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Family Accipitridae

Life » Family Accipitridae

Currently there are 241 species of the family Accipitridae in the JuzaPhoto LIFE database.

no photos
African Baza
Haliaeetus vocifer
African Fish Eagle
no photos
African Goshawk
Polyboroides typus
African Harrier-Hawk
Hieraaetus spilogaster
African Hawk-eagle
no photos
African Marsh-harrier
no photos
African Swallow-tailed Kite
no photos
American Swallow-tailed Kite
Spilornis elgini
Andaman Serpent-eagle
Buteo augur
Augur Buzzard
no photos
Ayres's Hawk-eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Bald Eagle
no photos
Banded Snake-eagle
no photos
Barred Hawk
no photos
Barred Honey-buzzard
no photos
Bat Hawk
Terathopius ecaudatus
Gypaetus barbatus
Bearded Vulture
Circaetus beaudouini
Beaudouin's Snake-eagle
no photos
no photos
Bicoloured Hawk
no photos
Black Baza
no photos
Black Eagle
no photos
Black Goshawk
no photos
Black Harrier
Spizaetus tyrannus
Black Hawk-eagle
no photos
Black Honey-buzzard
Milvus migrans
Black Kite
no photos
Black-and-chestnut Eagle
no photos
Black-and-white Hawk-eagle
no photos
Black-breasted Buzzard
Geranoaetus melanoleucus
Black-chested Buzzard-eagle
Circaetus pectoralis
Black-chested Snake-eagle
Busarellus nigricollis
Black-collared Hawk
no photos
Black-faced Hawk
no photos
Black-mantled Goshawk
no photos
Black-shouldered Kite
Elanus caeruleus
Black-winged Kite
no photos
Blyth's Hawk-eagle
Hieraaetus fasciatus
Bonelli Eagle
Hieraaetus pennatus
Booted Eagle
Haliastur indus
Brahminy Kite
Buteo platypterus
Broad-winged Hawk
no photos
Brown Goshawk
Circaetus cinereus
Brown Snake Eagle
Gyps coprotheres
Cape Vulture
no photos
Cassin's Hawk-eagle
Spizaetus cirrhatus
Changeable Hawk-Eagle
Nisaetus cirrhatus
Changeable Hawk-eagle
no photos
Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk
no photos
Chestnut-shouldered Goshawk
no photos
Chinese Goshawk
Circus cinereus
Cinereous Harrier
Aegypius monachus
Cinereous Vulture
no photos
Collared Sparrowhawk
Buteogallus anthracinus
Common Black-hawk
Buteo buteo
Common Buzzard
no photos
Congo Serpent-eagle
no photos
Cooper's Hawk
Geranospiza caerulescens
Crane Hawk
no photos
Crested Eagle
no photos
Crested Goshawk
Spilornis cheela
Crested Serpent-eagle
no photos
Crowned Eagle
Stephanoaetus coronatus
Crowned Hawk-eagle
no photos
Cuban Black Hawk
no photos
Cuban Kite
Melierax metabates
Dark Chanting Goshawk
no photos
Doria's Goshawk
no photos
Double-toothed Kite
Melierax poliopterus
Eastern Chanting-goshawk
Aquila heliaca
Eastern Imperial Eagle
no photos
Eastern Marsh-harrier
Neophron percnopterus
Egyptian Vulture
Accipiter nisus
Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Pernis apivorus
European Honey Buzzard



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