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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Korra88

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sony_fe200-600Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS

Pros: lightness, sharpness even at TA, stabilizer, price, af, bokeh

Cons: don't have it, there are no against

Opinion: This lens is a small masterpiece for me. Already in TA, it has the quality a FILINO higher than the Sigma 150-600 S closed at f8, so more than good, but with an autofocus and a much better weight. Obviously the comparisons with the fixed 14,000 euros, are not even to be done, but considering the cost, it allows you to take off a lot of satisfaction and up close it is really sharp.

sent on July 06, 2021

sony_a7iiiSony A7 III

Pros: sensor, af, key customization, excellent and relatively cheap optical park (Sigma DN), battery life, quality-price ratio, buffer, iso yield, accessories, wonderful videos

Cons: viewfinder and rear LCD with little definition, monstrously noisy mechanical shutter, slow unlock button position in an absurd position, lack of smartphone style touch interface, battery charger not included (absurd!), when you empty the buffer the machine does not allow you to do anything, wb not very precise but there is worse around

Opinion: This is my first Sony body. Coming from Nikon for 12 years and tired of the missed promises on the Z system, I tried to land at Sony with this body. What comes to the fore right away is the effectiveness of autofocus. Really impressive to be the "little girl" of sony house. It's probably the thing that impresses most about the machine, and it's the main difference between Z-bodies and Sony, because they're more similar than you think, because they share a good percentage of the hardware. In the passage, there were also cons, starting with the smartphone-style touch interface that is missing on this Sony, and a not-so-excellent viewfinder. Even the WB is not up to Nikon, although it must be said that by setting "white priorities", the situation improves a lot. One thing that's on my OOs is the position of the lens unlock button, only a decebrate could place it there near where you put your hands! Another thing, very LOUD mechanical shutter! The reflex with all the mirror is quieter! Despite the flaws, it is a camera that makes you love for the texture of autofocus and for the beauty of both photos and videos files, with a rather clean audio even in the room.

sent on July 06, 2021

nikon_70-200_f2-8e_flNikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR

Pros: Sharpness, focus breathing virtually null, autofocus speed, construction, bokeh, vr effective and lightness

Cons: ring without blocks in any focal, inverted dial compared to what it should be, too soft dials, price if not taken import

Opinion: First experience with positive pro nikon optics. Excellent in everything and I preferred it to Sigma 70-200 Sport because of the weight. 400g less feel. The only bad thing for me is the dials. Really too soft, which can also be a value at certain times, only that it really takes a breath to make them turn and since there is no blockage, nor at 70 ne to 200, you could move even if you don't want to. For example, sigma has beautiful hardlines and it is more difficult to happen. For the rest I can only praise, even the weight is a feather especially when compared to the new sigma. Taken import paying it the right and it's worth it.

sent on November 13, 2019

nikon_afs200-500_f5-6vrNikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6 E ED VR

Pros: Sharpness, price, stabilizer, good af although not lightning, lightness

Cons: sad soft bag

Opinion: As far as I'm concerned, I find a very successful view. I come from 150-600 Sport and as sharpness we are there, maybe a little bit worse, but I have to say that my copy is beautiful sharp and does not make him regret in the least. Finally I can use freehand optics and even to track the subject in flight is no longer a problem thanks to the weight contained. Autofocus ok and outstanding stabilizer. Tropicalization and the construction of 70-300 giant, I do not consider it a problem. For me, it's a best buy. I'm going to keep it until the 200-600 for nikon Z.

sent on October 26, 2019

sigma_85_f1-4artSigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

Pros: sharpness, colors, construction, quality / price ratio, bokeh, low AC, little vignetting, precision af

Cons: autofocus not suitable for dynamic scenes, 86mm filters difficult to find, minimum distance of maf

Opinion: Very neat to be sucked already at TA, excellent construction as all the art and sold at a price not impossible to reach. rnSu D750 is not suitable for dynamic scenes, to be clear even if one walks towards us, many are out of focus because the af is slow (precise to TA). In photo pose instead is a sniper. In contrast to the blowjobs from the forum, the purple fringing is present, but in a very minimal way, from 2.8 it disappears completely. I would have liked a dozen cm less regarding the minimum distance of focus. Heavy but using the battery grip becomes very manageable.

sent on April 02, 2018

zenit_16mm_fisheyeZenit MC Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 Fisheye

Pros: Sharpness, construction, light weight and price

Cons: Minimum focusing distance of 30cm fire. Sigma 15mm and 10.5 the nikon have to 15cm, AC at full aperture

Opinion: I bought the new model on ebay and I was pleasantly surprised to value for money. I paid 200 sent again. The optics of d750 is very clear and I think is very valid. The only comment is the minimum focusing distance of 30cm fire (on the Nikon 16mm has to 25cm), and you can not make funny photos with a small dog small subject larger type size or another animal and rest distorted, otherwise it would have been perfect. For immersive and / or very large entities like people and / or cattle instead it goes from God. The f is easy to handle even if it is in manual. The dial is duretta and fluid, and allows you to be very precise.

sent on June 01, 2016

nikon_d750Nikon D750

Pros: yield iso, af speed, ergonomics compactness and lightness, value for money, very good image quality, video and video functions

Cons: shutter 1/4000, buffer size full of 16 shots, cover af slightly narrower older sisters, lack of key af-on dedicated, no increase in fps mode dx.

Opinion: ALMOST perfect, INTENTIONALLY imperfect but overall perfetta.rnE 'a fantastic reflex, close to perfection that Nikon did not reach for pure commercial decision. Son from 7100 to this past and the jump is truly remarkable, did not think there was that much difference. The only thing I regret is the coverage of the 7100 af which goes almost edge to edge while this is a bit 'more restricted d800 and d4. Coverage af arrives where it is needed and does not limit that much, unless its special shots. The buffer, because of the sale of 7100, is sufficient in size to full 14bit and become very good at 1.2X and stratospheric in DX. One thing that makes me a little 'sadness is the choice not to increase fps mode dx as the d810, could easily reach the 8fps and I bet we will put it on the d760. The shutter to 1/4000 is not a problem, but it is right for me citarlo.rnQueste little things make it ALMOST perfect, but nevertheless is excellent, offering excellent and excellent video files, are moltor satisfied. I preferred to d810 for sealing at high iso, for that 1.5fps in more and for those of € 800 difference I spent in optics.

sent on April 08, 2015

sigma_150-500osSigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM

Pros: versatility, value for money, sharpness up to 400mm really good, decent 500 closed at f8, effective stabilizer, auto focus fast

Cons: sharpness at room temperature to 500 mm, the model has a glossy paint delicate and scratches just looking at him

Opinion: Sigma 150-500 is a must have for people who are new to nature photography and do not want to spend much. used is a digit affordable and allows you to bring home some good results. I used it for a year with satisfaction and I sold it to move to the 150-600 sports, but he gave me some good clicks. it may happen that suffers from back focus but in half an hour you pull off setting the fine tuning AF and after finally becomes constant.

sent on November 05, 2014

sigma_105macro_osSigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro DG OS HSM

Pros: sharpen, blur, Instant AF, stabilizer and equipment

Cons: the only one's weight, the noise when the stabilizer into action.

Opinion: great macro lens. I use a little 'to everything and covering 360 °. I came from the Tamron 90 with which I was fine but I found the AF a bit 'slow and noisy general use. This fills in the gaps of the Tamron and adds a bit 'of sharpness. beautiful bokeh and sharpness. looking at the hairs, the stabilizer effective enough and a bit noisy, I expected better from this point of view.

sent on November 05, 2014

tamron_90macroTamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro

Pros: light weight, ease of use, accurate focusing in manual, excellent sharpness, blur, high value

Cons: is not internal focus, is not stabilized

Opinion: It 'was my favorite lens since I bought it, very light and very crisp. a real must have for macro photography. I changed it for the Sigma 105 macro and a little 'but there is not much difference in terms of image quality. rnlo recommend it to anyone who wants to look out the macro and do not want to invest a fortune. will result in a super low price

sent on November 05, 2014

nikon_d7100Nikon D7100

Pros: picture quality if you use good optics, af very high performance, ergonomics, double slot

Cons: for me the only flaw is the buffer, the rest is perfect

Opinion: for me is a good SLR, I've gone from d90 to this and the difference is significant in favor of the D7100 that buries almost everything. if you do not claim to do so many gusts seconds and made a iso from full frame, I think it is right for you. files that churns out are very good at low iso do not regret that larger sensors are preferred solely and exclusively for the speech by iso 3200iso up and a detachment of the higher floors.

sent on October 14, 2014


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