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Canon 1D Mark III : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on April 19, 2018

Pros: Fast and accurate AF, burst, battery life, tropicalization, color rendition, dual slot

Cons: display only for exposure, weight, iso than 1600

Opinion: I say at once that the 10mpx for me are actually an advantage because the files are lightweight and do not require large computer to be processed. Crops are not that much, that's all. It performs well in every situation with both natural and artificial light but it is a machine designed to do sports and birds: of course also works in other contexts, but in fact it is not so convenient. The ISOs are his weak point when compared with the current machines: but then, who knows why, we photograph all under 800 iso (see statistics juza) and then you can feel comfortable even the old 1 d mk3 behaves very well indeed. The multiplication factor apsh 1.3 as I see it is only an advantage because the mm at certain moments are never enough. Bought around 500 euro is certainly an excellent value, remember that the shutter of this machine is tested to 300,000 shots. The battery is capable of lasting 1500 shots without problems. If you're old enough to have your bones with film and slides you'll quickly realize that with this machine the real limit is the photographer.

sent on March 29, 2018

Pros: Completely tropicalized, supersonic AF, incredible gust with mechanical shutter, RAW quality, colors, battery

Cons: ISO, Weight, Monitor, 10mpx, APSH sensor (not really a flaw, depends on the cases)

Opinion: I found this 1D MKIII very good and I wanted to buy it, especially for the excellent reviews I've read, despite the 10 years on the rump. What can I say ... when I got home (tested previously obviously), in addition to having one in the same condition as the new, I found myself a beast for the hands, complicated to use, but at the same time terribly professional. Totally manual, set parameter by parameter to make the most of it. The book will crumble due to the countless times it will need to be consulted! It is a bit of a return to the past; nowadays the cameras (Reflex, ML, Compatte) are mostly automatic, and this certainly leads to a less "deep" contact with the machine, which does not happen with this 1D mark III. Coming to the purely personal considerations I can say that it is especially suitable for two photographic genres: birdlife and sport. The burst is fast talking about mechanical shutter, but it is rare in other fields of photography. So my adviceit is: think well of the use you make of it! It's not for everyone, you might find yourself wanting to sell it after a few days! Otherwise you will love it! Regarding the positive points I can say that the AF is lightning fast, hooks in a fraction of a second, and keeps on fire very well. The quality of the RAW is excellent, and is easily workable; synonymous with a quality sensor. Just like the colors, clean, bright, faithful! Very beautiful! Infinite battery, I think it takes about 1200 shots at least full charge. Let's say that this is my first "pro", and the difference, despite many years have passed since the release is abysmal! Coming instead to the cons: certainly the weight, which on the one hand provides stability with supertele lenses, but on the other hand 1.5kg only car around is tiring after a while ... in short for me, also seen the advent of ML such a heavy weight is not a pro. Even the monitor is outrageous, for the time beingthere; you can not understand what is the actual quality of the image taken ... and it's something that bothers me. In short, it still has 10 years of life. Even on the high ISO I think it's too bad; now there are sensors that at ISO 25600 (see 5D mark IV) return very good images, which can be further improved in PP; with the 1D Mark III already at 3200 ISO the situation begins to be critical ... in short it is a big problem; at 6400 they are unusable. Sin; I would have hoped for relatively good files at 3200, but going over 1600 is a risk; unfortunately in this case the seniority of the sensor technology is felt. And finally, last sins ... mpx! Only 10 !! Ok, I'm the first not to be interested in mpx, as I do not print giant blowups, but if you roll a lot, and you do a print from A2 up the image is no longer of the highest quality. But I repeat, it depends on what and how you print. In conclusion, after a couple of months ofuse, I can say that, for 600-750 euros (depends on conditions-shots-years) it is worth the expense. Beyond I would say no; better to focus on something else.

sent on March 29, 2018

Pros: Speed ??of execution, embodied respected in their delicacy and color

Cons: X now nothing (maybe the number of pixels, but I'm afraid that with smaller pixels - if you increase the number of pixels x that is inversely proportional - you would lose the fidelity of the complexion

Opinion: Really interesting machine, I feared it was a bit age ,, found at 3800 shots, I do not know secrederci I tried with a counter confirms 3800 shots I tried with another and that fails to give me the number, however, the car looks new, the The usual wear spots of a body are uncut, type end-mount x kickstand, straps x shoulder strap liveview back flange x objective and rubber eyepiece, x which almost I think are really 3800 shots.rnComunque beautiful machine x embodied, never seen a fidelity and similar delicacy, I also use a d800 nikon but nothing to do, obviously here on canon you can not crop due to the number of pixels, but that's okay, I was used to fill the frame with the pellicle Another point in its favor is the speed af once the machine is well set up, and not last the speed of execution, I mean the 10 ft per second that in sport and birds are often necessary to bring home the moment meaning Everything is a completely honest price, which is more than satisfied

sent on March 02, 2018

Pros: We are talking about a flagship that at its exit was the car with the maximum speed

Cons: for 2007 release date nobody to date 2018 the monitor (solvable because the shots I see them directly on IPAD PRO in telering)

Opinion: was chosen by Getty and Reuters, to name just two, to choose it as an endowment for their photographers just to give an idea of ??the pedigreernsi is not FF, it is heavy in short if you look for the hair you find it, but if you're not a megapixel fans (bought a cell and limited to that) is nice to take good pictures in any weather and especially AMI DO PHOTOS then you will never be tight its 10 megapixels (after the first firmware that has been corrected the problem of AF in low light conditions) I have to say that if you fall from the hands while in the flurry would be able to make at least 30 photos perfectly in focus before touching terrarnoggi costs less than a compact media .. so difficult to find contrornMi often happens to print 1200x800 mm and sincerely the prints are perfect without ever having to fiddle with PSrnrnpoi for ISOAUTO etc. (of fanta-electronic functions there in jelly on the most recent) ... in short, if when you buy a fo rmula 1 you want it with the automatic transmission well it is certainly a problem .. but not the half rn

sent on November 25, 2017

Pros: It's a pro-styled body with everything that comes out of it, fast and accurate AF, really fast speed, ergonomics and ease in reaching any command or key, battery life, and dual memory card slot, cf and sd.

Cons: if I really have to find a fake I would say the aps-h sensor on a pro body is there and there is ... sensibility range iso a bit limited ..... for nothing else to report ..

Opinion: I've bought this camera for about a year, with just under 100,000 shots, and coming from a Nikon I've been knocked out for a while ... but then with the help of some Canonist friends I've always been able to frame it they did not miss the satisfaction ..... being very incarnate I have to say that I did get the purchase because the files that they produce are nothing more than the competition ..... I like a lot more pictures of nude and nude made with the Canon 1D mk3 because it's softer and the second colors are much closer to reality .... once i got my hand, it's much faster and more intuitive in the controls ..... so in the light of everything this is my satisfaction ...

sent on March 17, 2017

Pros: build quality excellent, precise AF and burst thrill

Cons: For those not considering themselves, surely the weight. But it is not a fault, just be aware.

Opinion: C is pleasant and not knead the immagine.rnLa advice to those who want to take the plunge into the world of the cornerstones of the photographic material: never disappoints.

sent on February 25, 2017

Pros: Ergonomics, burst, af fast and accurate, cleaning of raw, double slot and tropical conditions, the viewfinder, battery life.

Cons: Monitor, 10 megapixel, shutter noise.

Opinion: In use for several years and I can not fault it, the machine grasps like a dream, and all keys are at your fingertips, the flurry of 10fps is very useful in the action scenes. The af is fast and precise when you have hardly snaps shots out of focus (if set correctly) Raw rnI pulling out are already ready to use, just a few tweaks and forth. Up to 1600 ISO will have excellent file, rising noise is heard but if you properly usabilissimi are also exposes the 3200 ISO, the battery lasts an eternity I never bought the spare. rnIl monitor has little resolution, and there is little, all the shots seem blurry but then the surprise at home, all in perfect focus. The shutter sound is a pleasure for the ears, but it is unwelcome by some birds that manage to feel even finely tuned sound that is not so silent. I think the only real flaw of this machine are the 10 mpx, because being born for sports and wildlife often we found herselfAA to crop, if he would perfetta.rnOggi 15-16 mpx is at very low prices, and makes it the best buy a real pro at the price of an entry level APSC .....

sent on December 09, 2016

Pros: Ergonomics, burst, eternal battery tropicalization, sensor, dual slot, series 1 .......

Cons: 10 mp ... 4 5 or more megapixels could afford more crop ... outrageous Monitor.

Opinion: Taken in place of 7d to tile to 6d from which hardly separerò.rnLa I first field trial has left me a bit puzzled. I shot, I looked at the monitor and I thought ... boh ..! RnRiscattavo a nice burst, watching the monitor and I thought I had made a good ca ... ta to sell 7d.rnPoi get home, drain the photos and I open with dpp falls ... I jaw !!!! perfect file ... ... razor sharp and perfectly exposed with saturated colors and very natural. digital noise at ISO 1600 clearly less invasive than that produced by 7. perfect details, making amazing fire ... and all with the Sigma 150-500 ... which is not exactly a must-have for nature photos goals. With 1d mk3 seems another lens ..! rnOra longer use and it makes me happy. The controls are all at your fingertips ... the body is a tank ... rnOra understand why when you exit cost as a kidney ..! 7d is a good car ... that's another planet !! however impractical the comparison with the files produced by 6d ... for the "vecchietta "are too far ahead ...

sent on August 24, 2016

Pros: Ergonomics-flexibility-optical viewfinder stratospheric-Quality / Price-double CF / SD slot

Cons: time data transfer from card to built-LCD memory just enough if you want to shoot in Live View-lack Auto ISO

Opinion: in use for almost two years - bought to replace the 50d x prevalent use in avi-fauna --- today I still feel it a body by the ratio Q / P very beneficial, xi following reasons: --- I have small hands but his ergonomics and balance are fantastic, both with optical by the size and considerable weight (400mm), which with the tiny Zenit Industar f. 3.5 (... I've also used him) --- 10 mpx: when you are forced to heavily cut a file, the loss of detail you start to hear, but in most situations are + than enough (except not primarily face Macro), but these are always 10 mpx allowing shots freehand, without the risk of micro-blur, with times unimaginable to bodies with + (eg .: 400mm + ext. 1.4x 1/320 ... "... a person stopped of course) --- sensor that produces realistic images, and does not degrade, (as often do modern + sensors), optical + outdated or those that are not quality at the top (I ... It wants to cry when I read of some highly popular SLR: great body but that requires xbe used to the best, high-quality optics, sic !!!) --- optical viewfinder from the superb quality, which allows me to work in manual focus even with the old optical vintage ol 'Samyang 85 mm - I glass mounted to that effect dedicated to maf manual, it loses in brightness when used with optical focal sup f. 2.8 (but the end is not a problem, I continue to use the 400 f. 5.6 and subject to conditions of low light, does not compromise the overall visibility ... always thanks to the bright and large viewfinder) - then I found out I had in hand a highly flexible sealing machine --- to iso: we are realistic !!! we say it is generally used up to 1250 ISO, but then it depends, - (noise has different weight if it appears in a street, in a B & N or macro or avi-fauna) - in nature try not to exceed 640 ISO, but if the lighting conditions do not present strong contrasts I push myself up to 1250 ... over the loss of detail becomes too obvious and requires increasingly heavy interventions + PP - for instance in comparison with the 50d 1d IIIIt allows better recovery of shadows but Iso equal loses detail + --- ISO Auto: there are no, or rather there is a sort of adjustment that I personally, as x is set, I find it absolutely useless (in fact in Shutter priority TV, with a very short time, it forces the machine to work on the whole opening aperture, thus activating the automatic ISO) --- double Slot: useful and + configurations (I use the CF x recording and SD x saving see ... ever !!!) --- does not require very high performance cards of the latest generation and with two 16 GB (CF and SD) you are set (... and you'll save) --- lag at the click nonexistent and re-activate after the stand-by minimized noise --- it clicks: .... hint question ??? --- Battery: mine have I believe, five years ... 1200/1300 shots that you want to + !!! --- Be sure, if you buy used, it is equipped with the original battery charger (... + has functions, can load two simultaneously ... and new costs almost € 300) --- ... so una great machine, which needs to be able to work quickly, calibration, particularly AF according to the conditions and subjects, (otherwise. ... you may lose 7 of 10 shots), which has everything you need to fingertips, customizable intelligently (... though not on ISO), but you do use with satisfaction even in one-shot or completely manual optics, x enjoy the pleasure of photographing

sent on August 23, 2016

Pros: All

Cons: Anything

Opinion: I sold the 7D I opened up a world with this monster. Jack used with about 70,000 cycles has been given me joys. Burst, spartan menu, AF, shutter sound, ergonomics, double handle, total lack of automatism, eternal battery life, tropicalization top of the range. Pure photography, no frills. The display is dated, but who says you can not judge the quality of the photos from them has probably impaired. If the camera is in focus, you see, just a zoom. ISO automatic absent but raggirabili with grinding. excellent stability taking into account the year of the market output (2007). Hardly miss a beat. Straaaaaaconsigliata !!

sent on June 22, 2016

Pros: Ergonomics, speed, reliability, double slot

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Who uses bodies as this is silly if you complain of weight and price. It would be like complaining about a Ferrari because it costs too much and consume too much. These machines, like other flagships, the buy if you need otherwise be wasted money. In time, the quality of the files even beyond the ISO 3200? amazing. Speed ??and made monstrous fire, and if you use a low ISO in the study far exceeds the 1dx. 1d 3 and was in my opinion one of the best ever cars, at least in the home Canon.

sent on June 02, 2016

Pros: Body robust and made to last, AF precise and fast, everything is at hand, produces wonderful files

Cons: just enough resolution, does not leave much to the crop space.

Opinion: phenomenal car, worthy of the series 1. Fantastic viewfinder and AF fast and precise. Holds quite well the ISO, not like the newer bodies, perhaps but this car still has a lot to say according me.rnIl display makes it feel its age, but it is sufficient, as well as the slow USB connection, you should remove the card and use a reader rather than connecting the camera to the computer to download the foto.rn

sent on April 02, 2016

Pros: AF performance, fast burst, consistency and high performance, the sensor photosites advantages with large (ie with fewer megapixels): excellent workability of the files, good dynamic range, excellent quality "pixel level" looking at the picture at 100%, low tendency the diffraction apertures, trend shake-less than denser sensors, better fuzzy areas of focus than APS-C sensors, relatively lightweight files and be manageable by those who lack computer-date; robustness and weather sealing, large battery autonomy, 1/300 flash sync speed, shutter life.

Cons: poor general versatility, specilaizzata machine "action" lack dell'EFSC (First Electronic Shutter Curtain) that electronic shutter in live-view which greatly reduces vibration (useful for macro and landscape), high weight, loud shutter, lack auto iso advanced functions, charging bulky batteries.

Opinion: I recommend this machine for those approaching the wildlife photography or sports and has a budget but does not have the need to have a handyman camera body or those who want to use the body as a "fast" coupled with a more "from the landscape machine" and it has no weight problems and has no need to use extremely elvate sensitivity. With respect to the APS-H sensor I find it a very good compromise between the focal multiplication and quality, in particular the focus. Regarding the LCD is true that no great resolution, but the result is that the photos look much better then when you download, on machines such as the 7D instead the problem is the opposite, they look beautiful in the crystal clear LCD but often the real file it is much more disappointing! The machine is exceeded at sensor level in particular, but I think that a top professional range of a few years ago is now a good amateur with an image quality that rivals or beats even today many modern APS-C.

sent on December 27, 2015

Pros: Precision AF, burst, ergonomics, quality file, WB "car" faithful, the current price of used interesting

Cons: Whereas the release year there are against.

Opinion: Purchased with the money taken from the sale of 7d old to use it as a second body together with 5dmkiii in sports photography. A affare.rnGli ISO exploitable are about the same but with a file decidedly more balanced and correct in all. Meanwhile it tends to overexpose and this is already a great advantage. The images are really belle.rnLa burst is deadly and the AF does not miss a beat. The wield and do you think was your years. The weight is not infastidisce.rnNaturalmente but in some respects it is now a bit 'outdated: the only 10mp limit the possibility to crop the display and in fact does not show the whole quality of the file. However, the MP also eventually go so well and you look at the photos at home quietly! Rnal price today we will take home a super car in an even lot of satisfaction!

sent on September 07, 2015

Pros: Longevity, shock resistance, fast and accurate AF, burst, tropicalization

Cons: nobody!

Opinion: It has for some time, is the sister full-frame 1Ds Mark III that the 1D Mark III with which I cover the part photographic nature and birdlife. It gave me great satisfaction especially with tele f4 Canon 600 that is brought to 780mm due to its multiplication factor of 1.3x sensor. Truly endless battery, especially if it is well as refills, ensures good and constant longevity. rnIl body is very sturdy. Fall many times even with the lens attached and often wet from the rain, I was never given problems funzionamento.rnNon I think I'll change and will stay with me as long as it works and as long as God wills ...

sent on January 03, 2015

Pros: For me a great car though ........... it was not for the probema the exif. possible that even the assistance canon Italy, has been able to give me an explanation? if someone is riuctito to do the operation may contact me? Thank You !!!!! angelocorso62@gmail.com very good battery life

Cons: You can not change or enter your name to the voice Artist Copyright and even using Eos Utility. ridiculous ...................... LCD screen with a resolution too low I do aerial photography and send photos to various specialized sites and I would need to have a higher resolution also at first glance

Opinion: You can not change or enter your name to the voice Artist Copyright and even using Eos 50D Utility.CON THE E 550 D you can do I find this gap a big drawback for a car that was all 'pinnacle of the range canon. Also tropicalization is great and allows proper use even in difficili.la am also excellent as speed focusing.

sent on October 18, 2014

Pros: AF; Gust, Robustness, Tropicalization, Battery life.

Cons: LCD screen a bit dated

Opinion: For me it is an excellent machine. The quality of the complexion is exceptional and also the APS-H sensor from one hand to approach the soggetto.rnIl multiplication factor of 1.3 is neither fish nor fowl, but I think that for sports photos is great because it allows you to bring nearer the subject and have a very good quality size as being a cross between the FF and APS-C. The burst is amazing, 10 fps are excellent for all situations. The exposure is very good and well balanced. 10 mp for me are fine and I consider this one of the best sensor APS-H manufactured by Canon. Not being super super dense produce a workable file. The AF is lightning-fast and customizable throughout. 19 cross-type points are felt. The rear LCD is a bit dated and has a poor resolution compared to the "new." In conclusion, I consider it a great reflex that can be noticed even today.

sent on September 24, 2014

Pros: Strong, fast, safe, reliable, a real tank.

Cons: Lack AUTO ISO function (to circumvent the problem with the "rectification" but is not equal). Display with low resolution but I do not watch it almost never. The 10 mpx not think it is a great "against" because I think enough.

Opinion: Purchased exclusively for wildlife shots, I think this is his vocation, for other types of photos I have other bodies. A machine designed for the professional who cares about megapixels but who loves the natural colors and beauty of RAW. A machine with which he was now feeling, produces files with a sharpness "perceived" truly impressive. The colors are beautiful and faithful, the file is very malleable! I tried all the machine into service I think ... I stopped (in fact I went back) to the DIGIC III processor and the old sensors because even with the age of the files give me Exciting and not too technical as the ones of today's machines. Just because I love this type of machine (talking about the construction method), I decided to also buy a 1DS Mark III. I am very happy!

sent on June 26, 2014

Pros: Gust speed, strength and sealing the top, autofocus, file quality, reliability, battery life and price.

Cons: Low-resolution LCD, 10Mpx.

Opinion: I bought this machine 6 months and I got to test it a bit, and it turned out immediately an extremely powerful and incredibly affidabile.rnL 'autofocus is fast and deadly, and can also keep up to f8 makes the most of usable also with the teleconverter lenses darker or x2.rnOltretutto the incredible barrage manages to freeze every moment of the action without any problems and the best, in my opinion, x-moving subjects or take pictures in volo.rnPer nature or outdoors is perfect as it allows you to go out even in the worst situations, or take to the floor with wet soils without the photographer should worry about wetting, since Tropicalised to perfection, with rubber seals on all parts exposed to the elements; also has a tank for his robustezza.rnLe batteries if treated well never end and this makes it usable reliable end to 100% x giornata.rnLa quality of the entire file is excellent baked, the colors in my opinion are bellie very true, but allowed same time very full-bodied and avvolgenti.rnPer regarding the LCD monitor I find it unnecessary x to evaluate the success of the photo, and use only the x livewiew former composizione.rnLa control the resolution would not have suffered with a few pixels in more, but even so it is more than excellent, but you can not crop, only small aggiustatine.rn

sent on March 01, 2014

Pros: Pros: Rugged body, burst, battery life, auto focus, quality and workability file.

Cons: Cons: Low resolution LCD

Opinion: I bought it used in 2012, to make up for the shortcomings of the AF module of the 5D II camera for hunting birds in flight. Needless to say, we are on another planet. Just hook, draw the subject for a few seconds, and then you can safely shoot at full speed. The percentages of blurry photos that I got (in conditions of light and background-optimized) were virtually nil. I noticed that within a sequence of quick burst, should they begin to occur out of focus, the form is quite capable to recover and correct to perfection over the next 1-2 shots (made with a 400mm tele f5, 6). For some particular mode of use, for the more technically savvy, you can customize various parameters AF, to achieve further improvements in performance. The default settings should nevertheless be just fine in most casi.rnCon this machine I have "found" the AF that I had once (one of my EOS3 film) after suffering greatly with 400D and 5D II.rnLa flurry of 10 fps asof the time is excessive, but in certain situations allows you to freeze the perfect moment. The buffer does not consider it a big deal, even if I happened to have some time machine "stuck" for a few seconds. If you make a habit of taking short bursts you can rest easy from this point of vista.rnLa battery lasts so much. I purchased the spare one just for the fact that when you finish you almost always happen at inopportune moments. And 'advisable, however, if you use the machine with large paintings in quick burst and Ai Servo mode at the same time, to change when the charge reaches 1 notch (the precision of tracking AF starts losing reliability). I think this could still be a problem common to all macchine.rnLa file quality up to 800 ISO has nothing to envy to the 5DII. Claiming that the file already exits almost ready is not something risky: Sharpness, Saturation and contrast are the aspects that you notice right away. I took it on purpose più times with the two machines to make comparisons. The 5D II comes out a winner especially for the possibility of being able to crop more, but the 1D III, although it has a resolution of only 10Mpx, with a multiplication factor of 1.3x, and the possibility of being able to focus at f8, 0, using some 1.4x multiplier, is able to fill this gap and to overcome. Also, if on the one hand 10Mpx nowadays can be considered few, on the other hand, whereas with this machine almost always burst shooting, if you had higher resolution, who knows how many memory cards I had to bring along (this statement I recalls now a bit 'the fable of the fox and the grapes!). RNLA LCD screen quality leaves something to be desired, in the light of what is today the market offers. It is not clear whether a photo is in focus or not, is sharp or move. Okay just to set the machine parameters, check the histogram, and to control the notice of overexposure on the white. But maybe it's also cos & igraI;: Photos you look calmly at home, on your pc monitor ... rn ... Maybe I'm saying all these things because I could not afford a fourth ... rnL'ho outlet for fun, choosing from a 7D New and used this. Certainly I would do this choice today: lots made with "little" shopping! Rn

sent on June 25, 2013

Pros: File, reliability, construction, flurry, dual-slot, battery life, light meter, price (current) content

Cons: LCD dated

Opinion: I bought the 1d3 used last year after several years of Canon aps-c. E 'a series 1 fast and reliable in every situation. The viewfinder is very valid. The file is good up to 1600 iso. I shoot wildlife from the shed, portraits, street and travel photos. A limitation in the photo travel is the volume of the machine and the battery charger, really huge. In contrast, the battery runs out ever ... The resolution of 10 mpx is not a problem, I made enlargements up to 1 m long edge with excellent results.

sent on November 05, 2012

Pros: Body, AF, burst, battery life ergonomics

Cons: Perhaps wanting to comb through thoroughly, LCD dated

Opinion: It 's amazing what you can churn out this tank, it's really intuitive and adaptable to any type of photo you want, fast AF to scream and burst really impressive, not to mention the battery life seems to drain should not ever, really is the n ° 1.Buona the yield at high ISO that you only hear from 1600 and up. rnSono really happy to have taken it's giving me a lot of satisfaction, do not bother me at all the weight and bulk, also because I used the first bodies with attached battery grip so we are there.

sent on October 08, 2012

Pros: Strong body, ergonomics, burst, AF, ISO, menu, battery, dual-slot, meter, viewfinder and image quality.

Cons: 10Mpx just right.

Opinion: To say that I was amazed by this machine is an understatement. I said everything in the box of the PRO. I may add that the weight of the machine I was never "weighed", indeed quite the opposite. The image quality is also high ISO. His 10Mpx were not almost never a limit but perhaps for those who need to crop it could be. The evaluations Charity is definitely a car to be seized.

sent on July 28, 2011

Pros: ergonomics, battery life, dual slot, build quality, AF accuracy, image quality

Cons: quality monitor (by today's standards)

Opinion: Some element starts to show the 'weight' of the year (ISO max, monitor), but if you do not need the video, is a camera that still exceeded in many respects the contemporary products. Aps-h sensor with the area covered by the AF sensor is perfect, the AF is extremely fast, accurate and configurable, and works even in very low light. Excellent auto white balance, returns tend to be saturated colors and high image quality. In adverse weather conditions is the only camera body (Canon at home) that removes any concern to the photographer.

sent on July 27, 2011

Pros: Building, burst, battery life, AF, workability files, digital noise content, double-cf-sd slot.

Cons: Lcd low resolution buffer underrun.

Opinion: It 'a series 1 with battery grip and weather sealed body built tough ask for more. Af fast and accurate, the sensor aps-h from 10Mpx file ensures low noise and remarkable recovery in post-production, and the file out of the car is almost ready for use. On the other hand the electronics start to feel the weight of years, the LCD monitor is poorly defined and it is hard to tell if the photo is in focus. Does not support tabs udma, the buffer empties slowly and you can get stuck for a few seconds. The battery lasts a long time (about 2300 shots) but the charger is large and awkward to carry with you.

sent on July 06, 2011

Pros: solid, has everything you need for a photographer.

Cons: when used freehand all day the weight is felt.

Opinion: great machine, fast and intuitive. Very ergonomic, top quality. The sensor with crop factor 1.3 and I find it a smart choice for most of the shoot. The battery seems to never end, shows no signs of slowing down after hours of photography in cold climates. Too bad for the weight to carry, but for this rock worth it to sweat a little. '


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