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Canon 1DX Mark II : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on November 14, 2016

Pros: Af spectacular even with 500 is II and 2X III: speed and accuracy are impressive even hundreds of meters away from the subject. File well usable even at 3200 ISO: it is easy to reduce the noise without sacrificing the detail. Price quality ratio significantly better than 5div, plasticosa and buffer and rather embarrassing burst in the action picture. Maybe I will say 'something obvious, but IQ and latitude of laying the file are notable compared to the 7d2 that I have used so far. Buffer with cfast absolutely satisfying in the action picture: more than 10 consecutive seconds of 14 raw per second without stopping.

Cons: I would have expected a cleaner file above 1600 ISO. In theory the weight. Actually, I found it better to wield the 500 with the duplicators with the 1dx II compared to the 7dii. Burst of 14 ft / s very noisy and usually canon exposureometer not very reliable in photography of birds in flight.

Opinion: After 15 years return to series 1. Accuracy of af and readiness not comparable with 7dii: just touch the key of maf and shoot: from the first frame you immediately get a shot in focus. So far I have used all the sensors, noting the almost absolute precision even of the outer sides. Exposure meter more usable of the 7 series but still unsatisfactory in naturalistic: one is forced to make continuous adjustments of the automatic exposure. As mentioned in the pros, the use of the 500 is II with 2XIII does not greatly reduce the speed and accuracy of AF: in particular the accuracy af small subjects at great distances is really amazing. Even in backlight the af has no indecisions and is more 'accurate than 7dii.rnTime of response in the action picture surprising and fully satisfactory. Discreet battery life even with the machine always on. Good with automatic shutdown: re-ignition is much faster than 7dii. I did not find the intuitive controls as you read around. I noticed a% 3B excellent quality and workability of the raw file: a good step forward compared to the 7dii even if the color balance is very similar. Shadows opening at least double compared to 7dii. As QI you gain at least two diaphragms of really usable sensitivity, working accurately on the noise you can easily get to 4. In an absolute sense I would rate 9: a few more mega would have been useful. In the Canon world for action photos vote 10.

sent on October 20, 2016

Pros: Possibility of using even the side with the 2.0X extender, autofocus speed with the same much more prompt and accurate than 1d MKIV where I come from, very accurate meter reading, held at high ISO (up a12800 used) very good with fine-grained .

Cons: For "my" personal use would have preferred 2-3 frames per second less with a denser sensor MP 26-28

Opinion: A machine with flawless construction, with a DR good (at least for us as we used canonists): Now the shadows recovery is as good as the rest of the workability at high ISO. For those who practice or birds in general, photos of animals in uncontrolled situations, lacking a bit 'resolution which, surely, will be introduced in the next (6.5 MP more)

sent on July 05, 2016

Pros: white balance, AF video department, AF red, photo-video switch lever, CFast cards, low-end price, the MAF area

Cons: Lack crop factor

Opinion: I possess a month about this beautiful camera and I wanted to wait to use it well before making judgments affrettati.rnPartiamo from the price; truly exceptional when you consider that together with the camera are given away a player and a CFast CFast Card 64GB, the final price is significantly decreased by about 500 Euros than the first 1Dx versione.rnPoi there are technical aspects and describe them in order as put WHITE sopra.rnBILANCIAMENTO; besides being improved the balances in generating them, Canon has included an automatic balancing function that is called PRIORITY 'FOR WHITE ... unbelievable how under any yellow light this function returns the whites from real still life ... I had two weddings in the closet type room with two incandescent bulbs and the white dress of the bride was wHITE without dominante.rnAF DEPARTMENT VIDEO; beyond the obvious quality of 4K images, but these require cards MINIMUM 128 GB for a few minutes of recovery and then the next costs 500 euro, the thing that makes apprezzare is the AF system truly effective and widely customizable as in the photo department. Interesting the possibility of moving the point Af is the joystick that with a touch of the finger on the touch screen display during shooting and to adjust the speed of movement of fire from one point to another. Before the 1Dx was a video camera for only static images, now it is really two products in one, and I'm using it very much both at the racetrack for the classic video to my children. Can shoot movies with optical f / 1.2 at full aperture without having to play on depth of field in order to have a decent fire is magic pura.rnPUNTI AF ROSSI; It looks like nonsense to those who have never tried the first version 1Dx or 5D3 or 7D series but blacks AF points were really absurd in situations of dark scenes or subjects still blacks or dark. In a marriage is really important moments lose not seeing the active AF point and having to spend time to do it flashing a moment with the joystick ..... now the points are red and you can clearly see anywhere without infastidire.rnLEVA SWITCH; finally anche appeared on the flagship that blessed linkage that allows you to instantly switch from one camera to video mode ... first with 1Dx you had to first set the menu and assign the Livewiev button the desired function ... now it's like to have two buttons. .. one for photos and one for video.rnSCHEDE CFAST; fast, fast .... formatting in 1/10 time than the best commercially CF .... much safer when they occur and without any chance to break or bend any pins as CF ..... still cost a lot but are appreciated by subito.rnAREA MAF; read the features on the site canon that 15% of increased area seemed nonsense no tangible ... instead with eye in the viewfinder the area on which are distributed the 61 AF points appear much wider and pushed beyond the segments of the classic rule third .... all this facilitates possible or not need to redial after the MAF and even the eventual tracking of moving subjects. The difference is there are notevole.rnrnrnPoior all other aspects that other users have already praised but I count now much more accurate scontate.rnAf, Stronger file, 2 mpx more than upset ... but you notice many improvements but that does not make any adequate transition from mk1 mk2 according to me .... the 1Dx was already a great favola.rnrnPiccola note of praise about two factors; post production room and computer.rnI really reveal extremes in processing files, in the light and shadow recovery by returning images to the border with HDR.rnElaborazione of sharpness factors in truly amazing room to have the JPG files ready for use of a quality never vista.rnrn

sent on July 04, 2016

Pros: Autofocus, burst, exposure

Cons: Number of shots without slowing less than the declared

Opinion: I used the machine for the first time, completely, in my recent trip to Finland. I possessed the "old" 1Dx and I must say that the breakthrough is significant. The more frames per second help, but is the buffer that has changed, allowing to be able to take more, or to commence a few tenths of a second before. The calibration of the cases (1-6) is important and allows to exploit all the potential autofocus or, otherwise, to err a photograph, also in a remarkable way. We need to try different subjects with different movements, trying to rebuild a real case studies and own (this is my personal experience). The new Dx, unlike the previous one, captures the subject more easily and holds it in focus for a more prolonged period of time. Its sensitivity is much higher in the case of low light conditions. RNLA quality of frames is virtually identical to that of the 5D mark ii,while with the previous noticeable a difference in terms qualitativi.rnL'esposimetro is much more reliable and accurate. I happened previously, several times, which were read incorrectly high luci.rnrnUnico neo (from the declared) is the actual number of usable shots. The house writes "170" in raw. Very true, but not at 14 fps. Exact speed varies depending on the weight of the frame and the af mode used. In any case we are talking of embarrassing numbers in normal utilizzo.rn

sent on June 28, 2016

Pros: operating speed, extended buffer, and AF sensor quality (dynamic range)

Cons: None of relief. I would have preferred the adoption of the double CFast slot.

Opinion: I have the 1DX II by the end of April (it was one of the first to be delivered) and I joined the 1DX. So, my opinion is related to both the 1DXII as such, which in comparison to the previous 1DX.rnSostanzialmente, as was to be expected, the 1DXII has improved across the already complete and reliable 1DX. In some aspects of the improvements are marginal (+2 megapixels, noise at high ISO), in other substantive (dynamic range, AF, operating speed, video industry, Metering) .rnAF the AF system, while maintaining the previous 61 points, definitely improved. I am not referring only to all the hot spots even with optical f8 (substantially optical with multipliers), but in the ability to operate in low light conditions and the subject tracking system moving quickly. Returning to optical multiplied the use of 2X performance to remember the use of 1.4x with 1DX: fast to keep up with the subject even where the 1DX continues to make forward-indietro.rnVELOCITA ': It took 4 Series 1 (1DIII , 1DIV, and 1DX 1DXII) but finally the buffer (thanks to the CFast memory) is adequate to burst 14 fps (+2 compared to 1DX) and 16 fps with AF locked (+ 2 on 1DX). Prolonged bursts of more than 15 seconds have no hesitation or slowdowns. Even when the buffer is full in a few seconds you free. I dared to abandoning altogether CFlash.rnESPOSIMETRO: The exposure is even more precise and reliable. I report in this section that the white balance is also consistent with artificiali.rnVIDEO light sources: Almost a revolution than the 1DX for both the frame rate for the 4K format (from which you can extract frames in jpeg). Using just the video function and I have not done accurati.rnrnDopo test all these compliments to the question: is it worth changing the 1DX with 1DX II the answer is .... it depends! If you exploit the capabilities of 1DXII (with particular reference to the FPS speed AF for moving subjects, video, etc ...) the answer is decisamente SI. In certain situations the difference, at least perceived, is remarkable. If you prefer the landscapes and portraits, though gusts to prolonged 14fps not interest you .... you'll have to evaluate your choice more carefully (if the expenditure is an investment for you .... if it is not a problem, take the no 1DXII think about it) .rnrnNon quote more usual discussion: weight and size. We are talking about a number 1 and as such built to last, with BG integrated, capacious battery, large and ergonomic controls the rear sticks are larger and improved grip) .rnrnUltimo: 1DX II vs D5. Only the 1Dx II and D5 are comparable. All other products are missing out on a comparative who sees these two excel templates to speed and robustness. I have not tried the D5. My feeling, to'm ready to change my mind, is that these are two such comprehensive and high-performance reflex not to be the element of choice between Canon and Nikon. Choose safely such as optical, flash system, assistance, etc .... prefer and therefore will come & agravis; the choice between 1DXII and D5.

sent on June 27, 2016

Pros: Everything, ergonomics, quality files, always infallible AF, exposure that is close to perfection, held in high ISO, etc. etc.

Cons: For now nothing. Maybe the weight !!

Opinion: I've had it a few days and has already become inseparable for me, I just wish the Sigma 35 / 1.4 Art has some compatibility issue and in jpeg comes out an artificial effect of concentric circles, visible in Live View and scattate.rnOvviamente in photographs in RAW is okay, but it's something annoying, I updated the firmware but nothing has changed and contacting MTrading, do not know much because they asked me the files with the defect to turn to Sigma ... : (rnSmanettando a while I found that disabling the "lens peripheral illumination correction" from the 1DX MKII menu, the fault disappears. But it is obvious that by doing so you lose a lot in terms of operations because you have to create a custom setting and make a switch each time you use the Sigma 35 Art instead of the originals Canon.rnAltra incompatibility I found with the excellent Tamron 70-200 / 2.8 VC, with whom underexpose in delusionsra evident and it does not work the LiveView! But it seems to be a problem already known to Tamron and should have already corrected with the last update. Firmware ...


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