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Be Awesome!

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Be Awesome!, testo e foto by Juza. Pubblicato il 28 Febbraio 2014; 17 risposte, 8083 visite.

If you are here, I guess that in one way or another you like photography: I thought it would have been nice to share some suggestions that have helped me a lot, and I hope they will help you as well to grow in this beautiful passion.

Watch as many photos as possible. Comment... you don't need to be skilled to write a comment, everyone can comment a photo, even if he doesn't know anything about photography: every point of view is welcome. Commenting the images of other photographers helps both the author of the photo and you, it is a great way to develop a 'photographer's eye'. Take inspiration from the photographers that you admire. Analyze their photos, try to understand what makes them so good, and apply it to your photos. Everyone can take awesome photos, there are no excuses: it is not a 'gift', it is a matter of technique, study, time and perseverance.

Don't worry too much about equipment. Nowadays, even a entry level SLR or mirrorless camera offer great image quality, get a couple of good lenses and a tripod...and you have all you need. Don't waste too much money on equipment, there are much better ways to spend it, travels for example!

Don't be shy. If you don't publish your photos, you lose a great opportunity to improve. We are here to talk, learn and enjoy: post your photos without worries. If you will receive negative comments, you will find ways to improve and you will learn what you have done wrong.

Many times you will fail; the higher your goals, the more you will fail. You should not be discouraged by failures, instead, every failure must give you more strength and more will to do better next time. I have been disappointed with my photos and with my work countless times, but I try to maintain a positive attitude and the understand what has gone wrong and how can I improve and fix it. Consider failures as a motivation, instead of a negative thing.

Don't be lazy. Great photos are not taken by sitting at your desk; you have to wake up early or to stay awake until late night; you have to search your subjects, to try countless times, you have to experiment as much as possible and to carefully post process your photos.

Traveling is a great way to find beautiful and unusual subjects for your photos. But what about money? Even though some places are expensive, there are also countless places that can be visited with very little money - if you don't have money, use your will: for example, most of my travels have a budget around 1000 euros, and when I travel in Europe I often manage to spend no more than 400-500 euro for a two weeks trip. Of course, to travel with so little money you have to renounce to every comfort, that's why you need your will: I sleep in tent, in my car or in the cheapest hostels, I bring the food from home and I avoid every unnecessary expense. Of course, I travel with 2-3 friends to divide the cost of fuel and highways.

Your budget is even lower? You can travel by train with InterRail, by bike or by foot. A friend of me has traveled from Italy to North Cape, Norway, by bike: if you have will, you can travel with almost no money.

Even when you can not travel, you can find beauty near your home: for example, most of my macro photos had been taken around 10-15 kilometers from my home! Other than that, landscapes and urban landscapes can often be found nearby, if you have good light and a good eye for composition; portraits, street photography and still life can be done everywhere.

Do your best to be an inspiration and a positive example for others....don't waste your time; it is limited but it is enough do do marvelous things - as H. Jackson Brown wrote, "Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein".

A very clever sign that I photographed during my trip to Florida in 2008.

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inviato il 28 Febbraio 2014 ore 14:39

Nice article Juza. Truly inspirational. I will post an image or two in a minute ;) I do agree with all your statements. It might be an idea to create a gallery where images would be constructively critiqued by professionals. I do agree that every opinion matters but usually people say very general things that are not very informative. I would love to hear specific things like "too sharpened because of the artifacts of white edges" or something like this.

Here is link to my blog where I post some of my images danbirder.blogspot.com/

copyright Iordan Hristov 2013

inviato il 05 Marzo 2014 ore 16:01

Excellent article. Thank you Juza! And like Danbirder already mentioned, truly inspirational.
Watch as many photos as possible
This is so true, just looking photos I have learned much, or at least I hope...Not to mention that it gives a great pleasure to see fantastic photos. :-P

inviato il 10 Marzo 2014 ore 11:09

Hello Juza, my compliments for your very good article, you're so right, many people think they need plenty of money to travel THIS IS WRONG!!! I've spent my life traveling and still continuing. Actually my first trip was at the age of 14, it was in my country with a friend, using a small moped, crossing all Switzerland with a tent. Next year I've been alone in Norway I was 15, at this time we could travel all over Europe by inter-rail. Then I've never stopped to travel around the world. I've spent 9 months in India with 3'000 CHF, about 2'450 Euro and with this money I've been north, west coast, south, east coast. In the same trip because it was so nice I've been twice in Himalaya, and twice in Rajasthan. Of course I was 20 years old and backpacker. Later I've spent as well 9 months in South America with same traveling style, about 50'000 km in these countries: Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador. Traveling by boats, trucks, bus, trains, all in cheaper class. Since there I've visited many other countries. Today I'm over 50 so I've a little bit more money to travel with better accommodation, however in some places, accommodations just doesn't exist and I'm always ready to camp if these places can offer an exceptional place to visit beautiful nature. The biggest problem for me today is the photo material to carry, depending on what I'm doing I've to make choices. If I've a car I take more, if I'm hiking in mountain, I take less. However I've always a camera with me, the minimum is my small compact Canon S95. In any country there is nice place, all depend with what eyes you're looking. The good thing with photography is that you learn too look better and differently, you learn to appreciate the different colors that the light create. Also in photography we never have to stop learning. All the best to all of you reading this blog.
A warm greetings, Francis

inviato il 10 Marzo 2014 ore 21:31

You are so right Juza, i like the saying about time, spot on:fsmile

inviato il 27 Luglio 2014 ore 15:05

I have read your article many times Juza, as others have said you are truly gifted with words and images.
It is truly an inspiration.

inviato il 02 Settembre 2014 ore 7:37

Thanks Juza, you are an inspiration .... great words of wisdom, not only in photography , we can take this to any discipline....

inviato il 01 Maggio 2015 ore 8:34

Excellent article. Thank you Juza.
very useful thank you again.

inviato il 01 Maggio 2015 ore 17:34

Awesome information.Excellent inspiration!!!

inviato il 24 Maggio 2015 ore 13:45

love it!

inviato il 27 Marzo 2016 ore 16:15

Awesome information and thanks.

inviato il 27 Marzo 2016 ore 16:16

Excellent article. Thank you Juza.

inviato il 27 Marzo 2016 ore 16:17

thanks Juza

inviato il 27 Marzo 2016 ore 16:18

Thanks Juza.

inviato il 06 Luglio 2016 ore 12:55

A great article, Juza - it's as if you can read my own thoughts but you express them so much better than I could! I am never without my camera, taking many photos every day, and see beauty and photographic opportunities all around me, even when sitting in a dentist's waiting room....MrGreen
I love to travel but maybe not without a few comforts Sorriso
One of the points you made that so resonated with me was 'Many times you will fail; the higher your goals, the more you will fail. You should not be discouraged by failures, instead, every failure must give you more strength and more will to do better next time.' I so relate to that! I have a long way to go in my photographic journey but the more I improve, the more critical I become of my own photos! It is websites such as yours that constantly spur me on, encouraging me to do better.....

Ann :))

inviato il 01 Agosto 2016 ore 10:52

I agree with you however one thing has always bugged me, beginners and sometimes experts post out of focus or other wise poor images yet they get applauded, great shots, wonderful images, etc., that to me is counter productive, why not be truthful and say it's an awful shot, try again. suggesting how to improve of course.


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