and not a professional, coming from 6d I have not noticed a big difference in the photographic quality (maybe because still not the exploit to 100% of its possibilities). The sealed camera body allows you to shoot with adverse weather conditions. Automatic white balance improves. Sturdy and reliable I got to try it both at 39 ° and at-13 ° and never lost a shot, is giving me great satisfaction.

sent on May 12, 2018

Pros: Professional.

Cons: Photographic quality not better than sister 6d.

Opinion: Great Photographic tool. The shot is not wrong and can handle very well many situations and conditions. All in favor of an extremely professional and balanced result. Great AF, excellent color balance and exposure just slightly below the correct. Very good Iso but not stratospheric. As against I indicated the photographic quality not better than the 6d, and for me possedendole both so it turns out. Surely the evaluation is dictated by conditions of visual sensations and personal analysis. Of the two rooms so much has already compared and clarified. If Canon had mounted the sensor 6 on the machine 5iii, surely, for some but many photographic genres would not have served other cameras for several years with great peace for monkeys and deniers.

sent on January 12, 2018

Pros: Ergonomic, fast powerful.

Cons: bho '

Opinion: I come from the Nikon world and after 35 years I moved to Canon 5d3. I bought a 50mm f1.4, and now I took a new 24/70 L4, because the big brother costs almost 3 times. I must say that the shots made highlighted the blur, what did not happen to me with Nikon, unless I wanted it at full aperture. Then I think it is less intuitive and more difficult with its keys and I do not know if I have adjusted correctly with the points Af and exposure. I like it, but I think it needs a look from a skilled photographer. I love portraits and still life. My next lens will be the 100 macro L rnIf someone could suggest me how to set up the camera correctly I would be grateful. Thanks and good continuation to all.

sent on November 03, 2017

Pros: High ISO hold, fast AF, used price, 100% viewfinder, battery life, robust, well-readable display

Cons: Complicated menu, changing features Af a little intuitive and uncomfortable, dynamic range would be enough one more point

Opinion: Taken used for a few months, it had only 5000 shots, and of many satisfaction, so often used in disco for various galleries, so high ISO and low times, nothing better to pacify it, as I did to a 16-35 f2.8 II, and if you have more light also use a 24-70 f4 second series. Beware of the exposure meter, sometimes under exposes, but just know it before :-). What to say, true defects I do not find, WiFi is missing but with SD WIFI the problem is solved with a modest expense. , in addition I also took a silicone shell that embraces it like a glove and leaves all the keys functional, it is a nice cover that repairs from any scratch. A battery-grip dual battery, a nice flash Nissin Di866 mark II. The advice

sent on August 10, 2017

Pros: FF, Ergonomics, Robustness, Dynamic Range, Good ISO High Tightness, Tropicalization, Discrete Failure, Dual Slot, Versatility for All Kinds, Used Optimorn Price

Cons: A little castrated video side, lacking mobile display

Opinion: I went after 3 years from the 700D (which I found a more than dignified entry level) to this tank, taking advantage of a really good used wear / price.rn the transition to the FF and a Pro body as this was a leap of apparent quality , In particular for the overall quality of the Files, ISO sharpness and ISO tightness when it starts to need light where it is not. The body is robust but at the same time portable, you fit all the goals you want but it is with the PRO (L Series) that maximizes the whole system, the balance between heavy (heavy) and body (robust) creates a perfect balance , You can feel a great car in your hand.rnOnce the automatic focusing, the good dual CF card (CF + SD), the MF points (65 if I did not), the easy and intuitive menu, the joystick indispensable (not I know how I would do without) and exceptional viewfinder. Video files are not bad at all, but they do not excel in this subframe, but the options are minimal, but you must be aware that you canShoot good movies with the accessory equipment. The lack of a rotatable display (it does have the 700D that I had) seems a bit absurd because even though it is not essential it is very convenient. RnThe ISO seal is certainly a big step forward (Especially if it comes from an APSC), however, it must be taken into account that it does not do miracles ... beyond the 3200 butta male.rn definitely a great PRO car that today can be purchased between 1300 and 1600 € with a few thousand shots Or even new at about 2000/2300 €. If you do not get the budget of a IV mark this is a great choice.rn

sent on March 22, 2017

Pros: FF sensor, body, ergonomics, robustness, Quality Files, Dynamic Range, Speed ??AF, AF module setting, high ISO seal, silent snap, Tropicalization, Sub Video, gust, Incisiveness Files, Dual Slot (CF + SD) Versatility of use, price flea today (2017)

Cons: Complexity menu, just out New Price

Opinion: 26 # 8220; rate ", the multi-punched" Q "and is changed - than the MK2 - the zoom system on the photos (maybe less intuitive, but just give us a little 'hands). rnI RAW files it produces are exceptional: rich in detail and color, deep, with a large dynamic range and three-dimensionality even in low light conditions. I personally noticed, compared to FF 6D I possess, greater incisiveness of files even at high sensitivity, with a file that is more crisp and detailed. rnNon I noticed, however, a better high ISO seal of 6D compared to 5, or rather the two reflex seem to me very close as the voice of chrominance and luminance. rnIl body and ergonomics are exceptional and falls into my hands very well, like a glove; tropicalization is even better than that of the MKII, which already had a very good livello.rnMolto useful finely tuned sound and especially the double-slot that allows you to use both CF cards, either SD, mentKing did not feel the lack of Wi-Fi and GPS, for me useless accessories on an SLR. rnComparto very advanced video although personally I only care about the photographic side which is what we use in 99% of cases. rnOggi is new and used at a reasonable price with a few clicks is a reflex that can really last for long. IMHO - today - is the best Reflex high-end on mercato.rn

sent on March 12, 2017

Pros: AF lightning, high ISO estate, highly formable files, is a tank

Cons: At the moment no

Opinion: I come from the 5D II, I took advantage of the very affordable price to date for this machine being able to sell the old lady still very handsome, of course, the difference is minimal in terms of image, I noticed a marked improvement in the workability of the pp file , mainly on shadows. I shoot indoors at ISO 6400 and I must say that many shots I took them home, you are able to work well and the quality is very high! At the time I made a few exits to test it thoroughly, but he has already given me plenty of satisfaction! The definitely recommend it, especially because it has been discontinued and is selling at reasonable prices, as long as you fit them in front of quality glass!

sent on February 28, 2017

Pros: Increbile AF, AF even at f8, high ISO tightness, strength, dual card, it is a PRO at all in fact.

Cons: Menu worse than the 5d2

Opinion: I had the 5d2 which I was, and still is, a great machine, with the only drawback of having an AF in my opinion not up to the body. So I decided to go to the 5D3 to take pictures naturalistiche.rnSono was impressed by the speed / precision AF and the quality of the files, not to mention that now the AF works even with f8.rnLa dynamic range is improved, the 5D2 was always too closed shadows, but now the images seem more naturali.rnAnche tightness at high ISO is better, to 12800 in decent lighting conditions, the files are still utilizzabili.rnIl body is lighter and more tropical conditions and the viewfinder has 100% coverage .rnSe really had to find a lack (not a fault) I would say that a body of this level is the viewfinder darkened diaphragm and BULB Nikon style function would be well deserved, so do not keep your finger on the button for shooting above 30 seconds. A choice in my opinion made only to sell the telecomando.rnLa thing that disturb meato has been the distortion of the menu, now it is less intuitive and more cumbersome to switch from one function to another, not to mention the key to zoom the photo with the combined use of the wheel. The + and - keys of the 5d2 had a disarmante.rn simplicity

sent on February 19, 2017

Pros: Ergonomics, incredible AF, dual memory card, viewfinder

Cons: exposure meter

Opinion: I am an amateur photos and switched to FF. Undoubtedly an important step in several respects. I chose the 5dIII and not the 5dIV because with the difference of 1.000 € I preferred to take another optical albeit used but good quality a 16-35 f2,8.rnLa II AF mode after it is well understood, the rewards are good. Size is important and so is the weight, but the whole is well calibrated and after a while you do not notice as indeed you maneuver with ease; even my wife who has smaller hands of my finds however well balanced. rnIl viewfinder with 100% is really excellent is clearly seen throughout the composizione.rnUn defect that seems ridges eye is the light meter as it tends to underexpose, but I'm practicing and I'll get used to acting conseguenza.rnIn conclusion I believe the choice right the machine and how important vote would give a nice 9.rnUn pity is that I had to change the bag because it was too small to accommodate the 5DIII.rnILgsp, for the photos you are interested in it you can insert it later in different way, so I do not care and WiFi me personally I download photos directly from the card and a remote control for a few € I settled for shooting remotely

sent on February 10, 2017

Pros: AF module, output at high ISO, Tropicalization.

Cons: Recovery Shadows, Banding improved, the auto white balance.

Opinion: I joined my old 5D Old 5DMKIII this new and although there are aspects that could be improved as the yield in the shadows recovery and banding "even at low iso", (even to my worst aps-c 70D) is still a step giant leap. AF has a powerful and a good yield at high ISO.rnSolo the white balance in my opinion is incorrect in more often than if left in auto.rnPer the rest is definitely the best all-rounder until our new canon that the outclasses all (sensor side) .rnAlberto.

sent on February 06, 2017

Pros: af points and accurate viewfinder

Cons: lack wi fi and gps

Opinion: after years spent between the compact house of canon and 1000 d with three lenses, finally I decided to make the leap and I would say even a little 'by chance and fortunately also saw the amount paid, but well rewarded. Precise, fast and with a whole host of features that allow you to overcome any obstacle. Maybe if the series also had wi fi and GPS would be a good help, but the basic functions has in full.

sent on February 05, 2017

Pros: Auto focus, build quality, ease of menu

Cons: Lack wi-fi

Opinion: I state that I am not a professional so I do amateur use. I got to take the 5d iii me because a friend was buying the MK IV and then by our reference shopkeeper we gave in behind my 6d and with a few hundred euro of difference I could make the leap. My more than a review and 'a comparison 6d / 5d, of course compared to my fotoamatoriale experience. Taking it in hand, I immediately felt at ease because of the Canon menu structure and 'very similar, the difference real' that only the menu of af has pages of entire menu of 6d, with all the various conceivable adjustments. Taking the first pictures of those who are known and 'the sound of the click is completely different between the two machines. Static images are more or less the same level, but the 5diii not mistaken L exposure as often makes the younger sister to another without following a real logic. The 5d and 'much more even thoughthe monitor may seem otherwise. Let me explain with 6d watching to monitor shots all look beautiful, then maybe downloading of computer is also disappointed, the 5d moves less on the small screen, maybe it's' a matter of brightness and settings. L f and 'another planet, with only 6d I shot with the center which then combines the L image, this is fine for static subjects, but take some pictures to my kids became really a fighter .... and often were winning in my children . Another great advantage and 'ISO sensitivity that you can simply extend to the ISO 50 and then go up dramatically, although I do not think pay to go beyond 25,000. The shutter speeds up to 1/8000 are another good reason to take this machine which in addition has a magnesium body and weather protection. The joystick and 'very practical. Needless to mention the dual-board benefits, the true HDR, 6d it does so only in jpeg and without creative possibilities. The only drawback is' perhaps the Wi-Fi that with6d allowed to remotely trigger via tablet and see the previews. However, there are cinesate that with a few tens of euro resolve the problem. Now that most photographers are changing machine for mk IV will make some real bargains and I honestly could not be a better time to buy this gem.

sent on January 07, 2017

Pros: build quality, powerful AF, high ISO performance

Cons: Photographically speaking anyone. Too bad for the WI-FI

Opinion: What to say that others have not said .... simply astonishing. A machine that for me has no equal. I purchased about 5 months ago and it was love at first click! The AF system is phenomenal. The camera body is solid and well made. I made it to work at very low temperatures -20 ° and did not bat an eyelid he behaves in a sublime manner. Pictures at high ISO maintain good sharpness. What else to say .. I would not change for anything. Bodied car !!!

sent on December 19, 2016

Pros: build quality, AF, high ISO performance

Cons: To want it all, the lack of Wi-Fi

Opinion: After years with the MkII I made the jump to the MkIII basically to have an AF worthy of the name. Spectacular. Fast, and accurate on all points (with the MkII was the only accurate central). At high ISO maintains a clarity far superior to the previous version. Combined with a canvas it is still balanced (best with a BG anyway). AF and ISO performance also make it very usable for nature photos in lower light conditions, type in the woods. The Wi-Fi was not essential to have it, however, because of bodies like the 70D is present, they could include it. I find it convenient, is to pass quickly the files on the tablet, where now I can have a good preview, both oper use remote shooting with shots particolari.rnNel complex a lady reflex.

sent on November 17, 2016

Pros: build quality, great ergonomics and AF module

Cons: Perhaps, but the absence of GPS and Wi-Fi in rare cases

Opinion: I use it now for several months, in my opinion a true Pro, impugnamdola sends you a sense of strength that even going down a step, the 6D, not riscontri.rnReflex versatile in all uses, only in cases of trips I miss the module wi-fi to view photos sull'iPad and GPS module, but in the workplace do not need their own.

sent on November 12, 2016

Pros: Solid. Powerful. Versatile.

Cons: Nobody. I love it

Opinion: An important machine. Chosen by the undoubted versatility, that despite the weight can not tire and give that perfect shot. very pleasant colors, but not too large files and unique details. For me it is the reflex of the queen. I would not change with any other. Even a newcomer. What I love is its sensor that allows a silkiness and a wealth of detail that not all delude.rnIl viewfinder is something indescribable, with the ability to set it in any condition. I use it mostly for the landscape but it is perfect in every situation.

sent on August 09, 2016

Pros: Af, made at high ISO, Quality of files, ergonomics (staff)

Cons: "Portability" (you can not bring in your pocket)

Opinion: Professional machine, which allows use at 360 degrees, maybe only flaw and photographic hunting or sport where you need a hair more than phenomenal burst .rnAf when paired with Canon optics, precise and very complete, so many tracking mode I always study them good . Workable files even at high ISO, excellent recovery of shadows and light, true colors and not "pumped". Use primarily in landscape and combined with the 16-35 f4 he has never disappointed me. Works under all weather conditions, keys arranged in an impeccable manner and usable with mountain heavy gloves. It is not a twig but for what it offers the weight is well bearable .rnUnico flaw is its portability, that is not a machine that you can carry in the backpack and maybe make daily trips etc., universities work etc .. But it is a defect some obviously given the size .rnVoto 9.8 to 10 rn

sent on June 13, 2016

Pros: Body, autofocus, dual slot

Cons: Price, RAW files

Opinion: Compared to last this 5d Mark 2 focuses as you would expect from machines of this price range. For the rest if it were not for holding the high iso I not never change with a mark2. The dynamic range and poor, and both videos both RAW files have nothing better of older sister despite the digimark5, indeed .... Maybe perhaps prefer the raw sensor is the mark2. For people like me who does videography disappointing lack of 50p to fhd quality. However in general a good machine entirely tropicalized.

sent on May 19, 2016

Pros: Yield at high iso, professional body resolution

Cons: no swivel monitor, noisy mirror

Opinion: I must say it surprises me every time I use it, my use is purely naturalistic especially birdlife and combined with 300 2 / 8LL is monstrous, and combined with the estender holds up in an exemplary way! Great possibility of settings especially for af like all the decent menu burst to which I prefer 7d mkll, like all Canon there may be improvements on the dynamics and the high iso range but in my opinion and for my use points are irrelevant visible only to those who make professional tests in the laboratory, I find it rather too noisy the mirror such as to escape often my subjects whether fortunately I do not need large burst is finely tuned sound, it would be nice to a Wi-Fi built-solved with cam-renger and a swivel monitor entryLevel seen that even today we are provided, however good the bill of great solidity body holding it in your hand you see a professional machine, in conclusion on the whole I can be fully satisfied with a nice 9+ as judgment, just because the 10 should never be taken foralways leave room for improvement

sent on May 02, 2016

Pros: build quality, performance at high ISO, image quality, dual card, always clean sensor, AF module AF speed, ergonomics.

Cons: The duration of the information in the viewfinder is not adjustable, only 6 sec.

Opinion: Purchased for about a month, with Canon EF 24-70mm f / 4 L IS USM at a very affordable price. I come from APSC system with Nikon D300S, I continue to maintain, because I consider it still a very valid machine up to 1000 ISO. With this Canon I switched to another level, the files are very workable in PP, offers exceptional light and colors. The'm experiencing in landscapes with low lights and it is stunning. It grab very well and with the Canon EF 24-70mm f / 4 is well balanced. Nice and crisp display and handy with its exposure simulated in particular when I run photo with low lighting, very useful also the Q key to Canon that takes you immediately to principali.Per functions Finally, the external architecture is worthy of a truly professional machine. I am still studying to make the most of its native capabilities. My vote is 9.5.

sent on April 29, 2016

Pros: build quality, double coupon, top images, made at high ISO, burst

Cons: Unremarkable

Opinion: 10 votes for this machine I use for more than three years. The relationship with the 5D mark III usage grows in use. In the most difficult conditions still bakes wonderful files and never disappoints. Combined with the objectives of the caliber of 24-70 2.8 II USM and the 70-200 2.8 II USM is possible to work in every situation. Professional and versatile. Exceptional

sent on April 08, 2016

Pros: Versatile, long-lived, image quality, dual card, af super, solid, always clean sensor, good burst, silent ,.

Cons: Video does not match its competitors, limited dynamic range due to the noise risk.

Opinion: After 3 years of professional use I can say that it is a machine lady. Impeccable and not bat an eyelid. Reliable and fast. Only flaw is the video of little quality and outdated compared to competitors. The council despite being born five years ago remains a very valid machine photographically. Taouil Youness

sent on March 12, 2016

Pros: A switch is always clean

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: The advantages of this machine are listed in the lot but no one seems highlighted this value. Having also the 5D 5DII And I can say that with respect to these aspects of cleaning it is much improved. Often changing lens before every important to always check the sensor work and 95% find it which is not always clean avvine for other 5D.

sent on January 21, 2016

Pros: First of all the build quality, truly worthy of a "pro": right or wrong, for me it is important that the camera I have in my hands gives the feeling of being reliable and it really is; Then, of course, what it produces it has to be up with the Mk III there is no doubt that it is, in all respects and not so I will not repeat all the positives already expressed by my predecessor.

Cons: Hard to find: I would not mind the swiveling display but it seems that Canon did not get along with the "professional"; otherwise nothing to say.

Opinion: I purchased selling the 5 D MK II, great car, but it was beginning to Starmie "close" to the noise at higher sensitivities and lack car's ISO (automatic setting would stop at ISO 400, evidently to the electronic noise problems) and 6D, which I gave away willingly having never had this feeling with machine-related problems both performance- and (at least in the sample in my possession) to a building and a laughable components, which me They made her use malvolentieri.rnOvviamente with the 5D Mk III completely different music and ... anything but money, sure, but just as certainly a completely different car! rn

sent on January 04, 2016

Pros: 61 AF points and the convenience of two cards

Cons: At the moment I can not find

Opinion: I'm done little gift for Christmas, just that I still have to study well, only the camera body with a STM 50 mm f / 1.8 but at first glance and another planet come from a 300D and 40D APSC jump and was huge again repeat test good but I do not let me down, saw the reviews, a few shots but the difference with my old 33de 40D and abysmal, now there are no more excuses to make bad pictures, my vote and 10

sent on December 27, 2015

Pros: Quality files, AF module, held high ISO, WB correctness car

Cons: In my opinion the "against" when you have something that you expect there. So nothing to detect.

Opinion: Coming from 7d old opens the world of perfection. The use of 95% for sports photography and therefore the demands that have are specific. The AF is very customizable and accurate. The quality of the file is excellent. Finally, you can not help but think of the iso so why not a problem anymore! The WB is faithful also in "self" and the time to devote to the PP to correct flaws in the machine is finally absent! rnih the sports would be better to have more fps (coming from 7d the difference is felt) but you just get used to it and adattarsi.rnL'ergonomia is good until you grab a number one (but then we would be talking of another machine) .rnMacchina beautiful!

sent on December 25, 2015

Pros: ISO sensitivity, burst, weight

Cons: Battery Life

Opinion: I got a D 450, then a 600 de now 5 d Mark III, a completely different mondo.rnE 'a lady SLR, a monster, the image quality it produces is crazy, buttons all at mano.rnHo already made 400 shots, no uguali.rnL'unica flaw is the battery life, comparing it with the EOS M, I would say that it lasts longer quest'ultima.rnComunque fact remains that when you pick up, you feel the king of the world , solid, sturdy and grip rifle.

sent on October 20, 2015

Pros: AF speed, weather sealing, strength

Cons: dynamic range

Opinion: keys of easy access, excellent robustness proven in the field. E 'already the second that I own, the council vivamente.olida. The first impression you get when you grab for the first time the Mark III is the body, made of a resistant magnesium alloy, weighs just under 1 kg grams and has a surface finish of resin and rubber. Excellent also the shape of the handle.

sent on October 06, 2015

Pros: Materials, auto focus, noise, precision

Cons: ? burst of six very noisy, nothing else

Opinion: No need to repeat what others have said a thousand volte.Personalmente after the first 20D, then the 7D, I rediscovered "the real feeling of having bought back a real reflex" is difficult to explain, but I seemed to have in hand the new version of my Old eos 5 analog that has accompanied me for many years in teatrornAssolutamente recommended, if you are rich, instead you go higher up

sent on August 11, 2015

Pros: 61-point AF, double slot, and barrage silent shutter, quality file, held high ISO, body PRO, tropicalization.

Cons: To my way of photographing and my level no appreciable.

Opinion: I came from a 600D then speak with the enthusiasm of those who have discovered a new way of seeing the scatto.rnE 'a body of professional and quality undoubtedly with emotions from the first scatto.rnLa gust is enough for any situation in which I found myself (birds do not then I do not pronounce), the presence of the double slot is really helpful and the shot noise at all! rnHa a detail and a seal at high ISO really since before the classe.rnInsomma is really versatile and a reflex that makes you happy owners who like me are a passion of photography principale.rnDa little I combined 85 L II and the results are woow !!! rnIl handle is for sure the most important thing for anyone who takes it for sure with her you can go beyond their limits without fear of reach before those of reflex! rnVoto 10!

sent on August 04, 2015

Pros: AF speed fast, accurate, high ISO excellent management, weather sealing and strength, dual memory card slots.

Cons: poor dynamic range: 11.7 against 14.8 Nikon D810 ,, I would have preferred even a 5d mark 3 without internal filter for maximum sharpness,

Opinion: the parent does not give the value of the dynamic range, you can get around this problem only with the HDR, add one thing at a time so he buys the next model, rnnel complex machine is fine, the colors are very beautiful canon, machine robust and heavy, tropical conditions, the menu very clear and complete, rnconsiglio purchase, rnrn

sent on July 27, 2015

Pros: AF, weather sealing, dual-slot, high ISO, highly customizable

Cons: ... It is not a number 1 ... ;-)))

Opinion: A wonderful machine, depending on the number 1 ergonomics but all keys are easily accessible, AF configurable and reliable in almost all situations, especially combining it with pro lenses, but the quality of the files is the thing that impressed me most! heavy to handle but absolutely of great quality! the lack of WiFi and GPS are not a problem for me, nor the touch screen, the body is extremely robust, and weather sealed magnesium alloy, 100% viewfinder (although I prefer the series 1) then ... my judgment is extremely positive, buy it buy it buy it! You will not regret it!

sent on July 20, 2015

Pros: Ergonomics, autofocus, image quality, dual memory slots.

Cons: II SD slot, viewfinder coverage uncomfortable.

Opinion: Definitely a great machine, as it always has been the series of 5 Canon, since the days of film. Construction and ergonomics at the top, an autofocus finally good of all, a sublime picture quality, which is maintained even at high sensitivities. A car is not perfect but it can be used in every field of photography with great satisfaction for those who can not afford (or want) the number 1, this is definitely the best alternative! The only two little things that personally I would have preferred, are the dual-slot CF and viewfinder cover equal to that of the first series, the rubber to be entered each time I always result uncomfortable and cumbersome. With these improvements and a burst of 8 shots would be perfect, in any case, as far as I'm concerned, I can only advise strongly!

sent on March 08, 2015

Pros: Versatile, high iso, live view, silent shutter. Ease of finding optical quality new and used.

Cons: Poor exposure latitude. Slight magenta cast. It would be very useful to the wi-fi.

Opinion: I took the 5d MarkIII essentially to make videos. Once I had in my hands, I exploded once again the old passion for photography. Using the camera to work and I find that the 5d MarkIII, while excellent on many parameters, it is quite disappointing on the dynamic range. And 'certainly much less than the film and also to my camera. The difference then what the human eye sees is abysmal. I wonder why the search for new sensors, Canon is so focused on the 50 Mega pixels (very useful to marketers), and so little actual use of contrasting subjects. It would take a sensor that can read much better shadows closed, also to avoid as much as possible-bracketing multiple exposures. I understand that competition on this issue is proceeding much faster.

sent on March 07, 2015

Pros: a D1X pocket and tropical conditions, fullframe, dual memory card, 22mp. magnesium alloy body.

Cons: missing touchscreen, WIFI and GPS

Opinion: Between the version II and III this is an immense abyss .... yet the 5DMKII had a wonderful file, but the series III goes beyond ... files even bigger and detailed, autofocus as the flagship D1X and double sensors cross, dual card (that is cf sd). With 5dmk III we can hazard shots around 2500 asa, before seeing falling quality. Perfect for weddings and internal luceambiente. Versatile in the case of photos on the fly, but if you mount a tele, does debacles .... needless to say .... CANON knows how to lull his top gun in the photograph. And now comes the version 50mp without filter .... I bet ......... will scream.

sent on February 22, 2015

Pros: AF high-level, dual-slot, operational speed and strength of materials

Cons: the quality of files that pulls out is entirely paragonabilie to version 2 or not one can see a substantial improvement in terms of range and colors ... better at high iso.

Opinion: Taken as a replacement to 5Dm2, alongside the excellent 6d in my work matrimonialista. The 6d was not encored in my kit especially x double slot, if there was I would have gladly saved 1000 Euros. Anyway my review is positive, the feeling is immediate and the performance is excellent. Compared to 6d is more reactive, af monstrous, I use the center usually serves but when I know I can count on other points outside very precise and scattered everywhere. The images are in a bit as superintendent consistency to 6d although it has a bit of noise at low ISO in gray "closed". The machine is cmq of "race". I report RCE Padua Riviera Tito Livio as store, price availability and demonstrated competence. When not using x video I can not review this aspect of the room.

sent on January 03, 2015

Pros: Excellent ergonomics, held high iso, complete and precise autofocus with customizations for each case and type of photography

Cons: There is no perfect reflex

Opinion: The use of 6 months, before I possessed a 7d and I thought I had a bomb in his hand just because traveling at 8 fps ... but once proven 5d m3 I realized that in addition to the advantage of a ff c is also the the fact that the files are clean, shooting at high ISO are utilizzabilissimi without exaggerating at least up to 5000 ISO without problems. The pdc has no comparison with the aps-c and then my goals all of a sudden have improved and give me colors and shades that only now that I have tried both I can really apprezzare.per who does not want to spend crazy amounts and have a real ff (I think the 6d can not keep the comparison because of grip and autofocus) the 5d m3 responds very well and is also at good prices in the shops. I would not change for a more APSC once bitten no going back. The council also to all those doubters who like me were reading inane reviews that decry as not sufficiently SLR technology. Always bear in mind that I think is always someone clicks that must go in search of the magic touch and study a little more techniques of composition that we findfor example on the work of HC Bresson before seeing how many megapixels it than if I can recover well the lights or shadows in post production ... good light at all

sent on July 09, 2014

Pros: ff - Materials - 100% Viewfinder (finally!) - Autofocus with so many good points - Silent shooting - Battery life - auto iso - white balance - at least 3 stops on dry 5d old in picture quality and ISO

Cons: transmissive LCD viewfinder with the points af blacks (LEDs preferred) - shutter button is very sensitive we become accustomed to - 1 SD slot 1 and slot 2 instead of slot cf cf - dynamic range (I was expecting something like my fuji X) - iso usable not very high (the 1DX does it better) - Metering (compared to the 1DX) improved - jpg car of average quality.

Opinion: I made the transition from 5d 5d mk1 this Mark3 at Christmas, what has improved in all! 3 stop or more in the same size print I find them all right! RnNel my use (portraits and photography in low light) I find only one flaw: the LCD display in the viewfinder, the squares are af blacks (can be illuminated with a light menu but by doing this you will become visible since then in 'goal you see the red light) I would have preferred the good old led.rnrnApparte I find this a very good car with exceptional autonomy, and colors have lent a very bellirnMi 1DX and so I was able to evaluate the differences between the two machine (which I have listed in the defects) is another category .. but the 1DX ... rnSono satisfied with this machine and give him a nice 9 (if it had everything I've written in the defects would be 10) rnrnconsigliata! (If weight and price for you not take a count 1DX which is even better)

sent on July 09, 2014

Pros: Materials, ease of use, the buttons at the right place, AF fast (especially with Canon lenses), held ISO, Metering very reliable, easy to handle, much, much more to the photographer who never has to ask! :)

Cons: The cost is a note against each type of equipment nowadays, but the quality you pay for! So non'è against a real.

Opinion: I come from Nikon and one day I made the change of insanity Brand. Initially I thought that he would hand us a long time, and instead the feeling was instant, everything is there where it is needed and where it should stare.rnInsomma if you are looking for a FF balanced by the excellent body, lightweight, and durable, this could be for yours!

sent on July 04, 2014

Pros: Magnesium body and tropical conditions, joysticks, 100% coverage viewfinder, fast AF module, held at high ISO, Metering very reliable, silent shutter excellent, excellent ergonomics, dual slots cf and sd, smooth video, HDMI output uncompressed ... and so much more ...

Cons: I do not have it.

Opinion: I own this dslr for about eight months, and I still wonder and surprise me. It 'a high-tech machine and complete on all fronts! It is not cheap but actually does everything it promises and in an absolutely reliable. Compared with the series 1DX, the 5dIII shows off his strength in silence and discretion Taken: its silent shutter is really quiet! And 'essential in sacred ceremonies and classical concerts and opera! I would say that its weather sealing is very good, although his bg is sealed. The treatment is the same as the 1DX. Compared with the flagship I believe that the ability to mount / unmount the bg makes it even more flexible and versatile in size / psi / discretion. Curiosity: 2.8 with 40 stm is really small (always compared to reflex - that is). RnInsomma I could go for hours ..... but it's clear that I like, I'm satisfied and I recommend it to everyone. That is what you spend! RnTempo does the fw updated - as the 1DX -has made it possible to use on the af 5dIII also targets "dark" (f/8.0). rnCredo that added value is given by the Magic Lantern fw parallel implementations allowing more videos and photos of other macchine.rnL unthinkable 'only comment , to be picky, is that it could be improved by updating the FW to allow the spots of the area af af selezionata.rn

sent on July 01, 2014

Pros: Magnesium body, joysticks, coverage viewfinder, AF module, held at high ISO

Cons: meter is not coupled to the selected focus

Opinion: Machine balanced, good body, light and sturdy, with respect to the series 1.rnChe add? Missing the meter hooked to the area af I think is a serious flaw for a professional body, perhaps the most serious. rnPer the rest, it is flexible and fast, he could hardly help it, once proven, the sensor is a pleasant surprise, especially if you are coming from aps-c canon 7d that from then on, has stagnated, without adding any real news .

sent on June 30, 2014

Pros: Good image quality, AF module at the top, ergonomics and materials used, sufficient gust, lcd.

Cons: A short new model so the price is exaggerated especially compared to the competition that Nikon still offers more in terms of dynamic range and resolution.

Opinion: I got to shoot with this machine is just out on several occasions that in other times and I must say it is a pleasure to handle. The picture quality is good, though not at the level of the 1DX and 6D. In fact I think the Canon 6D the best to date in this respect. For the rest, a great machine. At the moment, I have to buy it rejected because it speaks of a new MarkIII shortly.

sent on June 28, 2014

Pros: Ergonomic controls and partially customizable. AF module complete and configurable. AF with max aperture of f / 8. Wind gusts good (although not to the levels of machines "sports"). 100% viewfinder. Dual slot (although I would have preferred two CF). Tropicalization and solid and professional. VERSATILITY '

Cons: Spot only to Central. No exposure compensation in M ??+ AutoISO (and the camera tends to underexpose by at least half a stop). All in all a few things and unimportant anyway.

Opinion: A complete camera which although not the best in some specific genres (eg, birds) is very well balanced and versatile, allowing you to do well pretty much all genres. Professional body, the AF module valid and configurable, dual-slot, clean files and very workable compared to my old 50D. Could improve on something (someone said dynamic range?), But at home Canon is definitely the most complete machine after the 1DX (though it costs at least twice). If you do not specialize in specific genres that can benefit from the best volleys or slightly wider dynamic range is basically the car to aspire to, at least at home Canon.

sent on June 28, 2014

Pros: 61-point AF system, sensor, Robustness, Tropicalization, ergonomics and controls, ISO, Burst, Customization, Image quality, Viewfinder, display, Autonomy, Light Meter

Cons: No, maybe not her ..

Opinion: Purchased in February 2014, I was struggling like many in this and 6d, try both, and the choice fell on the body better though more expensive. rnDopo months of use I can now give a judgment on the quality of this machine that I have NEVER disappointed in the various situations in which I found myself photographing. Nell'impugnarla you already have the idea to get your hands on a professional body and gives a sense of strength, excellent ergonomics, all controls in the right place where you would like them, I came from a Nikon D7100 with which I have never had a large feeling and with whom I had a sensor problem that prompted me to sell everything to switch to Canon 5D3 .. with a whole different sensazione.rnAutofocus customizable to 61 points of which 41 are double-cross, sensitive both central the side, never a photo out of focus. The strength of this high macchina.rnQualità image of RAW, this means to greatly reduce the PP, except for those situations where you want to give special effects to your photos. rnResa remarkable high ISO up to 25,600 had no problems,usually I do not, however, over 12,800 spingo.rnOttimo the rear display 3.2 ", great battery life, dual-slot CF-SD.rnL 'only comment that I would do as a negative is that I was hoping for a better recovery of shadows, the only thing at the moment perhaps best handled by the sensors Sony / Nikon that I've tried before (Nikon D7100 and Sony Nex 6), however, resolved with an update firmware.rnPer the rest as mentioned above is a great machine that moves from the from the first time you use it. The price is high but is justified by all the pros listed above for a photo lover like me who does the photography work has been a drain buy it but it was worth it, recommended!

sent on June 27, 2014

Pros: Sturdiness, sealing, maf, ergonimia

Cons: Joystick selection points maf, ISO, metering, burst

Opinion: I tell you the cons because the pros are too =) ... I start from the joystick to me that I take aim with my left eye that joystick is really in an awkward position, or I'll stick a finger in the eye or should I remove the face away from the viewfinder to select the point of maf, I would have put more to the right and near the thumb (in my case) ... the iso, having had the first 6D I noticed that, even if just slightly, the 5Dmk3 is a little lower and wins the 6D, but here it is = D .... the meter, sometimes tends to underexpose ... the burst, cabbage with one that costs a few fps more could mettercelo, 8 and it was enough to happiness of many, including my own ... all in all I think it a great machine, really well done, it is giving me a lot of satisfaction in the natural, but also when I want to do another sempbra I read his thoughts.

sent on April 10, 2014

Pros: Image quality, robustness, system focus, software (firmware) advanced.

Cons: At the moment they are not able to provide negative aspects.

Opinion: I buy the 5D Mark III in March 2014 making a big step forward after nearly nine years of joys and sorrows with the 350D now obsolete! I find myself in the hands of a new world: the camera's advanced management software, a rugged camera body, massive and heavy (which for me is a plus), the picture quality is awesome baked with any lens, which is a set L and less. And 'certainly a product for professionals and advanced amateurs, I'm excited but at the moment I do not know very well and I still have to take my hand! It will be my new companion experiences for many years to come!

sent on March 08, 2014

Pros: Construction, AF, high ISO estate, versatility, ergonomics, quality and workability of RAW

Cons: Exposure meter

Opinion: Built entirely of magnesium alloy 5D Mark III has a really strong body, worthy of the best professional cameras. Ergonomics is at the highest level and further improves after adding the battery grip. It 'really an SLR-rounder, ideal for all kinds of photography, from portraits to sports photography and birdlife. The files that churns out are simply wonderful and allow a post-production incredibly accurate. If necessary, you can also crop bodied, maintaining excellent product definition finito.rnIl sensor of the 5D III is really generous and up to 12,800 digital noise is negligible, even without heavy discounts with special programs. The AF is worthy of a sniper and if properly set hardly wrong, even in low light conditions (of course with professional goals). One flaw, in my opinion, is the only selectable spot on the middle and a light meter is not improved compared to the mark II. Not being an expert on movies, not the potentially Commentity video of this amazing reflex. 9.5 rating.

sent on February 28, 2014




sent on February 26, 2014

Pros: very solid, quiet, practical, reasonable price considering the qualities ... great alternative to the 1Dx

Cons: Two major flaws for me coming from the 1Dx: 1) inability to see the bubble with LiveView enabled (the 6D does) 2) vertical grip joystick positioned to really cu ... or to say the least unusable

Opinion: until a few days ago I was the owner of only one series of Canon ... I sold my 1DmkIV and my 1Dx.rnAssurdo but vero.rnNon know how he would manage the 5DmkIII nell'avifauna but I'm happy for the rest of the downgrade done ... I recovered money, I have the exact same satisfactions and not feel the lack of any function ... in fact I gained in portability and leggerezza.rnRitengo the 5DmkIII on par with the 1Dx as the quality of the file ... I took in long and wide around today to see what this passage from getting worse and I have to say that the files are no known perfetti.rnNon differenza.rnLa I guessed most of the machine until oggi.rnSempre holder of Canon 1Dx, now I have to think again on purchases and I admit I first spent extra money to not have gained nulla.rnIl AF system will respond very well ... maybe a little burst but I've never used it even on my old ammiraglia.rnrnPoteva have more burst? rnPoteva have two CF ? rnPoteva have built-in flash? rnPoteva have GPS? rnPoteva have WiFi? rnrnè a semiprofessionaland very professional ... it's the right balance between spending and resa.rnfile sensational qualities and really sorprendenti.rnrnLa choice of a CF and SD is ideal; CF prefer the rapidity while the SD prefers the ability to insert it into your notebook without the need for card readers ... what do you want to più.rnrnBah ... I read so many complaints about anything ... and I think that surface ... is perfect as was his predecessor for his time .... a really nice shot.

sent on January 18, 2014

Pros: Construction, weight (for me it is a pro), battery compartment and memories much more curated than previous 5d and snap-open / spring, dual memory card CF / SD, burst (again compared to the previous 5d), AF very evolved and maf with automatic up to F.8, display resolution, 100% coverage viewfinder, Tenuta at high ISO, raw very well workable, quality of photographs as expectations for the series 5,

Cons: I have not encountered real "against" but a few more megapixels (type 24-26), eliminating banding recoveries of shadows and high dynamic range would be most welcome in this update machine.

Opinion: 5Dmk2 bought as an upgrade from a few days, the impression is of a complete machine and very satisfying to use, the quality of the results and the feel is from series 5 so if you come from this series knows what to expect (quality materials, ergonomics, controls, etc.). AF really very efficient and complete (sometimes too complicated) replacing the present system from the first generation of the series 5d that from my point of view, referring to my photographic genre (landscape, long exposure, urbex, live events sporadic) was limited but not outrageous as is reported by several parties. Improved recovery shadows than the mk2 but honestly I would have expected something better, not so much as noise itself, but what about the banding in vertical lines still present on recoveries shadows particularly decided, on this point I hope that in future releases firmware Canon can do even meglio.rnFunzionalità Videos Like the previous machine will not be subject to evaluation since not make love.

sent on January 03, 2014

Pros: Gust, sensor, versatility, controls the right place, even without BG ergonomics, no noise to the iso

Cons: High price but the quality you pay for.

Opinion: I own this car for about a month, the first impression coming from a 600d and 'was, at last ... Quick burst, excellent AF, noise handling amazing, I really do not understand all the reviews that I read on various forums that compare to 6d ... Try both say that would be like saying that the grapes and 'sour if you do not get there, if Mom canon has about 1,000 € there is a reason, they are not even agree on who believes the lower management because the ISO m3 returns excellent images and not "blurt" (pass the word) rnForse the price and 'high but as I wrote you pay for, of course the price of its launch there have been settlements but were highly predictable. rnPer me is the top.

sent on November 19, 2013

Pros: AF system, excellent construction, very valid performance at high ISO, good ergonomics, full customization of controls, large and bright viewfinder, quiet shutter-release mode, dual slots for CF and SD.

Cons: Price, no built-in flash.

Opinion: I own this camera for a few weeks, I am extremely excited, I come from two cameras asp-c (500d and 60d) and the difference of the full size you can see it all. Very low pdc and excellent resistance to high ISO sensitivity are the two things that immediately made me adore this fotocamera.rnIl AF system, inherited from the team of canon, the 1dx, is phenomenal, full of AF points (as many as 61, of which 41 cross stitch) is fast, accurate and very responsive with moving subjects, that (the AF system) which together with the barrage was considered the Achilles heel of the 5d mark II, became the highlight of this new generation of the BMW 5-series just think that there is a whole menu dedicated AF, with 5 sub-menus for the various customizations and opzioni.rnL 'Another positive aspect is the resistance to ISO, raise them is not impossible, as on previous machines, the file RAW returned are almost noise-free or with a pleasant texture that recalls both the film and therefore very accettabile, complete this great camera the ability to assign certain functions to the keys, the ones that you use frequently, lock the aperture ring and the ring of shooting modes, should not be underestimated in my opinion, a large and bright viewfinder with 100% coverage of the scene (finally!), a large lcd by the excellent resolution, the video section that has few rivals in this price range, to achieve results equal to or greater is required to use means of much more economic value . rnIl my final grade is 9/10, because it lacks the built-in flash that can sometimes prove handy if you do not have at hand an external Speedlite, the highly recommend it to all those who plan to move to full frame, but even to those who in previous old 5d and 5d mark II (I have both provete) found the limits sometimes embarrassing, albeit understandable, given the technological progress, admittedly, he has been granted the 5D mark III with respect to them.

sent on November 14, 2013

Pros: solid body, dual CF / SD card, burst, AF, customizing commands, overall quality, display, menu, silent snap.

Cons: spot metering on one central point, advanced metering, video section with af not always usable. Auto white balance improved.

Opinion: I come from 5dII producing excellent file, but it had some flaws that largely have been resolved in the III. Let's start: rn1 - camera body that looks more solid and ergonomic; RN2 - the display is more grandern3 - memory cards are two, in addition to cf also the sd. The dual slot is critical to the ceremony photographers who can not afford the risk that a card is burned. We 'a very rare event but not impossibile.rn4 - the barrage has increased by 50%, we are far from the series 1, but you can shoot at a sporting event taking home a good number of scattirn5 - the af was the weak point of 5dII, now is the strong point of the III. Customizable to the point of confusing those coming from II, second only to 1dx, so superior to what exists in commercio.rn6 - customization of the machine allows you to set a personal functions. At this operational advantage it is difficult to give up. rn7 - meter. I see no advantages over 5II, and I regret the work that Canon could do. Thepoint spots and selected only the center point, then the operation to reassemble knows me from entry level machine. RN8 - silent shooting. Beautiful. Concerts and ceremonies without hearing the clang of the II. Taken that no one accorgerà.rn9 - sensor performance. we are not in front of the miracle compared to II, but if you were happy with the 5dII files, here you find an almost identical file from iso 3200 to rise is cleaner and you can push almost a stop more. The ISO 12800 can be used, rather than the no.rn10 - the improved white balance. rn

sent on November 01, 2013

Pros: Ergonomics, pentaprism, customization, excellent AF

Cons: Noise greater than the 6D, price, lack shutter viewfinder, the WiFi and GPS

Opinion: B in each type of situation. And it is a product of high performance with exceptional reliability. The overall progress compared to the MKII is unquestionable and the new AF is really efficient and sensitive. It 'hard to find gaps in a camera like this, so consider it just a forklift 1D X would be too simplistic. Finding weaknesses in this product is very difficult, but if you wanted to be really picky to find the "nit", then you should peek between the specific competitors or the Magic Lantern firmware to find some feature that ours would could have had more. So you find that the only real rival is the direct competitor Nikon D800, which seems to have an extra gear for almost a stop more dynamic range, resolution and for images less soft (chapeau). rnConcludo the staff review by stating that the camera is simply thrilling and highly recommended. If I had to give it a vote, I'd give it 9/10, while thethe MKII would give 7/10 and the MKI 6 + / rn 10.rn. ....... ........ rnrnHo written the full review on my website: http://www.meniero. it

sent on October 16, 2013

Pros: Quality at high ISO, AF system, Rugged and weather sealed, burst improved.

Cons: Price

Opinion: I own the 5D3 only from 15 days but already those few shots taken just to make sure that everything worked perfectly I have already fall in love .. I come from a 7D which I think a lady machine except for files that churned out by 1600 iso up, I wanted to find out the FF for this reason taking advantage of this 5D3 which embraces all photographic styles to 360 ° had had the burst of the 7D would have been perfect but I realize that doing so would not sell even a canon 1dx. I did qlk test shot at ISO 6400 and I was amazed, considering that with my 7D files in some cases had already almost unusable ISO 1600 or 2000, I would say that the upgrade is successful and this 5D mk3 I think it's very successful. I took full original handle having had all SLRs always accompanied with original bg I could not buy it, overall the camera is not very light to the touch but is much more robust and solid 7D. I was able to appreciate the three-dimensionality that give ifnsori FF and especially the fact that shooting at f4 with the 17-40 you have a pdc very small, because of this I can not wait to mount the 70-200 II is 2.8 to 2.8 to see the difference :) I would highly recommend all those who wish to switch to FF to jump without a shadow of doubt on the 5D ..

sent on October 08, 2013

Pros: Excellent engraving of the sensor, weather sealed body and well built. I can take pictures at ISO 12800 with a noise not so obvious (of course if you do not see the image with 100% crop). The system focus (secondary reason for the choice of the camera body, the principal was the full-frame sensor) is outstanding!! I can make the pursuit of insects without problems and do not miss a beat. Using it in the photographs sports photos are in focus and also do not miss the presence of the second card into the slot that is always handy.

Cons: A weak point may be the gust that could improve and bring it in at least 8 fps in this way was perfect. Cost a bit 'high.

Opinion: Great camera body, strong and well armored, the incision of the sensor and the grain offering is certainly of another planet compared to the canon APSC, the noise is present but high iso (3200 onwards) files are detailed and much recoverable in postproduction. Maybe I was expecting in a bit more in the recovery of the shadows in post-production but the car performs well under all circumstances. I missed the crop factor especially in macro and sports photography, but I solved it by inserting a multiplier kenko 1.4X DGX that keeps the autofocus as well. Very happy with the choice I made no doubt that I would do it a thousand times!!

sent on July 21, 2013

Pros: AF speed, image quality Raw, ergonomics, handling high ISO

Cons: Difficult to find given my amateur use.

Opinion: I come from a 7D and a 40D before. With the 7D I never found the right feeling if not in the presence of perfect light and this is my first FF and took me behind the controls similar to the 7D. The sharpness of the files, the ability to shoot in low light, all 61 AF manageable, the presence of grain axes pleasant at high ISO, the workability in post production I was really impressed. I believe this to be a very versatile machine even if it has the crop in the room and some users did not like the lack of flash integrato.Unico disappointment: the shutter button a week ago he started to make the tantrums (continuous shots barely touched also set to single shot) and is now in service.

sent on June 17, 2013

Pros: AF finally good in low light, operating speed, image quality, excellent construction, excellent display, AF adjustments and very low noise.

Cons: Price, door eyepiece, I would have preferred a double CF

Opinion: I do not think I have experience in sufficenz to find advantages and disadvantages to this machine. However the jump from 1D mark II 5D Mark III has been sconvolgente.rnNonostante my 1D was more than enough for me, the 5D showed unimaginable possibilities for me, photographing at night freehand, detail and sharpness best speed and AF incredibili.rnPer what I can understand is a very good car.

sent on June 14, 2013

Pros: image quality, sharpness, noise reduction, robustness, completeness commands and functions

Cons: lack built-in flash and GPS (for now), software functions (certainly in the future!), a little 'dear

Opinion: It 's my current camera. I think it's the ideal all-rounder fullframe (without going in the top series canon or nikon). RnrnOttima image quality, sharpness, noise reduction, fast, valuable autofocus, exposure latitude very buona.rnrnNon I gave 10 because it lacks a built-in flash (useful in some emergency situations) present in the competitor Nikon D800 and integrated gps present in smaller 6d. If he had these two equipment would have been my SLR definitiva.rnTemo, as often happens, that in the future they will come out SLR cameras with further implementations at the level of software that certainly will not be relevant, but, considering the cost of purchase is not indifferent, I confirm that for now the manufacturers are just cash cows to the last

sent on June 10, 2013

Pros: Ergonomics, AF speed, high ISO management, silent shutter, double slot, the rear display.

Cons: Extends the eyepiece than the 5DII not yet available!! Sensitivity of the release button, strong price decline since the launch!!

Opinion: I come from 5DII that has always given me satisfaction in the results of Raw, but this is finally the car 5DIII FF versatile for any photographic genre!! The aufocus is lightning, you're not forced to use only the central point as the 5DII, you can multimillion both with the middle section to 9 points, both with the cross, both on the side and the shot is always in focus. The new management of the high iso is outstanding the grain of the file is good, when the 5DII died in 3200 5DIII is super exploitable up to 25600, the silent shutter ideal indoors is a godsend. The viewfinder becomes almost a 100%, the double slot gives you the chance to play with both raw and jpg files at the same time. The 5D Mark III deserves to be purchased without a doubt, that I come from the 5D Mark II can tell you that is not an upgrate of the preceding is in all respects a new car!!

sent on June 01, 2013

Pros: Great AF, perfect ergonomics, robust body, great image quality, excellent performance at high ISO

Cons: Crunch battery compartment cover when holding the camera, not always, but ... too expensive ... I would not have to exceed 2000 EUR

Opinion: A camera with which you can do all types of photography, is equally at home in sports, both in the landscape, not to mention the macro, where, in conjunction with the 100 L, is capable of a wonderful detail. But the thing that stands out so much, in looking at the photographs of this jewel is the color rendition, in my view excellent. The own for a few months after he was forced to sell the Nikon D800 ... if I can do a little comparison between the two, I would say that the Nikon has a recovery of the shadows that the Canon can not reach and even a grain in the noise at least up to 3200 ISO, much more beautiful to look at and perhaps more workable. On the other hand the 5D III produces natural colors and wonderful, that the D800 just can not match, if not working in a decisive manner in PP (personal opinion, of course)

sent on May 19, 2013

Pros: Good compromise between photos and videos.

Cons: The price decrescere.Non is positive from € 3.400 to € 2.400 fall in no time.

Opinion: Features to explore but in the end I note that many use the usual functions basilari.rnHo upgraded the firmware 1.2.1 from the balcony of the house I verified that the AF works fine with the objective 300f4 + Extender EF 2x III.Purtroppo rains and I can not try it on campo.Le video functions are to be studied. On the notes you specify that the body is weather sealed! And I do not '?

sent on May 05, 2013

Pros: Autofocus WB yield at high iso hdr room overall speed of the machine ergonomics

Cons: Lack of flash drive tropicalization

Opinion: The choice of canon 5D MKII is to improve the successful MKIII this is truly a marvel ready to face any situation, even if put under pressure behaves really well nn has a volley from primacy but it is enough, the only thing missing tropicalization that really is on a machine so it should be almost a must. On a professional flash on camera nn nn is expected but it would be wrong to do some shooting with the system owner canon even with the limitations that you have anyway. At high ISO is nothing short of amazing shots taken at ISO 10000 jaw-dropping, but nn is the only peculiarity of the sensor, sharpness control purple fringing and aberrations in short, almost perfect maybe just a few too many hot pixels in long exposure but nothing dramatic . too complicated situations the WB automatically nn wrong is perfect as the autofocus which is really impeccable belonging to the thousands of settings (perhaps too many) is very precise and is able to focus evenwith very little illuminazione.Una nearly perfect car beautiful and addictive.

sent on April 29, 2013

Pros: Quality File. Autofocus. Speed. Ergonomics. Commands. Clarity Menu.

Cons: When I find something, I'll let you know ....

Opinion: Perfection does not exist, but this is very close to the Canon. For me it is the ideal machine. Studied in every detail, easy to use, intuitive: each command is there where you expect it, which is available at the right time with a simplicity almost embarrassing. The focus is FANTASTIC. Council to take all the points enabled. Remove the non-cross, only if photographed in the studio. The sensor processes the RAW amazing, very workable. The shadows can not be opened Mille Stop on the sensors as Sony? It 's true. But my personal humble opinion, shared or not .. is that if a picture requires you to open exaggerated shadows, then you probably have the wrong shooting. I these recovery operations extreme shadows, I consider them somewhat similar to "Rape" the Fotografia.In Case of absolute necessity and in difficult conditions, just expose the zones ombra.Poi in PP fail to recover in a very natural and fast alteluci.rnHo had to make the micro-adjustment of my Canon EF 70-200L f.4. On 500D was a blade. Montator 5D3 completamete of calibration. Carried out properly the micro (it took me 2 hours) has returned a Sniper. The 24-105 however, has not had bisogno.rnMi appeal to those likely buyers still hesitant because of the price maybe even a little high (I paid 2,600 Eur), telling you: buy it and you will not pentirete.rnrnCiao Friends ! rnrnStefanorn

sent on April 25, 2013

Pros: Quality and workability of Raw, ergonomics, ease of use (location and menu buttons), versatility, dual-slot, operating speed, AF system, external af points, made at high ISO, rear display, silent shutter, customization possibilities.

Cons: Vertical banding, recovery and cleaning of the shadows closed sincroflash speed, dynamic range, lack of the possibility to compensate the exposure in manual mode and auto iso.

Opinion: It 's my first full frame camera and I come from a Canon 600D. The beauty of the files that churns out is impressive. It 'a very complete and extremely versatile machine. The leap in quality, once opened the first raw, it is so that makes it more acceptable to the net outlay of money. Even without being an expert you will quickly learn to use it in all of its functions. The raw is workable and even after strong "push-pull" always keeps a beautiful naturalezza.rnIl AF system is up to expectations, very accurate, fast and reliable. The location of the points of focus, with 41 cross-type points, allows you to not have to rebuild every time and is very comfortable. In the street as I understand it very useful for not getting centered on compositions which have to operate in post compositivi.rnLa with crop yield at high ISO is excellent. Provided it is well exposed and not cropped a photo is often used even at ISO 12800, and in any case up to almost 6400 you can forget the noise problem. The yield at high iso is cOSI good as manual and auto iso (for example, range 100-6400), you have total control over shooting parameters, in a very fast and uncompromising quality. The operating speed is really good, I never had lag irritating and there is never a wait. With a proper CF also the download speed of the buffer is very buona.rnDiversamente by many that I like the dual slot provides for a SD and CF not two, being the SD format is very widespread, for example, for "emergencies" travel . The shot noise is almost imperceptible and in certain situations (eg. Churches, theaters, exhibitions, etc) is very utile.rnIl real sore point (I wonder how someone here, too, can be said to the contrary) is the vertical banding, which appears when you attempt to open shadows very closed. In scenes with large differences in brightness, and when there is time for a double exposure, you are forced not to touch the shadows very closed and this, in some cases, egr &ave; penalizing. Compared to the new Exmor sensors (D600 and D800) here the 5D III is a nice head and shoulders below, as well as with respect to the dynamic range, which unfortunately has not been improved compared to the model precedente.rnL 'meter seems very "conservative" and attentive to do not burn the highlights, so at first you have to take a little 'hands. I often make one or two thirds of stop.rnNel complex it seems to me a very good car. Not perfect but, to quote Kai of DigitalRev, very close to perfection. A day will come the new firmware that will make the 5D III still migliore.rn

sent on April 24, 2013

Pros: And 'second only to the 1DX. So AF excellent, good ergonomics (very good with battery grip), dual-slot, high ISO management superb, excellent display, menus and intuitive features, durability and weather sealing, the quality of the RAW file shooting (burst and silent mode).

Cons: Hmmm, price a little above the competition especially if you take it with Italian warranty. excessive cost of some accessories such as battery grip or GPS.

Opinion: B heavier than a tablet) connect with the CF adapter and download them ... a little 'less easy ;-) rnComunque, which are by amateur photographer (not professional) I believe that the 5D Mk III is a great evolutionary leap. The only drawback compared to the 450D battery that lasts much, much less, probably due to the electronics present, because the lenses are stesse.rn

sent on April 08, 2013

Pros: I can not express the excitement, more of everything, dall'af shutter speed is the flexibility iso data quality at high iso, features improved and expanded menus and buttons. In short, drawing a comparison with more features, but a 7d FF.

Cons: They could make an effort to put a sincroflash faster, at least one 250s as the 7d.

Opinion: I own this car 1 week, bought to complement the 6d with the tamron 24-70 vc f.2.8 taken a few weeks before, which I had to buy them commute with the 5dmk2, 7d and the second optical quality APSC. For the work I do sometimes I need 2 cars, and for the quality it offers 5dmk3 this was the best choice. In practice, I am very satisfied with all that he has, and I think now having reached peace of mind on quality will be in place for all eternity, until retirement do us part:-D

sent on March 25, 2013

Pros: Using high ISO, which is easily supplied raw, real management pdc and everything already said.

Cons: For a non-pro as I am, maybe a little too many functions in the menu.

Opinion: Coming from a 7D the jump is impressive. The bike plane. Of course, one must use optical worthy of her, but usually those who have it, it also has the right optics. The years that have passed between the 7D and 5D3 are made sentire.rnHo made the suggested settings Sailor and I must say that I am fine. The story I will tell you if the use to which they do I will have to make further changes or meno.rnConcludendo, I highly recommend.

sent on March 04, 2013

Pros: AF fast and accurate, even good outliers, availability of high iso without much visible grain, however, be eliminated with little PP, ergonomics and convenience buttons, strength and sealing of the body.

Cons: SD card & Price

Opinion: I was very excited about this technological jewel, in all respects. It 'a great machine that can be defined handyman, because its characteristics are suitable for every photographic genre that also with a sporty however, we must be very careful to seize the moment, is in fact its 6fps in some cases are few. I use it as a second body and I can say it is the most uncomfortable this role, as it has really all the characteristics to be a prima donna! Improvements on AF and ISO are impressive and perhaps may be the only reason for a cost high. Among its advantages is the tropicalization, really good, brought to the track by Cross, the dust did not cause any problems. I recommend this body to all users who are looking for quality in their photos.

sent on February 21, 2013

Pros: AF, AF point, high ISO noise, ergonomics, control panel, simply beautiful video practically free of moire.

Cons: Dynamic range less than its direct competitor, I would have preferred a dual CF slot.

Opinion: I come from a 7D and I can say that in hand "falls" in the same way and it can only make me piacere.rnStessa ergonomics (although I would have preferred they left the same button layout rear side of the 7D, I I was used to ). rnFondamentalmente I wanted was a Canon 7D full frame and I was happy, improving AF significantly. The estate is impressive high ISO (work only with raw) and also ISO 12800 the file is usable with virtually post-production. The grain is not annoying and returned with a slight intervention in the PP file is perfectly usable for large print formato.rnTutti AF points are perfectly usable and the module is configurable down to the particolari.rnI files returned are well lavorabili.rnInoltre I saw that with the firmware that will be released in April 2013, the AF will be usable even with minimum f / 8. Great news for people like me who occasionally uses video teleconverter.rnI have virtually no moire at all apertures and all speed & agrave, ISO. About the resolution of the sensor on the long side is exactly 1920 * 3.rnPenso that among the FF is not the first band to be the most balanced among the concorrenti.rnBrava Canon :)

sent on February 14, 2013

Pros: Ergonomics robustness, the sensor, and the overall management of AF I love everything about this car.

Cons: No cons since my amateur use.

Opinion: Switching from 7D to this it was a pleasure especially when they can be found just the same feeling that you had with the old one and get a FF sensor with all the trimmings is only piacere.rnLa speed of 'autofocus is phenomenal and the management of the iso is good . The menu is renewed very usable and produces files that are beautiful, clean and very lavorabili.rnLa recommend it to anyone.

sent on February 13, 2013

Pros: Good autofocus, high ISO management impressive, Image Quality,

Cons: I found none.

Opinion: Car with a great picture quality, great versatility. The new autofocus is much better than the previous version (MK II). Rn The sensor power is revealed in low light ... the so-called shooting in the dark! literally! at 6400 iso no noise, not much to 10000, you are likely to cause noise in post exaggerating ... but the raw is basically clean ... rnUna fantastic reflex.

sent on January 12, 2013

Pros: construction, performance and overall quality high-level

Cons: the dynamic range has remained largely unchanged over the previous model and canon has not been able to keep up with the competition in this aspect.

Opinion: I was among the first to have it in March 2012. Since then I've used it a lot, always with the 5dmk2 (having almost exclusively fixed lenses often use two bodies). It is an eclectic machine, able to cope with every requirement, always ensuring other benefits. Compared to the previous model can be a large or a very small step forward according to the specific needs of the photographer, so the update is said to be necessarily beneficial. Personally, I wanted an improvement in terms of dynamic range and the subsequent recovery of the shadows, something that Canon has been a bit 'and stop back anyway (at least up to ISO 1600) with respect to the sensors and the Nikon D600 and Sony D800, as I have seen in person.

sent on December 04, 2012

Pros: Building, fast and precise AF system, customization, held at high ISO, image quality excellent. In my opinion it is the most balanced machine currently on the market. A body that allows you to do everything to a very high standard, from sports, to landscaping, from the picture in the naturalistic study.

Cons: Dynamic range: the low sensitivity of the recovery shadows closed is almost impossible.

Opinion: The new Canon 5D Mark III would not dare to call it the "ultimate machine". 5 years ago Nikon launched a similar product (with the technology of the time): it was called d700. Many in house Canon envied the nikonisti that gem which for many years has been indicated as a point of reference in the photo. Everyone has inside of him always hoped that Canon sfornasse such a product, a 5D Mark II with AF at the height of the machine and high speed operation. Well, this product has seen the light and is called 5d Mark III.rnUn sensor fantastic, not overly dense, which has an impressive high ISO performance and a very high dynamic range (although less than that of the d800). An excellent AF system, the best existing at the time (it is the same as the 1DX), a latest generation processor that works very well. A viewfinder with 100% coverage and a customization infinita.rnL'unico defect, if you really want to find one, is the "softness" of the jpeg file. The de-noise is a little too invadenyou, and often makes the image too soft. But for those who (like me and the vast majority) shooting in RAW and post-produce the pc this is not a problem. rn

sent on September 06, 2012

Pros: AF, AIServo, high ISO RAW files workability, strength and resistance to weathering, dual SD card + CF

Cons: Lack of crop Room Rate button almost useless and too comfortable

Opinion: A spectacular machine, put the whip during a safari in Tanzania and Kenya, with pictures of subjects in motion, the AF is lightning, the AIServo not miss a beat, as well as the meter, always accurate. The 6fps on a FF are really sufficient in many occasions. In difficult conditions of light, thanks to the low noise even at high ISO allows incredible shots. She took chili powder (trust me very much) and a few burst of water around with no problem (only the key set has enchanted once, but blowing the dust off everything was solved immediately). The double card then is a boon, including photo transfer feature from one card to another room. I even used almost useless button "Rate" which in my opinion is a too "good" and I would rather relegated to positions less comfortable, favoring other functions. With a good lens you can afford crop also 80% (threshold), in short, the whole spectacle. Certainly a cap to the viewfinder other than the shoulder we would have expected, but never mind ...

sent on September 06, 2012

Pros: Good autofocus, finally at a car of this class. Excellent performance at high ISO. Dual slot CF card. Strength and sealing.

Cons: I found none.

Opinion: A fantastic reflex. It 's my first FF. Come from the 50D (which already felt a very good reflex even with all its limitations ...) and I seem to have jumped era. Incredible handling high ISO, I have the same ginning to 12800 which I had in 1600. Fantastico auto-focus, finally we must not always frame the subject at the center point ... Canon has really created a camera that can give a lot of satisfaction for a long time and do not regret not choosing Nikon (I have a friend who has the D700 and I envied him a lot before ...). Lack of crop factor? resolved with a multiplier of 1.4:-D (so also preserves the Kenko AF ...) Someone waiting for better file? Ok good waiting ....... :-D

sent on August 18, 2012

Pros: Autofocus, ribustezza, ergonomics, high ISO workability Raw, Raw files that offer amazing sharpness and incredible detail.

Cons: So far I have not found a single one.

Opinion: This is the FF that I've always dreamed of. Finally Canon has responded to those who want a FF that allows them to expand in all photographic genres while maintaining the quality of the files that churns out. Until the last moment I was undecided whether to take the Mk2, but it was enough to compare a day of photos with two 5D (the same optical mounting a Canon 85L) to understand the importance of field use autofocus that compared to the Mk3 Mk2 space. Not to mention the possibility of not reconcile with optics so bright. RAW files that produces the 5D Mk3 are wonderful, an impressive sharpness and detail. The Canon 5D Mk3 is the perfect machine for those who want to start with a FF DSLR and at the same time do not feel compelled to curse if we also do action shots. Certainly not as a 1DMk3, but much, much better than a 5D Mk2, in every sense .. Moreover, if the action shots I wanted to skip to the landscape, well what to say, I have in my hands a camera that will allow me to do so with an impressive quality as RAW files are detailed and clear. Not to mention the file that produces a high ISO. I have no words of cone Canon finally managed to give users a wonderful machine that makes you say to those who have a Mk2: "Oh, but I expected better of the file." And here I ask myself: "In terms of what was to improve file than the Mk2?" Nothing, if anything were other fronts on which was to improve the Mk2 and I must say that Canon has managed to do so. Consigliatissima the legendary 5D Mk3.

sent on August 07, 2012

Pros: Raw exceptional, wonderful, with a detail and beautiful colors. The detail is also present at high ISO easy to work in PP. AF Metering System impressive and perfect: never miss a shot. Viewfinder 100% very bright. Quiet Shutter-release. Ergonomics and tropicalization. Versatility.

Cons: The price. Others I have not found so far.

Opinion: Arrival at the 5DMk3 after having had the 60D and the qualitative leap is truly apparent. The files have incredible loudness and processing of the same, when shooting at high ISO, is outstanding. Both the recovery of high lights that the opening of the shadows ensures a very effective workability. What I so much peace of this beautiful FF is the ability to put the shot noise especially useful in certain situations where it is necessary to respect the silence (eg. Theater). This FF offers a wide range of possibilities in most types of photography, from landscapes to action shots. The body has wonderful ergonomics and the arrangement of keys, while presenting small differences compared to earlier designs, after a bit 'of use you get used immediately. Too bad for the price, but I think with this model, Canon has made a big leap in quality (especially the AF) than the SLR from which it moves.

sent on July 06, 2012

Pros: Excellent sensor, weather sealed body, AF fast and accurate, no problems with banding, silent shooting, advanced software, at least 3 stop advantage over my 7D.

Cons: Lack of built-in flash, recovery of the shadows than the competition, problems with the management of the external flash (I hope to improve with firmware update)

Opinion: I come from a 7D which I loved and hated for the technology for the sensor that made it to the max only in perfect lighting conditions: the 5D mk III is a great qualitative leap, from the point of view of sensitivity I found about 3 stop advantage. Allows considerable crop and maintains un'autofocus very fast on 400 + kenko 5.6 pro 300 DGX 1.4 (then F8).

sent on June 23, 2012

Pros: Ergonomics Autofocus Gust improved over the previous model and Dual memory card of a different type (as the 1D MK IV) 100% Viewfinder features multiple exposure HDR feature of high level customization commands and assign buttons Possibility 'to limit the ISO in AUTO ISO Possibility 'enter a minimum shutter speed (for use as freehand) Explanation on screen commands and functions using the INFO button

Cons: Filters antinoise aggressive Images Jpeg soft if the machine is not custom duty Incompatibility 'partial with flash 580 EX II concerning the IR beam high cost monaural microphone (but external mic jack in stereo) Menu' AF extensive and very complex. NO LIGHT for photos in low light (not can do it in Canon) Lack flash (I know that the professional is not 'expected, but if there was I would not mind)

Opinion: The 5D Mark III and 'a machine "honest" as I have already had occasion to write' elsewhere. Honestly I do not mean to be a mediocre machine. I mean just that 'a camera that does not excel in anything. It's not 'the most' as fast as burst, but a flurry adequate for most uses, even sports or wildlife (wildlife and birding). Sure the 7D has 8, the Mark IV has 10 and 12 1Dx. The sensor has a good sharpness, but not the best. The 5D old, the 1D3 and D3s and 5D Mark II are more 'incisive (if you remove the denoise on camera still goes back to being "crisp"), but the files are very good and workable and there are no defects in recovery and banding of the 5D Mark II. Like behavior at high ISO is not 'the best. The 1DX will probably be 'better, and I'm not able to beat the Nikon D3s (although you have to do with the file resized to 12 megapixel, I direct comparisons have not been able to do it.) Compared to the 1D Mark IV behavior at high iso and 'slightly better, say almost to a halt, but no more' (considered but 'that the 1D Mark IV would be on a 27 megapixel FF3A sturdy, well built, with many smart features, good quality 'image, reliable and able to engage in any photographic genre ensuring professional results in any occasion.

sent on June 08, 2012

Pros: Gust satisfactory for use not driven sensor and high ISO FF very clean AF ee iFCL pro body like the 7D Menu greatly improved

Cons: Price Management RAW on camera good but partial lack of some features such as integrated: GPS (natural), control of the radio flash, wi-fi and not articulated LCD touch

Opinion: I have a 5D mark 3 for almost two months and it is my first FF digital. Taking a lot of sport and nature, and I must say that I'm happy with the combination 5D and 7D. The high quality of s-n at iso high, due to the absence of noise and for its uniformity when present, make me think of even a turning point for matrimonialisti who will not need more than thousands of euro flash for photos in the studio. Outdoor Clearly there will always need to compensate for the light of the sun at noon with a flashed. The AF 61 points affects very positively, as well as the advanced management but on the wake of what is expressed in the 7D. The menu has an entire section dedicated to autofocus. The 6 fps combined with a 70-200 2.8 II (mandatory if you want the maximum quality, it remains only to compensate for human error) that of FF becomes a medium-range lens return, when you are able, thanks to 'AF and all'esposimetro the best sports photos at full aperture one may need. It would take a management Raw better than appeared on the 60DBut it is already so there is. In particular, batch management - and not image by image - for the conversion of cr2 resized JPEG, to deliver to the customer when necessary the sd with her and stay with the cf file and originals. The touch would have been useful for any crop. I noticed that the zoom is done in a different way than before, there is a special button lens: beyond this the file is shown zoomed softer than reality and this is also a drawback for fast delivery of the shots because it brings you to not know which photos you (because I repeat the shooting if the error can only be human) you were wrong and you have to discard. I consider the true 5D mk 2 and I think it's out with four years late: I got it after having had his hands in a day of racing the D700, which I consider a best seller Nikon. Both she and especially the 1DX at the time of writing are still at large.

sent on June 08, 2012

Pros: AF lightning speed and precise handling high ISO awesome, sealing and strength, dual memory card slots.

Cons: To date, none.

Opinion: Using Canon SLR for years now but this is my first FF, in fact, come from the 7D, the control layout very similar to the latter, I did find right the first time, holding in his hand he has a wonderful sense of strength, the 'AF of the 7D I found it very good, this is even another planet, does not miss a beat, fast hook that is a pleasure and not give more, many AF modes this make life easier for the photographer for every need, the 61 points then are a boon, the side steps also function flawlessly, even at high ISO quality astounded me, you can really take high-quality photos with very little available light, I think I can say without a doubt that Canon This reflex has really made the center, a camera suitable for everyone, including sports photographers and photo hunting, the flurry of 6fps is more than enough, it is certainly not the machine gun of the 1D IV, but I 6fps enough, it is true that do not have the crop factor of the APS-C so someone storcerà nose on this point, but the machine also allows crop very driven, so for me it is also excellent in this regard. I did a quick test video, again the 5D Mark III has left me open-mouthed, clean and smooth video, possibility of increasing the ISO at will with a final quality of the video absurd! I do not regret the purchase at all, that I would do it with my eyes closed, I recommend it to everyone from landscapers to fotonaturalisti, no doubt you will be surprised by this amazing reflex.

sent on April 30, 2012

Pros: Materials and robustness, operational speed, AF module, ergonomics and advanced features, image quality RAW and jpeg quality, high ISO management, recovery or over-exposed shadow areas.

Cons: Hard to find fault. Already the previous 5DII was excellent. Canon did not want to upset the project, but it has improved throughout, giving their best in those aspects where the 5DII had received criticism. Now that the 18 megapixel cameras are the basis and some go far beyond, I do not know whether to call a defect: RAW files are quite heavy to be processed if you have a PC dated (although the latest versions of Photoshop CS6 and 4 LR have been optimized and are faster). I do not like the double slot: I would rather have two slots for CF (maybe it will appeal to those who use reflex of the lower segment or compact).

Opinion: I'm very happy 5DIII I'm enjoying every day. The AF module and the operating speed are considerable, while the files are workable and very detailed. It seems to have in my hands a 7D even better, but with the quality of the 5DII files (actually even better because in ISO 12800 and ISO 25600 gives the 5DIII files usable and very workable). In fact, Canon has made to square the circle. The price, at first a little high, is declining. In any case, is money well spent. If you do not want to disturb the heavier and more robust series 1, hard to find better house in Canon. As the pure speed and responsiveness 1DIV is preferable. I know it's a comparison that is the time that is, but since I was undecided until the last if the 5DIII I could do without the 1DIV, I said, NO! Are complementary if you want, but do not alternatives (although it remains 5DIII excellent in all). AF as mentioned is excellent. Best of 1DIV? I do not know .... because by the time it davveror difficult that these two cameras are wrong. Perhaps if you can move a criticism, or rather make a comment, the AF 5DIII has many settings and how to use them, but personally in the end all are necessary. Maybe you could simplify. But I still do not have a sufficient command of the product to give a final opinion. For birds and / or distant subjects personally feel the lack of AF to f8 (I use the 400 5.6) and crop factor in the room .... but Canon has taken this route for the 1DX (even worse because the 1DX less megapixels). Sin. Another reason for complementariettà with 1DIV. When will a 7D with a high quality of files, will be a companion more "economical" than 1DIV.

sent on April 27, 2012

Pros: Great for autofocus points and settings, high ISO performance allows many freedoms and to take home clean shots with very little light without using a tripod, available commands similar to the 7D,

Cons: I, with my little experience you will not find it to be picky the second card is an SD and a CF

Opinion: wonderful machine has improved the weak point of the mk II autofocus led the iso used to stratospheric levels fortunately kept a resolution unchanged (the files are already so heavy but allow drastic crop) is extraordinary from the photographic point of view I do not have the video yet had the opportunity to try them.

sent on April 04, 2012

Pros: Speed ??AF, AF point outside fully usable, readable display rear, management of high ISO much better than the 5D2, level display. Files very workable.

Cons: For the moment I have not identified. The use of some features has been changed from Canon cameras I've owned previously, but it is just to do a little 'practice.

Opinion: I withdrew my 5D3 last night, just in time for a few shots at a dinner party. The ISO 12800 are utilizzabilissimi according to my first tests. At high ISO the grain is very fine, dry, without the introduction of a "lump of color," I would say now and finally a film grain, pleasant. The machine falls nicely in the hand and, while resembling enough to 5D2, looks more professional, almost Series 1. The AF seems PerSono faster than the 1D MKIV. The first raw are very good for me. For the moment I am very satisfied.


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