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Where is the White King?...

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Where is the White King? sent on January 26, 2014 (23:06) by Larry. 8 comments, 875 views.

, 1/250 f/2.8, ISO 100, hand held. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Una partita a scacchi di strada di fronte all'Hard Rock Cafe di Amsterdam ... il nero vince per defezione illustre! #CircoloFotografico

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sent on January 27, 2014 (13:22) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

It seems to me to be as good as that BN composition in general.
Personally I would cut just above the written Wagamama, so as to eliminate the half-windows, and other details that I find useless.
As regards the particular yellow, which seems regga the title of the composition, I like the one part but
At the same time distracts me a lot from all the rest. So I can not say ....

sent on January 27, 2014 (21:19) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

I also tried removing the color from the tank, but at that point it seemed to me that the reading of the picture become too cumbersome. Among other things, I find that the choice of yellow, which is immediately evident, is in keeping with the look a bit '"dissacarante" of the scene, with the serious player and attentive to the moves of the opponent who finds himself having to defend what I believe was a container of laundry detergent (which by the way has also perched!).

Regarding the cut are not too convinced, cut where you say or mean giving up the people sitting on the right or take too much on the edge of the black player. Could you tell me how you would cut? Feel also free to download the jpeg and work on it!

sent on January 28, 2014 (0:04) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Hehehe! Look, I think this shot is in place as well. I do not love the photos with the black and white colored object in general, but here I think there is. We are in Amsterdam:-D
Nice glance. The only thing (for me) is that the left side is very dark and perhaps a tad confused. In any case compliments. Nick.

sent on January 28, 2014 (11:54) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

I find the shot very well composed and the idea of ??the yellow tank is very good and above all functional reading of the photo. Congratulations!

sent on January 29, 2014 (14:54) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

The idea I find very successful, especially the fact of leaving the king colored.
I would put a lot 'of vignetting, because the setting would have better view more
narrow and less detailed, but that's just my impression.
You should avoid putting the title and caption ... I'm not sure I'd be able to grasp
history, if not after hours of study of the image ... :-|:-D

I love it.
Congratulations ... ;-)

sent on February 03, 2014 (21:35) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Hello Larry, I am I promised my speech on this photo and here I am.
for as you have proposed this photo for me has no reason to be in any way retouched, cropped, darkened, vignetting ecc.ecc.io I would not have just made it that way, that is, since the game the two were playing, that that is moving and the one with his hands in his pockets, while the spectators interested in the game were the four sitting on the bench, I would have focused attention on these items available .. how? I would have moved just behind the ass of the guy who is moving, and I framed the background the other player and spectators, thereby excluding unnecessary elements such as the four phenomena on the left and the writing on various locali.Anche if it had been blurred foreground it did not matter because you could tell it was a game of chess, in practice I do not care anything about the tank but I willand focused on the expression of the spectators which for me is priceless.
sure in hindsight you are right but all are capable this is my reading of the photo.
a greeting, simone

sent on February 04, 2014 (12:33) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Sorry for the wait, I answer in order:

Joe Shit @ Nick: I tried to lighten it using a gradient as a mask, but also getting a smooth transition just mentioned and I think that, overall, the picture is better that way ... not because I've done:-D, but in fact does not convince me. Thank you for your appreciation!

@ Mignolo451: thanks, actually I find it helps a lot to understand the meaning.

@ Prof Chaos (and Mignolo451): the "king" is a colorful lighted pathway as the runway of an airport to grasp the meaning of the title and the photo:-D, I preferred to make the image easy to read because I wanted to give a reference the spirit and atmosphere of the funny Amsterdam rather than the seriousness of the situation (the two players were really focused in the midst of a real river of people!). Let's say that I preferred to reduce the time of study to focus on the smile that can arouse:-D.
With regard to the boundary, for me it is functional to make this atmosphere, the readability of the background helps me to put myself in that situation again and that too in a short visit to Holland.

@ Commissario71: and thank goodness you had the doubt that your comment could not be interesting! The beauty of the comparison (civil-D) on the forums is just to not only get an opinion on how a photo was taken, but also (and perhaps, I would say, especially) as there was taken. I have to tell Simon that in all honesty I would have liked to capture the shot you've proposed, and stupidly did not came to my mindat the time to focus on the spectators sat, as rightly point out, they are one of the strengths of the image. I'm still trying to build my "eye" photo shoot, and often known only part of what might characterize a snapshot of the environment that surrounds me: for that I thank you very, proactive comments like yours are what you need to learn how to think "out of the box," to use a phrase effective Anglo-Saxon.

I guess we'll have to go back to Amsterdam ... :-D:-D

sent on March 09, 2014 (12:19) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Despite the harsh criticism of shareable Commissioner, I find that the choice of the subject and enhance the tank are more than deserving. According to my point of view, larry properly focused attention on a particular struck him. If then there was something even better, well, it does not mean that what you did not already valuable. However, considering its option to read, I must say that it took me more than a few seconds to realize the game. That is, if the subject is the tank, you should now understand that it is the king's perched in the title directs but can not find it conclusive ... I think if you find an intriguing title (such check to the tank, it sucks but it makes you understand what I mean), then it will earn a lot. If the subject is the game, then you should be able to "read". That said I'll put a nice & I like because flaggingI, on the whole the result is very pleasing.

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