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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by PaoloTrigo

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nikon_d80Nikon D80

Pros: Superb CCD.

Cons: He fears poorly resolving optics, dark optics and light scarcity in general.

Opinion: I bought this camera in November 2006 in kit with the 18 135 not stabilized, and then I paid it 1,180 euros. Now in my opinion it is necessary to distinguish: The lens in kit is really dark and underperforming, perhaps suitable for photos for family memories, but vice versa the machine body is absolutely performing and has all but all the adjustments useful to get an excellent photo. I also have a D3X and I can say that the infinite micro adjustments that the D3X offers via menu only take away the night's sleep without adding anything to those of the younger sister. Of course the adjustments that the D3X offers via button are much faster to make because it is a heavy duty studio machine designed for the professional who does not stop shooting even when he has to correct the parameters of the shot. The D3X produces 50MB NEF files and 70Mb! TIFF files that are practically unusable unless I have a very expensive computer, so I'm forced to shoot in Jpeg from about 10Mb. The D80 jewel shoots 10Mb NEF and is perfect for working on NEFs directly. The dynamic range of the D3X is really very deep, and despite being from 2014, it remained the state of the art until the advent of Sony alpha. From this point of view, the dynamic range of the D80 is less wide. However, the 10mp dx CCD sensor returns much more ringing and verve-filled colors than the D3X's 24.5mp fx and no postproduction filters are needed. The photos of the D80 are ready and perfect for the taste of the web and Instagrammers in particular. I used it with a very soft, fairy mood, Zenith Helios 58 44 7 to f.2 and it gave me some fairytale photos, with warm, saturated and harmonious colors. I used it with the much more resolving and tonally balanced Nikkor 105 afs d micro a f3.2 and it gave me outstretched lines and pop colors to say the least bright. I used it with the 17 55 dx afs g and it gave me superbly detailed photos with precise and saturated colors. I always use the battery pack that gives an unexpected vigor to the autofocus to take over the machine. At ISO 1600 the yield is not obvious but still it is not always unpleasant. Today's price is really lower than its potential, and unfortunately suffers from the madness that Nikon made in displacing the buyers of the D80 by presenting shortly after the D90. With the 28 70 afsd becoming a 42 105 on the ccd 1.5x go... at the wedding! He fears dark optics, poor optics in terms of solvence, and lack of light. Change it after 15 years of living together? But neither is it!!! Rather, I would renew my promises...

sent on June 19, 2021


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