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Escaping from...

15 Ottobre 2011

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Escaping from sent on May 17, 2014 (8:17) by Jooferr. 97 comments, 5567 views.

, 1/500 f/5.0, ISO 100, hand held. Roma, Italy.

Roma 15/10/2011. Scontri tra le forze dell'ordine e i black bloc.

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sent on May 06, 2018 (21:11) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Very nice.

sent on May 06, 2018 (21:49) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Beautiful realization for the moment caught and the management of the light, fantastic. Beautiful depth given by the two silhouette in the foreground
very good
Hello Stefano

sent on May 06, 2018 (22:00) | This comment has been translated


sent on May 10, 2018 (4:40) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Powerful image. Excellent moment read, perfect in the BN version with the two Silohette in motion that Cartturano and make travel the observer. Everything very well managed. Powerful powerful

sent on May 31, 2018 (17:52) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

A shot that tells and exceeds the appearance chronicle. Very good
Hello Gianni ;-)

sent on November 17, 2018 (1:35) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Eye on the recovery of burnt lights... are grey...

sent on December 03, 2018 (15:48) | This comment has been translated


sent on November 28, 2019 (21:02) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

image that makes you enter directly into the scene.... I don't remember in what circumstance those clashes occurred (perhaps indignados?) .... The rendering of this photograph is certainly of great impact, for the light and for the composition that sees two floors well readable, law enforcement against protesters

sent on January 04, 2020 (22:49) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

great shot in b/n, nice reportage

sent on March 13, 2020 (22:39) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Really an excellent shot, Gianni: beautiful the division of the floors and the silhouettes of the figures in the backlight - frozen in the act of running away - that give dynamism to the photo - excellent also the como
many compliments!
marco :-P

sent on March 16, 2020 (21:17) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Great moment.
Bel black-and-white.

sent on April 20, 2020 (15:07) | This comment has been translated


sent on May 02, 2020 (12:31) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Beautiful Street that, made excellent in b/n, represents the moment

sent on May 02, 2020 (12:42) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

another sacrosanct image of a moment of protest sedated by the speed. these photos also do very well in black and white and represent an important social copntesto

sent on May 02, 2020 (14:11) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Gorgeous document. The bn is strength to your image. Congratulations, David. :-)

sent on May 22, 2020 (20:26) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Very beautiful photo that story, a photographic description that is worth a thousand words.
Hello and congratulations.

sent on May 29, 2020 (18:48) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Nice cultured moment and timing! Hello :-)


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