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Roberto Marchitelli

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47 anni, prov. Roma, 14872 messaggi, 2179 foto


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Roberto Marchitelli ha ricevuto 1257992 visite, 44452 mi piace

Occupazione: Operatore di ripresa RAI

Interessi: Fotografia, tecnologia in genere, body building e qualsiasi sport di fatica.

Contatti: Sito Web

I am a Cameraman at the RAI, the Italian radio/television Company consequently my background has mainly been technical and artistic. My passion for naturalistic photography started off in 2009 when I purchased my first Reflex Camera, a Canon 50D. From that time onwards, I experienced a succession of emotions and challenges to transport the most beautiful images that nature could offer us into a jpg.
Birds are the subjects that I like best although in Italy they are the hardest to approach, so I used a tent covered with camouflaged netting for this purpose. I also lie down on the water's edge to observe what they are looking at.
My style can easily be recognized. I always light up my sets. I am not interested in taking photos of the rarest species in the world unless they are well lit up. All things considered I am a photographer. I almost always take photos during the first and last light hours of the day when the atmosphere is warm; it's the time when nature is at its best.
I cover my tent with mud after having studied the movements of animals and the location during the previous days.
Nothing is left to chance on my sets. I use my compass to check where the sun is going to set. I eliminate any eventual obstacles that may come between me and my subjects and control what is reflected on the water.
Reflections, it is actually these that always appear in my shots. I add nothing through Photoshop. If you see red water, it is because the water was red in that moment, maybe due to a cane thicket illuminated by the dawn just in front of it.
I do not use the flash option on my animals for ethical reasons as it upsets humans, let alone for animals. In my opinion, good photos have to be judged in two ways: by brain and heart. I maintain that technique is unavoidable consequently I first judge composition, illumination and quality of the file straight afterwards I let emotion, that it transmits to me, loose. It is only then that I understand if the picture is an excellent take or a work of art.
The advent of digital technology has brought many hidden talents onto the web and this is all for the best. I always thought that it is useful to observe and study the best ones. In this way one becomes more honest and demand a great deal from oneself.
The night before the dawn is always troubled; there are an infinite number of variables in the field. I like to think about what I'm going to do and how to do it. I imagine fantastic lights and optimistic subjects. Obviously it never comes true and experience has taught me that excellent images come to life only oncein a while.
It needs patience and often we lose courage but then we again ready for the umpteenth night call.
My workflow is the result of the efforts of Maestro Mario Mulinai, who taught me to make the most out of each RAW.
As a rule, I set the RAW in the camera (exposure, light and shade) to export the TIFF in Photoshop, I use the LAB method very often, both for luminance and detail as well as the curves on the colours.
My advice for all those who have a passion for this genre is only one: search for light! Nature offers us this wondrous thing. You have to be there when it happens. No matter where you are shooting, seize its beauty so as to share this display with those who are going to look at your pictures.
My plan for the future is to combine my particular kind of photography of atmosphere with that of action, thus unique moments on a coloured background. I further hope to bring my son Manuel onto this planet. It would be a great privilege for me!

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