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Isole Falkland, United Kingdom

Location added by Mario Vigo

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Coordinates : -51.619722,-58.785095 (Open in Google Maps)

Subjects : The Falkland Islands are characterized by a harsh and pristine and are one of nature's most unusual and spectacular destinations around the world. They are located approximately 450 kilometers from the coast of South America, in the Atlantic Ocean south. You can explore beaches teeming with penguins and elephant seals as well as a variety of other native fauna surprising. During the breeding season, which runs from October to March, the islands are inhabited by a huge number of sea birds and the sight of the large colonies of penguins, albatrosses, cormorants and terns, or great albatross screamers who sail the ocean without apparent effort make this place one of the best birding destinations on the planet and are in themselves reason enough to visit. The landscape reminds me a little of the islands' to the Scottish islands, with large windswept moors and beautiful white sand beaches. Even the few human settlements, with colorful wooden houses and a quiet pace of life, have a typically British. In the islands was recorded the presence of 227 species of birds. Nest here five different species of penguins and more than 65% of the world-browed albatross blacks. The islands are home to many species considered rare, some of which are classified as "threatened" or "endangered." The photo opportunities are endless a bit 'everywhere in the islands and for photographers of all levels of experience. The geese head rusty, Magellan and Kelp are present in abundance and are very photogenic. The geese head rusty, Magellan and Kelp are present in abundance and are very photogenic. Quite common duck river inept the Falkland Islands, species that lives esclusiamente here, as the wren Cobb. The sites most frequented by photographers Sea Lion Island, West Point Island, Carcass Island and Saunders Island, each of which offers photo opportunities different from each other. Sea Lion Island, with its spectacular and varied animal life, is the southernmost of the Falkland Islands and can be explored on foot. Nests on the island most of the avifauna of the islands, including three species of penguins and one of the world's rarest birds of prey, the striated caracara. Here lives also the largest colony of elephant seals on the islands. At the beginning of the southern summer you can see the seals during the spectacular fights to win the harem. A Saunders Island lives a large browed albatross colony blacks, as well as penguins and a mixed colony of penguins saltarocce and beautiful imperial cormorants. On the beach you can sometimes spot the Weddell seals. A Carcass Island lives a colony of penguins Papuans and many native birds such as meadow pipit of Correndera, the courier modest and many others. From Carcass Island can be reached by boat (in about an hour, weather permitting) West Point Island where the promontory of Devil's Nose lives a colony of mixed-browed albatrosses and penguins blacks jump rocks, which you can photograph from a few meters. A Volunteer Point, home to a colony of over 1000 pairs of penguins, as well as papua penguins and Magellanic penguins.

Recommended equipment : Targets from 100 to 500 mm. Please note that the Falkland birds are not afraid of the presence of man and it is therefore possible to come very close to their colonies without causing any disturbance. Therefore also serve lenses with short focal lengths. Need a wide angle lens for beautiful landscapes. Useful tripod and the beanbag. Essential protections protective equipment.

Best months : The best time to spot wildlife are December, January and February, when you have approximately 18 hours of light per day. The climate of the Falklands, which are surrounded by the cold waters of the South Atlantic, is greatly influenced by the ocean, with temperatures that vary little throughout the year. In January-February the average temperature is 9 ° C, with highs of about 13 °. The rainfall is relatively low and humidity is high and the winds are often strong. Snow falls very rarely, but it can snow in any season.

How to get there : Most visitors arrive by cruise ships that starting from the Fire Lands Usuhaia in Argentina make the route through the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, before returning to Usuhaia crossing the Drake passage. There is also a weekly flight from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Stanley.

Visits : To move from one island all'altre you must use the boat or, preferably, the seaplane while traveling within the islands is used off-road or moving on foot. Transport is still expensive and infrequent. It is better to turn to tour already organized, some dedicated to photography and professional photographer companion, with a local guide, transportation and room and board in private farms in the islands most interesting photographic point of view. From the capital Stanley you can do day trips to Volunteer Point and charter boats for daily excursions.

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