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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L Macro IS USM : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on December 29, 2018

Pros: All

Cons: Nothing apart from the deplorable lack of the L-bracket

Opinion: I used it intensely for three years to photograph all the species of wild orchids in Piedmont and many photos are finished in books and specific manuals. Given the shooting conditions (small subjects in areas of shade or under dense bushes) it was often impossible to mount the optics on the tripod and then I tapped freehand the excellent stabilizer. The yield has always been so satisfactory that in PS I have never corrected the contrast, limiting myself to small interventions of "cropping" only to improve the framing. The only flaw, at least for the use that I did, is the footprint of the original lens hood, which I replaced with a retractable rubber from a few euros. It is a specialist perspective that is well suited to a multipurpose use: Excellent for portrait (of course with the foresight to use the aperture more open to prevent the sharp yield at F8 shows the inevitable flaws of the skin... making Angered the subject) and even the landscape (in which the detachment between different planes is exalted). Probably one of the most successful Canon lenses: In fact it is in the list for several years and there is no mention of a MKII even remotely.

sent on December 01, 2018

Pros: Sharp, instantaneous AF, stabilized.

Cons: In the package there is no ring for the tripod, and to buy the original is to be fadied: for a piece of aluminium of the real value of 2-3 Euro Canon makes us the usual figure of M... As with the lens hoods not "L". Shame.

Opinion: I come from years of use of the excellent 100 Macro USM, this seemed to me better right from the start, if not for the surrender that I still can not evaluate, for the undeniable comfort of the IS. For now I have only tried a half hour free hand, I will use it heavily later but it has already fully convinced me.

sent on November 05, 2017

Pros: Sharpness, stabilization, versatility, waterproofing, low weight and photographic rendering at the top of the category.

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: I have this lens for some years and I can say that I have never betrayed you. I use it mostly in the macro, where it is a bomb, but I know of many who work it as a lens for portraits and are more than satisfied with it. What a surprise I will always keep with me: take it all but not my Canon 100 IS macro !!!

sent on August 16, 2017

Pros: Sharpness, lightness, tropicalization, blurred, contrast, color rendering price

Cons: The enclosure provided.

Opinion: My work horse portraits and headshots in professional scope. Excellent lens, not barrel a focus, sharp. The files are well contrasted, out of the excellent plans, rarely on the outside I get over F4 so much blurs to great. For the same reason in the studio the close-ups to get everything in focus I happen to also work between F8 and F11. It is the focal par excellence in portraits.

sent on May 09, 2017

Pros: Lightweight, sharp, stabilized and tropicalized.

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: Amazing goal, marriages or still life is definitely one of the best in the market, if not the best seen even the years he has on his shoulders, he can keep his head and be astonished even with current full megapixel reflexes - Sharpness 10 / 10rnMolto Versatile and lightweight to wear around, unlike the brother MP-E65mm (more suitable for studio work), you will always find a space in your bag to carry it always with you, with nice weather or rain due to tropicalization. And thanks to the stabilizer you will be able to take Macro even with free hand (naturally light permitting), for portraiture ... spectacular! Portability 10 / 10rnConclusions: Amateur use, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to approach macro photography seriously. Professional use (of course within Canon) is a Must! RnUn cordial greeting to all readers of Juzaphoto, Maurizio Cascone.

sent on May 01, 2017

Pros: Sharpness, focus, stabilized, lightness and quietness

Cons: For now nothing

Opinion: Great lens with amazing sharpness and a blurred scream. The stabilized allows something more risking certain macro-held, obviously with good light on the spot and hand very steady. The portraits are phenomenal and is also satisfactory for other types of shots example to isolate some details. I'm definitely happy with the purchase

sent on May 01, 2017

Pros: crisp, stabilized, weather sealed, light weight.

Cons: nothing.

Opinion: Purchased primarily for macro use but also great for portraits both of which FF APSC where it becomes a 160 mm leaving the subject too far from fotocamera.rnrnHo tried l 'use of kenko 1.4 multiplier, as the original Canon permettomo not the use, although it becomes f4 remains an excellent lens for both af precise and photos from fundamental realistici.rnrnlo color stabilizer find the macro for close-up photography (according to many who consider the use of non-essential) .rnrnvoto 9.5rn

sent on April 19, 2017

Pros: Sharpness, contrast, color rendering, Stabilization and Tropicalization

Cons: AF a little slow, but normal for a macro.

Opinion: I bought this light to replace 60 Tamron f / 2 Macro and I fell in love for the yield, color, contrast and precision of form AF.rnTanto sniper that I preferred the Canon EF 85mm f / 1 8 also on portraits and thanks to the stabilization is also usable with shutter speeds with the EF 85 that are not possible because of the neo mosso.rnL'unico use in portraiture and still in dynamic situations is clearly a slower AF in focus "being a macro", also by entering the impersonator focale.rn

sent on October 11, 2016

Pros: Sharpen, blur, stabilized and light

Cons: nothing

Opinion: I have this lens for about 4-5 months, but unfortunately I have used recently due to increasingly limited time available. But I had to try it on several occasions: in macro photography in particular is something incredible: sharp everywhere, even at room temperature. I use it often in the portraits in the foreground and the yield is probably the best in the home Canon. The stabilizer is also very convenient when shooting freehand. Standard materials for a series L, manageable and not too heavy or bulky.

sent on June 13, 2016

Pros: Balanced, clear, weather sealed, solid, effective stabilizer even with a 1: 1 (4 real stop), shutter with 9 blades, af good speed, the hood with a profit series

Cons: Not supplied the ring with bracket but can be purchased in post-sales by third parties and compatible.

Opinion: You have a high yield, it is duplicated with the extender 1.4x DGX kenko and has no yield losses noteworthy. With kenko DGX is maintained af which comes in handy when using freehand. In the macro 100% usage with extender, in still life sometimes it depends not only for reasons of restricted working environment. external and internal construction of a high standard. 3 distance / operational adjustments af-limitations.

sent on April 22, 2016

Pros: Color, yield, blurred, versatile, fun, great stabilizer

Cons: Not multipliable with Canon

Opinion: high quality lens with which I am approaching the fantastic world of macro photography. Also great for portraits at full aperture is not as resolving as when you close and has a beautiful blur. The stabilizer is among the best in the home Canon. Now this goal has become my handyman. Sin is not compatible with Canon multipliers.

sent on April 12, 2016

Pros: L series, sharpness, tropilazzato, stabilized, crystal clear, macro

Cons: The only drawback if you want to find the nit is the lack of tripod ring

Opinion: super lens for quality and yield. Not only for macro photography, where it excels and it brings dedicated optics. Portraits with sensational details and faithful color. Great sfuocsto and focus. The Is not annoying noise as many say. Indeed luckily there! So L series in all respects. The price, then, makes it even more interesting is that you have in your kit.

sent on October 26, 2015

Pros: manegevole, suitable for macro photography and portraiture, clarity, value for money

Cons: nobody

Opinion: Optics that was created to be used in macro photography thanks to the minimum distance of focus, but that can be used with outstanding results even in ritratti.rnL'ho used both on FF that on APS-C, in the latter case with a conversion ratio of 1/6 as in my case, maybe it was a bit 'too long if used for ritratti.rnMateriali as standard in L-series lens Canon, robust but at the same time not very cumbersome (except when mounting the flashy and useful lens hood) .rnNitidezza exceptional aberrations and flare completely under control even in difficili.rnPer who plan to use it mainly in portraits, the minimum focusing distance is a big advantage because it allows to approach even less than 50 cm from the subject without focusing margin of error on the eyes, something different for example for L 135 f2, where necessary distance himself from the subject than metro.rnLo stabilizer perspective on the fixed focal length is definitely important to be relevant and useful, that from this point of view theor it makes it preferable to 135, although the quality and sharpness of the latter are definitely a cut in altro.rnOttimo more the value, use can also be found at 500-600 euro and in this case absolutely recommend it to have in their luggage (although clearly not a lens that you always carry with them around unless we take care mainly of macro photography).

sent on June 04, 2015

Pros: lightweight, stabilized, weather sealed, not exaggerated size, and crystal clear .....

Cons: nobody, ring Tripod is well executed in 5 euro on ebay, it does not seem a serious mancanza.rnL'af not so noisy, no more than other objectives.

Opinion: Just fantastic, crystal clear already at full aperture, tropical conditions and light, I carry always with me.rnLo stabilizer is great but less effective when used close to a 1: 1.rnSono sure it's a technical limitation in the optical compensation is used for do not use macros such as portraits, landscapes, and an ideal medium telephoto bright and stabilizzato.rnIl cost does not seem excessive and the multiplier kenko 1.4x DGX becomes a 140mm f4 perfectly nitido.rnCosa want more? rnVoto: 10 and praise

sent on March 22, 2015

Pros: Build quality and excellent sharpness

Cons: Perhaps the noise of the stabilizer

Opinion: I just bought this fantastic optics, that is, a really good macro definition equal to or greater than anything the canon 70 200 f4 is not as bulky as the weight and size of the various macro 180, excellent auto focus, blurred 2.8 perfect for macro and imaginative portraits . Perhaps the only thing is the noise of the stabilizer, but you know with the macro is almost useless but is very useful if you want to use as portraits and short telephoto. In conclusion it is a perspective that you have in your kit

sent on February 07, 2015

Pros: sharpness, detail, color

Cons: nobody

Opinion: and 'a wonderful goal, I used both the 7D is with the 5D II. And - of course - for the macro, it is surprising for the portrait. Setting it to f2.8 you have to be very careful eye to focus, because the depth of field is very small and it's easy to make mistakes. It is not a heresy even use it with manual focus. I read that others report a fault that there is "a lot of plastic." It 's true, but this goes in favor of a lighter, that using it for macro freehand, never hurts. I have other objectives NOT plastic, but are called ZEISS. In this case the plastic allows you to purchase some very interesting, to a value / ultra-favorable price lenses. Be highly recommended! Rnaggiorno the opinion: the EOS 5D Mark III is giving me enormous satisfaction in rendering the colori.rn

sent on January 26, 2015

Pros: Great bell'ottica! Very defined and fantastic colors!

Cons: Maybe a little noisy as af ... the rest is worth all that it costs!

Opinion: I immediately felt comfortable! I thought it was very similar to the old 100 macro canon, but I changed my mind using it a little! Thanks to the SI allows you to take with a very short time and with extreme quality by eliminating the micromosso.rnMolto beautiful, I advise everyone to do macro pressures and / or normal portraits where it can be possible!

sent on January 06, 2015

Pros: Image quality, and the blurring of the colors, stabilizer, auto-focus speed

Cons: Has some small flaw that I will write later in the opinion, but they are trifles

Opinion: I took it just came out on the market and once there I've been very happy. Now are some years that I use and I have not changed my mind, indeed; in short, it is truly a great goal. The sharpness is a lot of focus and the colors are magnificent and even using it in fields outside the macro. The stabilization is really convenient and often useful, even on the stand; helps a lot during the shot. The autofocus I think it extraordinary, fast! Although the macro never use it, but I used often quest'obbiettivo for other types of photos and is really lightning using it for example with a 7D. Going against the unfortunately there is lack of the tripod bracket, given the cost of the lens then! It 'an accessory that is used a lot and the original Canon costs a lot but for far less money you can not buy the original. The construction is not bad; is solid and has a weight quite important for the obbiettivino that is, the plastic or polycarbonate that is of excellent quality but is notpleasant as the metal of various 70-200, 100-400 etc. If it was metal, however, I would lose the weight. Finally you can not duplicate with multipliers and being a Canon 100mm sometimes it might be comfortable with 2x duplicate it, but there are many ways to solve this problem: you can use an old duplicator sigma or a kenko, alternatively you can put between lens and doubler (Canon) an extension tube (I always use the one from 12mm kenko) and with that the duplicator mounts perfectly. Despite some small flaw remains a great lens, very recommended!

sent on September 21, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, color stabilization.

Cons: IS not exactly quiet indeed: noisy!

Opinion: I just bought the lens is fantastic. I Macava a medium telephoto, the lens more "long" of my outfit was, until yesterday, the 85mm f / 1.8.rnHa incredible loudness, the stabilization is very effective has allowed me to shoot at 1/15. I will use for portraits and a bust; I know that I will always carry with anche'io the me.rnConsigliatissima, is a lens falls in love immediately!

sent on June 25, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, weight, dimensions, diaphragm.

Cons: Do not duplicable (Canon), lack ring tripod, IS not quite silent.

Opinion: I come from the Canon 180mm sold only to have a more versatile and less bulky lens. The optics are uncompromising with frightening clarity, in my opinion superior to that of big brother. rnHo wanted to try it on 5D3 with Kenko 2x and I was impressed with the quality of the files, even excellent sharpness, absolutely usable RR to reach close to 2: 1. What little problem I had with the AF (with 2x included) who do not always hooked the subject, but it seems understandable. Do not think I need to add anything about other pros I mentioned, as have already been widely discussed in previous recensioni.rnE 'curious how the optic is not duplicable by Canon and I find it strange that a macro is not sold with the ring tripod, by the way, cost the earth if it is original. The only real drawback that I would report the SI is the noise that I consider excessive for an L-series lens so recent and I do not exclude, as it is in warranty,give him a ride in CS at the end blurred dell'estate.rnLo is great for the focal length but, of course, need a more distant background or a larger aperture for a bokeh comparable to 180mm.rnIn conclusion are more than satisfied with the changes (I am traveling I have both a lens for a portrait unpretentious, a medium telephoto macro and an all in one).

sent on June 04, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, weight, weather sealing, AF range, IS, supplied.

Cons: -

Opinion: Given that I am not a professional and this is my first L series lens, I can not be enthusiastic about my 100mm. I use it with the 60D, so APS-C. What are macros of insects and flowers or landscapes or portrait, the results are always at the top, with impressive clarity. Very useful in my opinion the range of focus when working in AF (0.3-0.5 m / 0.5 m-infinity / full range) and very effective stabilizzatore.rnApprezzo the very opening at f/2.8 , it works well even when the light is scarce and blurry that you can get are very belli.rnAnche freehand excellent results; it handles well thanks to low weight and adjustable focus ring manually even if the switch is in the price are AF.rnCompreso hood and soft pouch for the trasporto.rnDi downsides I have not found (the price is unknown which is always a counter, but in the specific case it is not even prohibitive).

sent on April 30, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, colors, stabilization, light weight, tropicana!

Cons: It 'made of plastic, good, but still plastic

Opinion: It 'a macro lens and I do not know how to do anything to use the macro: fantastic! RnHa superfine clarity that made me realize that even the APSC can donate definition when combined with excellent optics. The colors are so natural that the balance of PP is only for creative, otherwise you could safely leave is (obvious that the white balance you must set it correctly in the car at the time of shooting). The stabilization is very effective and has allowed me to shoot at 1/20 of APSC blur-free (Micro moved it, but I will not do the coat of the egg to 100% magnification), to get a picture without ever shake-as well as rely on the trained arm, we can take from 1/60 with added stabilizer, always on APSC. With a multiplier of 1.4x kenko DGX does not lose anything, belonging to a halt in less than an aperture of course, known especially useful to those who make macro. Exactly, in macro, which is not usually practical, you can take advantage of the multiplier to keep a greater distance from the subject and have a bokeh analogo without losing definition. The autofocus is accurate and not wavering ever, it is only "slow" as any macro lens on the other hand, when compared to non-macro USM lens. rnL'unica discordant note is polycarbonate, but it is a bad thing on paper: it is resistant to impact, thermal deformation, it is nice to see, it is pleasant to touch, especially with his bare hands in the winter because it does not cool down as a bell'alluminio or magnesium ;) rnInfine the icing is tropicana y, and the rain only to drop that you think is coming down the petal, ready to shoot at the right time ;)

sent on March 10, 2014

Pros: Superb sharpness, color, brightness

Cons: I have not found

Opinion: I have this lens to be around 1 year and fell in love .... If I could go back, I wouldnt thousand other volte.rnLa is superb sharpness and beautiful colors. You have to find the right feeling but once found, the lens offers immense soddisfazioni.rnE 'a lens suitable for both macro and portraits but in reality it can be used in any situation that suits the focale.rnIo the strategic advice!

sent on January 29, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, chromatic rendering, building.

Cons: No significant against, maybe not in the Pro Lightning autofocus, but you know, started as a macro lens.

Opinion: The objective of a high level of quality, especially suitable for macro photography and for portraits. The feeling you have to feed him really towards this goal, and for this specific focal length, so it would be best to try it before you make a purchase. The constructive relationship in relation to weight is awesome. Sharpness and color return to the top of the class. Highly recommended, one of the must-L series, now.

sent on January 08, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, brightness, and efficient stabilizer

Cons: none

Opinion: This objective is of excellent quality, is worth all the money you spend to buy it, I personally I buy another thousand times, it is extremely valuable in macros of any kind, nature or whatever. RnLo use for close-ups and photos half-length and gives me great satisfaction at the level of quality and brightness even in the use of the diaphragm all aperto.rnanche I always carry with me, because when I climb are sure to bring home high-quality shots.

sent on September 01, 2013

Pros: Sharpness, no chromatic aberration, stabilization

Cons: no

Opinion: The sharpness and stabilization really makes this lens perfect. I use it all over for macros, but for close-ups becomes fantastic. I always bring him back and I never get tired using it because I know that the result is you have the highest level of quality. The fact of the stabilization facilitates you a lot when shots time low. RECOMMENDED

sent on August 04, 2013

Pros: Sharpness, stabilization, lightness, brightness, speed AF, construction and ... usability.

Cons: Hard to find cons, the only is the lack of a tripod ring.

Opinion: Price / quality really good. I was expecting a goal, "specialist", but it's also great for landscapes, but mostly portraits, even if the focus is a little lunga.rnLo use for a year now and always manages to amaze me with its versatility, thanks to the stabilizer hybrid. Chromatic aberration practically nothing. rnUn purchase definitely recommended.

sent on April 16, 2013

Pros: Sharpness, construction, stabilized, Af fast

Cons: no

Opinion: The use of 5d MkIII good lens, no defects, very well built, robust and tropical climates (resists moisture and dust)! to recommend a purchase, the picture quality is amazing. Great for using macros, but also great for still life portraits (leave the subject less embarrassment). A lens that fall in love immediately!

sent on March 18, 2013

Pros: Sharpness, no abberazione color, image stabilization

Cons: Lacks the tripod ring

Opinion: When I had the chance I went on APS-C from macro EF-S 60 in the 100 macro L as a matter of 60 mm and judged the macro a bit 'too short for the photos I wanted to do. The lens is solid, does not weigh too much is weather sealed and the box is equipped with soft bag and lens hood. For photos of insects have always used freehand being able to use the image stabilizer that covers up to 4 stops. In addition to the macro photography, optics lends itself very well for portraits churning file also very detailed iris fully open. It has abberazioni color and sharpness to the edge is for show. Can not be duplicated with the Canon extender, but to our aid, if any, can be used with duplicators Kenko (I have used combined with Kenko Pro 300 DGX 1.4x remaining very satisfied). It 'a lens which I think is wonderful, at a great price, which I highly recommend.

sent on March 10, 2013

Pros: Quoto

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: It is the first lens acquired with the 5D Mark II at this time use in macro was marginal, I made a few shots of flowers or insects. I do not dispute its potential but I find in the forum that some have posted shots (beautiful) with diaphragms very closed F.14 funds perfectly blurred. That does not add up. Maybe I'm wrong.

sent on March 08, 2013

Pros: crystal clear - no aberration - stabilization exceptional

Cons: I have not found

Opinion: My first macro: great goal! rnCon stabilization will manage to do macro photography with exposure times unthinkable freehand! rnUtilizzandolo in other areas for which it was not thought you always manage to get great photos (landscape type) with a disarmante.rnBellissimo the sharpness of focus. rnObiettivo to recommend!

sent on December 11, 2012

Pros: Light, bright and sharp. Must have a value-priced, is to enter the world of macros, which for portraits.

Cons: None

Opinion: The autofocus works pretty well and is very quiet, even though the macro is not exactly his world (I speak AF). It does not have some sort of aberration nor vignetting. The bokeh quite soft also makes it perfect for portraits, as opposed all'85mm f1.2 (with debts distinctions, of course). I used it mainly for portraits and I was fine, the weight is absolutely not excessive and is very balanced. When I broke my hand, thanks to this little gem, I could take even maimed by ... rnHo got to try the 65mm MP, and I have to say that, apart from a slightly higher sharpness, I think the most versatile 100mm.

sent on September 13, 2012

Pros: clarity - no aberrations - efficiency stabilizer - construction - IF

Cons: no

Opinion: It 's the best mediotele macro on the market, including the legendary R 100/2.8 Macro Elmarit Leica at home: a substantial equality in the optical plane, this adds autofocus, RR: 1 without additional stabilization and efficacious. It 's true that the macro should not be done freehand nor in AF, but this lens is the temptation, and often the results are above expectations. Besides, with this mediotele, always with due respect of the rules that do not want the contrast of a macro in the picture, you get a pleasant blur, which then opens the way to use less than the institutional project.

sent on August 22, 2012

Pros: Image stabilization, Sharpness, Brightness.

Cons: can not be duplicated (for Canon)

Opinion: It 's my first objective for Macro. Purchased specifically for the macro I'm using in other areas such as portrait and short telephoto such as in oases or for animals in captivity. The sharpness is great and the manual focus ring large and precise. On portrait in some cases it is necessary to blur some px in post-production. Can be used freehand and without problems for photographs of flowers and subjects the size of a butterfly. Is not provided by the possibility to mount Canon duplicators, is not a true "against" as it can use, for example, with duplicators of Kenko. 7D combined with the speed of focusing is fast and accurate. Does not provide a standard collar but for now I have not had problems with stability when using a tripod. Surely a view to which recommend purchasing.

sent on October 14, 2011

Pros: Q / P value for money, very effective stabilizer,

Cons: lacks the tripod-ring, wanting to order it waiting times are very long

Opinion: gets preferable to non-stabilized version to build more 'accurate the tolerances, better performance to flare, sharpness and a better AF more' quiet. The most 'was pleasant and the excellent efficacy of the stabilizer with strong RR and relatively slow shutter speeds, it is an excellent buy if you want a lens to use a free hand to macro traveling. Recommended macro lens, the current point of reference for macro photography for people not too suspicious (the RR of 1:1 MAF is about 12 cm from the lens without considering the 8 cm. hood)

sent on October 14, 2011

Pros: every aspect is excellent

Cons: housing: the best supplied with sigma

Opinion: that lens! sharpness, color, autofocus, materials, stabilizer, sealing, ring focus, everything is of the highest quality. is an excellent macro, but can also be used for portraits thanks to the opening at f/2.8 and because the focus is soft. sharp already wide open, closing a little 'niridezza the diaphragm reaches the highest levels. is equipped with a hood and a bag housing: this is best sigma, which provides more protective enclosures

sent on September 25, 2011

Pros: Lightweight compact hybrid stabilizer not overly expensive

Cons: no

Opinion: For about a year I have replaced the canon 100 f / 2,8 Macro with this lens. What most attracted me was the stabilizer as in the macro, when you can not use a tripod, the time is always a problem. Galvanized by the great reviews that I found around I decided to change and are fully satisfied. The lens is less bulky and lighter version of the L and not at the same time has a more robust construction and tropicalized. The picture quality is really at the top showing incredible definition. AF very fast and precise. In short, a recommended buy!


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