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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Lastprince

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ricoh_gr_iiiRicoh GR III

Pros: dimensions, global quality, .jpeg file.

Cons: ring that comes off.

Opinion: I was looking for a pocket car. I found it. let's start with the alleged flaws: it doesn't have the crosshairs, it doesn't have the flash, and the battery sucks. but these are just flaws of those who have no idea what they buy. This machine is a continuous choice: if you choose it lowercase you can not have the viewfinder, the flash and a larger battery. choose it instead to always have it with you. but really always. and then the file that churns out : and here I have to say that the result is resounding : a perfect jpeg ready for use (it tells you one that uses the raw ) of a very high tonal quality (I recommend set the option "positive file " ). a good autofocus. the only real flaw is a ring that is positioned around the lens that, holding the room in your pocket, you take off. few things in short for the most amazing room I've ever had in the last 20 years of digital.

sent on February 03, 2020

fujifilm_x100fFujifilm X100F

Pros: aesthetics, sizes, lenses and lenses,

Cons: too many keys, lack stabilizer.

Opinion: this room is for those who already have in their head a certain type of photos: street, portraits, holidays. for these types of photos has perfect for size (perfect size from tascone), lens with excellent opening, and a good viewfinder. the viewfinder is the first thing that intrigued me : I've been using machines with electronic sights for 16 years so I was curious to try that hybrid. the functionality' is good, but the possible mistake of parallax made me put it aside. the beautiful machine sins with too many useless keys and an endless menu. now this time is over, less is more said someone. the joystick is one of the most useless and poorly placed things I have ever found: you always risk touching it and changing the focus point. Honest battery, and good file (good definition, good iso, good dynamic range). this machine is I'd say if I had to give the grades a 7 on everything. What I find surprising is the lack of stabilizer : it will be because I was used to other machines / optics (where I was shooting quietly at 1/20), but here shooting at 1/30 sec is really hard. very clever the two additional lenses that you can screw without loss of quality' (28 mm, 50 mm) that you can put in your pocket and use with great comfort' . a machine with limits that I recommend.

sent on January 15, 2020

leica_q2Leica Q2

Pros: aesthetics, simplicity, speed, silence, optics, solidity.

Cons: high iso noise with lack of intermediate value between iso to be set if not automatically .

Opinion: it is a compact for those who have clear ideas of the photos they want to make. a 28 mm that turns into 35 mm and 50 mm (also wanting in 75 but I'm afraid it's a bit small .) with the electronic crop (47 mp sensor ). The machine is solid, charming, tropicalized, stabilized and with a dream optics ( 28mm summilux 1.7). the keys are thankfully few, the menu is very simple, the viewfinder amazing, the rear screen great, the battery gives about 380 shots. the thing I liked the most, however, is the shot : never found anything so quiet. The least thing is the high iso yield: up to 3200 excellent, at 6400 makes effort. unfortunately lack the intermediate iso (severe lack). too bad because I think at 5000 he would bring home almost perfect photos.

sent on January 03, 2020


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