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Versilia, mare e monti

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Conttoluce sent on November 20, 2021 (0:21) by Gabribocc. 129 comments, 2756 views. [retina]

at 21mm, 1/160 f/22.0, ISO 100, hand held.

Vista dal finestrino dell'auto questa situazione di luce non potevo lasciarla scomparire. Spero vi piaccia. #alba #sunrise #yellow

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sent on April 06, 2022 (21:35) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

GabrieleA wonderful shot with a SPECTACULAR light of great charm and
atmosphereVery beautiful composition for a fascinating


sent on April 12, 2022 (9:09) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Wonderful recovery

sent on April 12, 2022 (14:14) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

hello dear friend image that conveys a lot of emotion with this early morning backlight soaked in mist. I really like the scenography

sent on April 14, 2022 (16:48) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Great beautiful moment caught; unfortunately to the threads of light as to the stripes of planes in the sky ... we must resign ourselves.

sent on April 14, 2022 (22:03) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Congratulations Gabri for the glance at this side of the window and for having had the readiness to see in the mind the shot already developed.
A very satisfactory recovery has really come out.

sent on May 01, 2022 (10:55) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

What a magical atmosphere! 8-)

sent on June 04, 2022 (16:55) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Wise use of beautiful light ;-)

sent on August 18, 2022 (18:21) | This comment has been translated

Beautiful image

sent on January 24, 2023 (18:08) | This comment has been translated

Excellent shot, congratulations!

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