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Canon 60D : Specifications and Opinions

Canon 60D

The Canon 60D is a reflex camera with APS-C (1.6x) sensor and 18.0 megapixels manufactured from 2010 to 2013 (discontinued). The range of sensitivities, including ISO extension, is 100 - 12800 ISO and it has a continuous shooting (burst mode) of 5.3 FPS x 16 RAW / 58 JPEG. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 670 €; 152 users have given it an average vote of 8.9 out of 10.

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 Shutter speeds   30" - 1/8000
 Exp. compensation   +/- 5 stops at 1/2 steps
 Exp. modes   P, S, A, M scene
 Metering modes   Multi-Area, Semi-Spot, Spot

 Stabilization   No
 Autofocus (AF areas)   9
 AF micro-adjustment   No
 Live View   Yes
 MLU/SS   Yes, Silent Shooting and Mirror Lock Up
 Dust reduction   Yes
 Video mode   1920x1080p @ 30 FPS / 1280 x 720p @ 60 FPS
 WiFi   No
 GPS   No

 Built and notes
 File formats   RAW, mRAW, sRAW, JPEG
 Touchscreen   No
 LCD   3", 720 x 480 pixels, articulated
 Viewfinder   Optical, coverage 96%, 0.95x
 Flash   Yes, guide number 13 meters
 Storage   SD/SDHC/SDXC
 Battery   Li-Ion, Canon LP-E6
 Weather sealing   No
 Waterproof   No
 Weight   800 g
 Dimensions   145 x 106 x 79 mm

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pubblicata da Jamsus November 10, 2014

Pros: Image quality, good performance at high ISO (as long as we are not pixel-peepers), strength in the hands, layout of controls, adjustable screen, functionality, touch and feel and ergonomics, shutter speed up to 18000, battery really durable dialogue with external flashes, good center focus.

Cons: No tropical conditions, no AF micro adjustment, auto focus in live view is not very fast, many "average" points of focus

Opinion: Solid car and very versatile, quality shots and RAW quite good and in burst shooting speed average. I got this machine as a first reflex after several months of 600D on loan and I have to say I am very satisfied. The ergonomics of the machine is more than just an entry-level, the controls are laid out intelligently and you get used just fine. Great menu and LCD provide access to many features in a snap. I can not recommend this machine because now the price is abbordabilissimo. rnrnÈ one of those machines to use and re-use again.

pubblicata da Fasoad November 09, 2014

Pros: Ergonomic, swiveling display, shutter speed up to 1 / 8000s, battery consumption, weight, flash, communication with external flashes without the need for additional transmitters.

Cons: Lack micro AF performance at high ISO, autofocus in live view is not fast, points of focus, not weather sealed body, no gps, no wifi.

Opinion: B placed second flash away from the camera body, you can create interesting light situations. Rated 8.

pubblicata da William88 October 29, 2014

Pros: Versatile, high quality picture, ergonomics satisfactory, rolling screen, video quality, solidity and reliability.

Cons: High ISO improvement, devaluation

Opinion: I have this little gem from 2012, and from there I have not had any problems, even when I put the machine in considerable stress. I happen but also not to use it for long periods. It is very close to the business and for people like me, and an amateur is a true loyal companion and thoughtful. Sometimes I remain impressed by what I can do. It is easy to use, intuitive and the rings are solid, the screen has an excellent definition and videos are insanely good. I bought the kit 18-135, an objective that I sold for a 24/70 f2.8 The first series that does justice to this camera. Objective, since the body is also able to cover even a bit longer mm. Small defect ios a bit unstable at 6400 or a little less, but I always remedied with one or two stops +. rnIl worst fault is common to all the canon, the devaluation. As satisfied, I flashed the idea of ??moving to a full frame. But honestly, given the young age of the machine, I'd rather invest in someone obiettivi.rnMagari need some shots of theNo more on the multi-shot, but I would say to those requirements necessary to aim at professional level absolutely elevato.rnTutt'oggi and an excellent body in my opinion

pubblicata da Sigismund September 09, 2014

Pros: Ergonomic easy to use and sturdy swivel screen

Cons: My first digital SLR defects it will definitely ..

Opinion: The possess about a year and I found myself very well. My first digital SLR, I found the fun and easy to use .la building and 'good I wanted to replace it with a FF but in the end I added a 6 D .. I could not do without the swivel screen for creative shots especially with the 8 mm believe it is essential

pubblicata da Dadoleo August 27, 2014

Pros: Relatively compact body, swiveling screen.

Cons: Lack fine tuning focus.

Opinion: Just bought out in 2010, it was expected that the camera after years with the 350D. The photo quality the great judge, often shooting at low ISO, but when I was needed, I worked up to 6400 ISO and still get shots that discrete downstream of a little 'cleaning job with Lightroom. rnIl its added value is smaller than a semi-pro bodies, but much more ergonomic and robust series x00D. The only flaw "real" is the lack of fine adjustment of the focus that I had to discard a Sigma 24-60 2.8 with significant problems with front focus.rnLa would change only with a 6D if this was not limited to a time minimum of 1/4000.

pubblicata da Jiuggy May 24, 2014

Pros: Body Solid, easy to use, swivel screen

Cons: Too great for anyone who has hands small / medium weight

Opinion: A great car, a little complicated commands for the less experienced and "novel" but once you learn to use it with all the settings, it gives you a lot of satisfaction! Price new / used very good, just that it was almost immediately forced to change the lens if purchased as a kit because the car needs good optics to give the best of himself :)

pubblicata da Rvernava April 28, 2014

Pros: Aesthetically beautiful, ergonomic, robust, functionally complete, versatile, easy to use.

Cons: The supplied strap is a bit 'shabby.

Opinion: Beautiful car. Versatile use: easy for a beginner, complete functions for the most demanding amateur photographer. Solid body, ergonomic grip and control of the keys. The swivel screen is very convenient, as well as the mode switch to shooting. There is even control the depth of field! The strap could do a little 'better ...

pubblicata da Dessardofederico February 15, 2014

Pros: ergonomics, ease-of-use-file cleanup-swiveling display

Cons: total-coverage viewfinder lacks joystic focus

Opinion: In my opinion it's a great second body for those who are not sports photos of the few points f and the speed of 60d are more than enough and with the swiveling display becomes a great convenience for creative shots or shooting video, the only flaw is the manual selection of points of focus a bit uncomfortable ìinterno of the second ring for the rest of the safely use up to 3200 ISO, which in comparison with other aps-c that I had could not even look at 800 then, its ISO 3200 are a boon for me!

pubblicata da Giampiphoto January 04, 2014

Pros: Ergonomics, double ring, battery, swiveling display.

Cons: over 1600 iso noise can be fatal.

Opinion: just take it in your hand you are delighted by its ergonomics, all the keys are in the right place, firm grip even for those with big hands. The two dials allow you to adjust shutter speed and aperture quickly. Keys, and individuals dedicated to Af, shooting mode, ISO, evaluation mode light. Excellent construction. After the release of his sister 70d you can find a relatively low price.

pubblicata da Marco79 December 30, 2013

Pros: Like many before me, actually stands for: ergonomics, ease of use thanks to the low weight, good AF at the midpoint, battery longevity, rotatable display, double ring.

Cons: The issue of the absence of the micro is a bit annoying, although at the moment I have never run into this problem (although the optics have evolved in the meantime ...), the sensor is too thick, 2 mpx at least "maybe "would have contributed less digital noise in favor of a better image quality. is not a splinter about the fps, not tropical conditions.

Opinion: For the amateur photographer, is the perfect machine. Practical, lightweight and easy with all the functions and commands to the right place. And 'the right balance to practice an eye for the SLR ff or aps-c high level, without sacrificing image quality. The swivel screen you use it if you do a little video ... but when you need it, it helps a lot. Like all canon, there is plenty of space between the grip and the lens mount is a very personal feeling, but for me the favors making it very ergonomic grip. Too bad for the management of noise at high ISO, compared to the old 50d, I'm thinking that having so many mpx for a large print, but "dirty", better to have fewer, but "clean". rn

pubblicata da Pietro 01 December 22, 2013

Pros: perfect machine, wonderful ergonomics of the buttons and dials, great video, it sounds crazy to say it, but I ISO 12800 I would expect more noise while on the other hand I was very surprised. there are so many privileges for this machine that does not come to mind. screen recliner

Cons: the ring to focus the viewfinder and too exposed and occasionally moves.

Opinion: I own this car for a few weeks and I am more than happy. use the old ZUIKO lenses as my father's old olympus om-s sp and I am fine. The picture quality is good and (to me) at high iso holds quite well. also a good speed 5.3 fps. perhaps the only flaw is that it has 18 megapixel sensor that weight making the files bigger. a fantastic car and stra is recommended as first SLR is for those who make a step forward

pubblicata da Gigilem November 10, 2013

Pros: machine interface endless battery've never been able to download ergonomics and buttons put in the right place

Cons: yield high ISO, f inaccurate good yield with only L-series lenses

Opinion: I own this car for two years with the right settings you can take pictures but had very good 'series lenses with elle rnavevo previously il18/55 and 70/300 4/5.6 for APSC, sold immediately after you have tried and bought on24 / 105 rnbisogna clearly still lose a little 'time to get it to go to 100X100 it takes quite a bit' "Field test" case for demanding photographers rnun good car ......

pubblicata da Lulù August 24, 2013

Pros: Ergonomic, light weight, very convenient to display the top view shooting data, lock nut, put buttons in the right places

Cons: For high iso (though not quite high ..) you will begin to see those fastidiossisimi colored dots in the dark parts of the images, click the shutter a bit 'noisy, 9 AF points that do not satisfy me

Opinion: I own this camera for about two months. At first I was hesitant because its ranking among the semi-professional Canon cameras I was afraid it was a bit 'difficult to use for those who are beginners and above all I was afraid it was a bit' heavy (bought on the internet without seeing it first but doing a lot of research). Nothing could be more wrong, it is a great camera, perfect for anyone who is the first experience for both amateurs. I used very little automatic functions, after which I used immediately in the manual. Very professional, I like the fact that it has the display up to watch the shooting data. Usually I always look for perfection in the details, and this is aesthetically perfect. Very comfortable to grip, solid yet light, the buttons placed at the points giusti.rnLe only things that leave me perplexed when you are working with high iso, but now that I've got to know I avoid them when I can and 9-point AF, working with the central focuses quite well but others do not know, the focus is not so perfect.

pubblicata da Fabiocriv July 29, 2013

Pros: APSC sensor identical to the 7D - swivel screen is very good quality

Cons: Only the lack of AF fine adjustments

Opinion: Many complain about the lack of micro-adjustments autofosus, yes, it is a major flaw, but I think the only one. RnSpesso is to decide between the 60D and 7D, simple to choose, if you need a burst very fast and you really need , then you have to take the 7D .... otherwise the 60D is ottima.rnLo swivel screen for me it is essential for eseguere shots from the ground or in strange positions. The screen is of excellent quality and is very useful if you use lenses that require manual bright live view to making fuoco.rnLa quality of the sensor is identical to the other machines in the same series as the 7D, then same yield iso etc.. . rn

pubblicata da Danylele July 26, 2013

Pros: yield, iso usable up to ISO 3200 (in some cases also in 6400), swivel screen, weight, polycarbonate and fiberglass, use sd, beautiful video full hd, manageability, price, fast and accurate autofocus, possibility to work in the room , battery life, and certainly I forget something else ...

Cons: I could say the micro, but I do nothing, the magnesium body (???) for those who do not know what and polycarbonate and glass fiber ... just

Opinion: I have this body since April and just gave me satisfaction for me and perfect in every way! the fps is good for me (I tried a 50d and those are pretty much similar) ... great the swivel screen that allows you to take pictures unimaginable, in very difficult conditions, made good up to ISO 3200 and ISO "workable" in 6400iso according to shooting conditions! rnresa crazy with the 40mm pancake and 70-200f4 ... does very well with the classic 18-55! rnrifarei the choice made at the time of purchase! change it only for a 5d mark iii!

pubblicata da Massimiliano Montemagno July 23, 2013

Pros: Swivel screen iso-variation versatile-peso-qualità/prezzo-funzioni very practical-megapixel more than enough.

Cons: Do not weather sealed management of iso-low-high-magnesium body burst slowly does not have the micro-adjustment

Opinion: It 'a aps-c discreet, suitable for many types of photography such as macro, street and landscape. Not suitable for sports pictures as it is rather slow in the blast and more than 1600 iso is difficult to eliminate the noise, the quality / price is good. Recommended without a amateur photographer needs to study and continuous shots.

pubblicata da Nightflier July 20, 2013

Pros: Ergonomics, high quality 'image, beautiful (and strong) swiveling display, system focus reliable and accurate even with just 9 points of focus (all cross stitch), the central rarely miss a shot, weight, overall, contained , by 'the best with quality objectives', long battery life.

Cons: Would have been welcome an autofocus system more 'evolved with some points in more' so 'as having the micro AF (considering the placement / cost and quality' of the machine). RNLA management of video in Live View, even with the grounding system fire "fast or quick 'and' still more cumbersome" and noisy "(on paper these and other improvements will be implemented in the new EOS 70D), and finally, which is quite annoying if you are not using a convenient bag, can 'happen frequently enough that move the small ring of diopter correction (in my opinion had to protect it better).

Opinion: I'm using this camera in summer 2011, I consider it a very good car in its segment is still capable of giving gorgeous shots up to 1600/3200 Iso, especially if combined with optical quality '. RnrnLo swivel screen and' robust and high- quality ', has colors and definition that expand the possibilities' and shooting' the best in the control of macro photography where permits, "croppando" at most, beautiful details and allows you to view photos from screen shots not possible with fisso.rnrnCerto, Canon could strengthen the autofocus system and as 'obvious that greater coverage of sensitive points on the area of ??the sensor can only bring benefits in the composition and focus on its (limited to my personal photographic experience, I must admit, however,' I have rarely felt the need 'to have a number more' high points of focus as "click" with predominantly puntro central MAF which has greater sensitivity 'and' very responsive and efficient). rnrnTra the APS-C For me, today and 'who knows a reflex sfdecorate photos of excellent workmanship (more 'or less the same consideration that expresses who has seen the shots and' able to return). rnrnIn substance, excellent machine to be reassessed. It's not 'perfect but it has a lot of quality' to offer, and certainly not 'a machine "point and click" for all, to make it look great sometimes you have to also experience and patience is sometimes rewarded with "shot" really flattering; vote for me 8.5. rnrnPer now, 20/07/2013, Canon still in the product list and the current price certainly preferable, in my opinion, to 700D.rnrnChiudo with a thought on the new Canon Eos 70D, in my opinion, despite apparent aesthetic similarities, both in reality 'much more' than a simple evolution of the 60D but usable in any field of photography with major improvements everywhere (new sensor and image processor, viewfinder to 98%, better weather sealing, introduced a dual focus, this AF fine adjustment, the screen "touch", the possibility 'to communicate remotely via wi-fi, the nicrofono stereo .... rnrnBasta make a comparative technique with the 60D and you notice the quantity 'and' substance 'dele improvements (expect a full review of the case for the feedback but it seems that the foundations for a further improvement in general seem to be any). rn

pubblicata da Gabriele.pavan July 17, 2013

Pros: Swivel screen, quality, high autonomy, exceptional exposure (equal to 7d), light weight, uses sd (very cheap and fast), possibility of using wireless flash control, microphone, joystick integrated in the wheel, the intuitive button layout, excellent button that locks the ring.

Cons: Lack micro AF, Video mode to be activated very uncomfortable, it is very hot in intensive and prolonged.

Opinion: I consider this machine trendsetter in the world "professional and semi-professional", and for what it costs (about 620 € new) is a great machine. The focus has only 9 points but fails to track the subject in a precise and fast. The noise is equal to that of 7d. The swivel screen I opened a new world, and above all it saved me a lot of back pain with the prop in the lowest position. The ability to change the raw file directly in the room allows you to use a high quality screen that returns true color, it is vital for people like me who does not have a good screen for photo editing (otherwise it is pointless). The machine is intuitive to use, has been simplified a lot and is very fast to set up. What is plastic not known, it is solid and sturdy, it is also lighter, the magnesium alloy is useful for a profesisonista, but an amateur like me it treats its instruments, so it'swell also the plastic (which is not only plastic, is also reinforced with glass fiber). The exposure of the 60d is something exceptional, is the same (with some modifications / improvements) of 7d, so it offers the same benefits. rnHo noticed that many critical aspect of this machine have been written in ignorance by people who can not use their own tools, when she arrived home in the 60d I discovered that most of the problems of setting beds in the forums, do not exist. rnRelativamente the price, it is a great car (indeed, more than good).

pubblicata da Johnnymich83 July 08, 2013

Pros: Swivel screen, light, HD video, good seal iso, function dial button with safety, outstanding battery.

Cons: burst worse than the 50D, not tropical conditions, the absence of micro

Opinion: It 'was my second SLR, I came from the 1100D and the differences are significant. is considered a semi-pro but in fact is un'amatoriale advanced. with the right optics produces files at up to 3200 ISO 6400 and then gradually decays the noise is quite pronounced. However, I think it's a great car, suitable for different types of photography. the burst by 5.3, the proper management of ISO, the movable monitor, and shooting HD video combined with low weight and competitive price make it a reflex suits demanding amateur photographer as a second body.

pubblicata da Orangerob June 14, 2013

Pros: Price, swivel screen, smaller burden, good yield ISO up to 1600

Cons: yield high iso

Opinion: It 's my first SLR ... I chose it because it has a good burst, double ring and swivel screen. For now I have not felt the need to have a burst faster, as I would have liked to have multiple AF areas (the center is good .. the other 1 bit less). The iso is not a problem up to 1600 ... after the noise becomes 1 bit too obvious (but are still unable PP). The swivel screen is very useful in different situation you off the hook!

pubblicata da Italystile June 02, 2013

Pros: Swiveling display, excellent crowds at high ISO and management of the same car, sturdy and relatively light.

Cons: Lack micro.

Opinion: I am fully satisfied with the performance of this camera and the extreme comfort of the display orientabile.rnSforna very beautiful pictures and videos just as beautiful, but it requires high-quality optics to saturate the dense 18-megapixel sensor. rnL'unica sore point is the lack of micro-adjustment and I fail to see what is the reason for this choice "strategic" by Canon, since it just serves to adjust the same goals not perfetti.rn

pubblicata da Fabio58 May 20, 2013

Pros: handy swiveling display great for macro very bright high resolution (for money)

Cons: AF micro adjustment suffers a bit 'after 1600 iso

Opinion: I own this camera for several months and I can say it was delicious. (I take photos with 70-200 / 24-105 f4 / f4 50/F1.4) I have read many opinions on the merits and defects but do not forget that it is not the 7d but is very close to the same 18MP sensor. there 'to say that to have excellent file must fit good optics or L series Whereas new costs half' of 7d and is an amateur semi pro Raflex the 7d is suitable for those who want to take pictures (sports or nature ) for its exceptional burst and focus. then vote for the 60d 8.5 (certain to have the highest quality 'of the FF with today's times you have to spend 2000 € and up)

pubblicata da Arik89 May 17, 2013

Pros: Ergonomics, autonomy, high ISO performance, price, weight, rotatable display

Cons: not Tropicalised

Opinion: It 's my first SLR, so I have no direct experience to be able to compare. I come from compact and bridge. Well what to say: another planet! RNLA I have a month and I'm passionate ... rnErgonomia: I have big hands and even though I can hold it firmly, sometimes even with one hand. Autonomy, one of the criteria that heavy han made me choose, incredible: more than 1000 shots without flash and with flash over 300 venture. I put the price between the Pro because, given the competing amateur 100D and 700D, you can take home with a lower price from a body "prosumer" (I found it on the new € 600). RnIl weight I put between the pros, because I've always found with any balanced perspective, the've tried (not overly large): tested with 15-85 (mine), 17-40, 40STM, 70-200 L IS (my father). rnl ' only drawback I found was that every time the dirt settles on the bottom face of the prism, but this may depend on the fact that I do not use optical tropicalizzate.rn

pubblicata da Samuele Surico May 13, 2013

Pros: Lightweight, adjustable display, including the APS-C has the best picture quality (like the 7D).

Cons: Lack of particular strengths, not really excel in anything if inserted into the broader context of Canon DSRL. The ISO makes "only" up to 1600, then begins to suffer dramatically. However, we can coexist peacefully.

Opinion: For the most part the 60D seems a bit 'cut off, whereas we tend to believe the FF immensely outweigh the 7D and the APS-C have, especially for sports and wildlife photos. Yet it has two big advantages that I think people tend to underestimate and (I do not understand how) sometimes even to demonize: lightweight and adjustable display are in all respects the true strength of 60D. Make it ideal in certain contexts, as in Street photography in which a machine's smallest and lightest definitely helps, and adjustable display can help disguise so as not to agitate the subject. The swiveling display is definitely very, very, very comfortable even in some aspects of nature photography (including macro), especially when you have time to prepare for a shot but it is better not to move too much, or just want to be comfortable. And it is also practical in the photography of every day, to a family party and so on. Ultimately, if you do not need the speed of the 7D, and want to save agood 50% on the price of the cheapest FF, the 60D is absolutely advisable.

pubblicata da Taranis May 11, 2013

Pros: Good ergonomics, reduced weight and size compared to competitors. Movable monitor robust and practical. Excellent battery. The machine returns excellent files. Efficiency of the system and the competitive price now. A great all round machine. Excellent for macro and hikers.

Cons: knowing what you are buying there are not many. Insufficient tropicalization and microtaratura autofocus. The autofocus system is a little dated, even if the point center cross is fast and responsive but you could do more. Use a DIGIC4 and you notice in the rendering at high iso.

Opinion: I went to the 60D when I heard the need to try something more robust than a series XXXD. The jump was remarkable and I can say that he had been satisfied. The machine is well studied and the arrangement of the keys is functional. Despite the much-mentioned absence of the joystick, the wheel performs its function well. The monitor is articulated an excellent addition, and despite some initial concerns proved to be robust and practical. Useful in some situations, it gives the best of itself in macro photography and in some special situations. Although the machine is not tropical conditions, I was able to test it in enough situations to the limits, such as desert and high mountain, and employing the proper attention, the machine has never given me problems. Lighter ee slightly smaller than the 7D is a great traveling companion, great, but never cumbersome. The sensor is able to churn out high-quality images, is basically the same as the 7D. Up to 800 ISO is pienamente usable, ISO 1600 the noise is quite known, while in 3200 is evident. ISO 6400 is the usage limit, beyond which we must not go unless absolutely necessary. The form of focus is perhaps his Achilles heel, it is highly evolved and only 9 points of focus suffers when compared with those of the competition. This limit does not make the machine best suited to those dedicated to sports photography or photographic hunting, nevertheless the focus has always been responsive and accurate even in unfavorable lighting conditions. Not to be underestimated is the fact that the machine uses SD cards that if, for some it is a limit, it is from a economic point of view, a point in its favor, since they are cheaper and perhaps those coming from small canon has already provided some. Dignified the burst, especially when shooting in JPEG and having cards faster. Excellent battery life, which can be up to 1000 shots. Furthermore, the battery is the medesima of the 7D, 5DII and 6D; small details to take into consideration, especially in times of crisis. Interesting and useful also the ability to control an external flash via the flash popo-up of the machine, a gem that saves considerable and can bring the world of Remote control lighting flash. The video industry is very comprehensive and produces excellent video file, even if the system of focus is hard and not really responsive to follow the subject. Ultimately a machine more than satisfactory, too often criticized, which also has the advantage of not being overly expensive and readily available on the used market at reasonable prices, which is no small feat. Rating: 8

pubblicata da Max55 April 19, 2013

Pros: Body lighter than magnesium alloy bodies, but the feeling is of a rugged camera, you hold well and the swiveling display is really useful, very intuitive

Cons: lacks the fine adjustment for non-Canon lenses, but with my Tamron 17/50 2.8 I had no problems,

Opinion: The first impression Veneda from a 50D and a 40D, the latter acting to buy the 60D was a little strange, putting it close to the 50D clearly the difference and ... minimal, but there is, the 50D is slightly larger and heavier, the button layout changes and of those 60 are smaller, but cmq already after a few days you get used to holding the camera well and making the first tests the quality of the files are excellent, Up to 3200 ISO the ruomore is contained, besides better not to go, the quality of Full HD video are also excellent, rnih Conclusion continuing to use it and to test it really starts to like it, it's fun and complete,

pubblicata da Cammelo April 07, 2013

Pros: Display orientebile, ergonomics and low weight

Cons: no micro, plastic body (however strong), noise at high ISO, high density sensor

Opinion: To be a semi pro SLR is a quite valid. Lightweight and functional, honest companion for hiking, lacks in speed and gust af for birds but is comfortable to the macro with the orientation (unique comfort that many seem not to appreciate ... until you try it!). To obtain satisfactory results requires optical quality given the density of the sensor and the use of ISO not particularly high (up to 1600 max). AF truthful and accurate even with "only" nine points (all cross). Too bad for the absence of micro :-(. Practically comparable range to 7D banding with easy recovery of the shadows.

pubblicata da Battisti Luciano March 18, 2013

Pros: Ergonomics, swiveling display, lightness, SD cards, good definition

Cons: Not tropical, it would be better tilting display

Opinion: It 's my first (and so far only) reflex, so I have no experience, but the' ergonomics for example, I could compare it with the 7D and because of my small hands but I also believe it is preferable for many women. The lightness is important thinking of the weight of certain optical from having to assemble (thus saving weight). My Mac is equipped with SD card reader and then another advantage. The lack of tropicalization I 've noticed on a couple of occasions where the' humidity was high and the sensor was full of macchie.rnPer the last display as it sometimes hinders the work (eg macro). For the rest I am fully satisfied.

pubblicata da Albeminimi February 24, 2013

Pros: The swiveling screen is very convenient for photos razed to the ground or leave the machine above your head. At the touch of a strength and if the double ring is used in a wonderful way. you should take some confidence from the first with the joypad integrated in the second ring, which quickly becomes very useful above all to select points of focus.

Cons: The body is not made of magnesium makes it a little lighter, lack of fine adjustment, lock the wheel to select the shooting mode can be bothersome. For ISO higher than 3200 is a lot of noise.

Opinion: Certainly not I never traded micro (which we miss each time you want to buy a lens with known problems of f / b focus) with the orientation is very useful, but that's could give up. I personally find the joypad extremely convenient and easy to use. However, I am satisfied with my purchase and even more so for the price at which the 'I bought it, € 700 new.

pubblicata da Alessandro Faro January 31, 2013

Pros: Screen, the burst and maintains the high iso

Cons: Software to reduce noise too aggressive satisfactory details with photos only external and great light, and body (for me) a little one pó

Opinion: I have this machine a good year nn are so happy because I do landscapes and ceremonies ... The machine has great definition and nn nn pulita. so I think it's a good second camera body, the port around the "Sunday" riba serious but not if you can do I also have a 1100d for what satisfies me more in the end nn I say that 60 is puu poor but I was expecting the saltone quality and nn a simple jump

pubblicata da Mirko Frattani December 02, 2012

Pros: remains at high iso (for a sensor aps-c), screen orientabile.file very detailed.

Cons: 18mpx at an amateur level are useless.

Opinion: I switched from 450d to 60d. I reason behind the change was mainly related to a matter of high precision iso and f (the 450d I consider a great machine). rnCon the 60d I found all the features that I missed on 450d.rnle its features are the perfect compromise between a 7d and a 600d .... if you want more from an entry level and you do not need the micro, 19-point AF and a great burst over the body of magnesium in 7d is the right machine for voi.rni 3200 iso are utilazzibilissimi as long as not too much to crop the image and correctly expose the foto.rnla burst is good, but if rarely used, if they make frequent use is much more indicated 7d.rnaltra very useful are the means iso, so if you want to exceed ISO 1600 does not mean you have to put 3200.rnusa SD cards.

pubblicata da Freccia December 02, 2012

Pros: ISO sensitivity, speed of focus, size and comfortable grip

Cons: I can not find fault

Opinion: I have the 60d of two about two years I am fine, when I go out to photograph I always come back with the result in his pocket, in any conditions thanks to a low noise and high iso, the focus is fast especially when it comes to photographing moving objects , always up also good exposure in low luce.Un good buy recommend it very good value for money.

pubblicata da Harlock1967 October 05, 2012

Pros: Excellent value for money. Sensor as the 7D autofocus as the 5D MkII

Cons: At this price range no

Opinion: At a price around 800 € (body only) will take home a APS-C good quality. easy and intuitive with many functions. With the money you save compared to the 7D take a matter of good quality and enjoy. Wagon throwing money on the machine does not make much sense today, however, within 6 to 12 months have since passed through technologically superior models.

pubblicata da Michele Lore August 06, 2012

Pros: handy, lightweight, adjustable display, sensor as the 7D, HD video, technologically advanced

Cons: rumone at high iso, lack micro-adjustment, not tropical, 9 point AF, requires high quality lenses!

Opinion: is my first DSLR, and I must say that I am very satisfied! Knowing that it is a semi-professional is great, only one step below the 7D. not magnesium but sturdy and durable, the quality is very good but must be purchased objectives of high quality to make the most of it. With ISO 1600-3200 is not very noticeable noise, overtaking there is a significant noise without PP. the swiveling display is very handy in macro photography or when you are in a large crowd to take pictures with your hands up, also useful in the video to give a particular shot. Tropicalization missing but it would be convenient for those who often makes trips where the weather changes quickly, and the micro-regulation is missing, but can risultarsi useful only in rare cases. I feel useless creative filters and raw processing directly on the machine, why? filters are mostly for "geeks" not for a semi-professional, and processing raw and convenient only to decrease the weight of the picture "not great", Iexplain: this function using only photos that I have seen no exceptional but simply good, so as to process the raw drive and save a jpeg file that weighs four times less! for great pictures better go to the pc and open DPP or CAMERA RAW. Personally I would have removed the basic functions such as portrait, landscape, night shot, auto, creative auto, sports, macro and added a C1 C2 C3, but it is still a semi-pro. As a first reflex meets a lot! especially when used with L-series lenses! (Obtained with the 18-135 that was very disappointed!) When I can not think of anything else ... I recommend it to children and women for the light body and small, recommended to those who want to enter the world of EOS from a semi-professional feature-rich!

pubblicata da Maco59 May 13, 2012

Pros: Dsplay, high ISO, practicality.

Cons: From amateur, no defects.

Opinion: Preface: I am an amateur photographer, although very demanding and passionate about technology. I bought the 60D because I need the APS C (animals etc.). 7D and the judge too demanding for size and weight. It has a lot of useless things (file processing in the car, creative filters), but the main things that really matter and there are and have quality. It also has an easy to use as a reference and picture quality really fine (I've used it only 17/40L and 70/200L + 2x extender and so do not know how it behaves with standard lenses.) So some criticism read (micro / sealing / magnesium alloy) are in my opinion misplaced whereas it is not a professional, it costs as a professional, but the performance we are very close. Super recommended for those coming from the series 400/550D. It 'a good choice for the amateur photographer who likes to engage in all kinds without any special preferences-

pubblicata da Matteo4665 May 03, 2012

Pros: Build quality, autofocus, adjustable display exceptional, resolution and lens excellent, ergonomics and function in general, noise at high iso but if this picture is taken properly kept under control.

Cons: Demanding with the lenses (because of the 18 Mpix), lack microtaratura AF (if it has the need).

Opinion: I have this camera for more than a year and, although it is my first SLR, having tried many others I can express my opinion on the 60D. It 'a car for all uses, I could appreciate the excellent autofocus, even with only nine points, but all cross, combined with slow speed and precision ultrasonic sports I would say more than satisfactory. The general construction is also very good and does not regret the magnesium body than previous models, because plastics are excellent give a sense of solidity and provide good insulation from the elements (I've used it for a couple of ' hours in the rain without problems), in short, nothing to do with the various models and xxxxD xxxD. Another point is the ergonomics: all the buttons and dials are arranged in an orderly and easily remembered by those who come from another model or brand and display ... that is to say how exceptional definition, viewing angle and adjustability, and also seems very sturdy. The sensor gives excellent images provided to use lenses very sharp and resolvents, in fact with the plasticotti disappoints, and at the level of noise is present it as they rise the iso (still usable up to 1600 - 3200) but with a good post-production There's a remedy, but this is why I do not recommend to novices of photography. Lacks the micro objectives and, even if I did not have fortunately never need it, I do not doubt it could use in case of lenses with F / B focus. So a good car sometimes denigrated, but I would say rightfully belonged to the xxD series. Rating 8.5!

pubblicata da Wade February 24, 2012

Pros: lightweight and good ergonomics (although it is slightly better than the 7d), excellent swivel LCD 3 "FORMAT 3:2 (unlike almost all others)!, good dynamic range, good exposure, burst not so bad , great video, wireless flash management, good the ISO up to 1600 (usable up to 3200), silent, price.

Cons: lack micro af sensor too dense, noise (noise but not really) even at ISO 100, 100% coverage viewfinder, requires perfect optics, autofocus improved sooo good but the central point, although occasionally cane fire.

Opinion: In my opinion a good aps-c, fantastic landscape and macrofotografi thanks to the screen very useful in many situations, which can be closed to avoid scratching. also good dynamic range and yield raising the ISO, but too bad a background noise is always present at low ISO, but noise is not real. If photoshop is not for you, or do not have much time to get lost on, I'll just downsizing at 10-12 megapixels to decrease significantly and files more engraved (as recommended by mactwin). Furthermore a sensor so dense requires mandatory optical almost perfect, however, and the risk of shake increases considerably. However, if you can manage it the best I find it is a fantastic machine suitable for many purposes, except for sports and wildlife. I highly recommend it, especially for an amateur, considering the price at which it is now online, but I do not think is suitable for beginners, because the files difficult to work ....

pubblicata da Welj February 22, 2012

Pros: Display, ergonomics, durability, overall performance

Cons: Noise not always under control

Opinion: Possess it for a couple of months. I evaluated before buying 50D and 7D. Compared to these bodies, the only gap that I have (for my needs) are the micro af adjustment and joystick integrated in the multi controller which is not always as comfortable as the original solution, despite the overall ergonomics and solid feel that disseminates are excellent. The performance of the sensor is great if the exposure is perfect. Unlike brings out your digital noise at ISO 100 and loses detail. It 'a machine that would not recommend to people just starting out and probably a pro would feel tight. I am an amateur enthusiast.

pubblicata da Luxwave January 20, 2012

Pros: Great display (adjustable and with good resolution). Good sensor and meter. Improved ergonomics.

Cons: Lacks the AF micro adjustment

Opinion: Wonderful machine, that with the Battery Grip achieves fantastic ergonomics. Does not feel the lack of magnesium in the body of his predecessors, the construction is sturdy and does not disappoint even when used in environments not favorable. Has the same level of sealing of the previous 50D, so did not lose anything on this front. The only real failure is the AF micro-adjustment, though fortunately none of my 5 goals has still needed.

pubblicata da Besigma January 02, 2012

Pros: Display, light weight, low noise and burst

Cons: Noise filter will damage the detail

Opinion: Held for about 1 year, nice car, nice management and consistent in performance, beautiful in night or in low light. I've loved for macro (sigma goals, unfortunately never tried canon L series), the anti-aliasing filters and correction of equipment noise will damage the detail and brightness, although certainly the whole is not very visible in small prints. Let's say there is almost always goes on the safe side but I was never able to find the result very surprising, perhaps you would have to invest more on lenses with higher risolvenza seen on the high resolution sensor aps-c. Positive vote anyway, I do not think is the true heir to the 50D.

pubblicata da Emil Sinclair December 29, 2011

Pros: Very ergonomic and handy video full hd high quality (but requires a obittivo well-made). Adjustable screen useful for macros and in certain situations. White Balance perfect. Excellent performance up to ISO 3200. Pre see the merits best requires the presence of objectives of excellent quality.

Cons: The 9 AF points belong to a technology already seen on other cameras. If you used only the middle gives a lot of satisfaction and AF in this case does not miss a beat. Body is not weather sealed. Lacks the AF micro adjustment.

Opinion: I own this excellent reflex 7 months and I can be very satisfied. This is my first SLR so I can not make comparisons. Until recently I mounted the kit lens (18-135), which gave me a little 'satisfaction, but from the moment I put on a quality lens like the Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM The 60D has comunciato to give the best of themselves in terms of quality. Now I'm waiting to mount on my 60D the famous Canon 24-105 that replaces the 17-55 because they are too short focal length. From this L-series lens I expect great performance from the 60D. I then noticed that high ISO noise is not as obvious as you read eg. with other APS-C. The adjustable screen is very convenient for Macro but also closing every time you avoid unwanted scratches. Personally, I prefer not to close inconvenient because every time open and close to take pictures. Another point in favor of the 60D ergonomics and light weight of the machine. As the very first SLR I think you can not ask for anything else.

pubblicata da Marcov December 05, 2011

Pros: Display, Rugged, Lightweight, Fast, Full HD Video, up to 3200 ISO Awesome!

Cons: no one in particular

Opinion: I bought this machine about a month ago and I got to try it already anyway! Well what to say, is pretty much a 7d smaller and less expensive! has an amazing display, fast even for sports photos, made up to 3200 iso iso stunning detail over the falls a bit but we consider that we are talking about an aps-c sensor! live-wiev very effective and focus fast enough! That said, the advice to virtually everyone, is manegevole not ingobra and you can do almost all types of photos with great results!

pubblicata da Fedecoco November 18, 2011

Pros: Handy, convenient to use and with lots of features

Cons: Requires a certain level of optical, fine adjustments for missing targets, not weather sealed body

Opinion: Ok, let's start with the problem of the body is not weather sealed: in reality 'the material' still very good and seems resistant even though I have no intention of making any test. The problem 'that previous versions had xxD tropicalized then it is immediately obvious to everyone as "missing" and not as diversity' for example. Same goes for the micro, probably 70% of users will not ever use, but if anything even once served, now there '. Let's move to the new 18-megapixel sensor, dense, makes her beautiful work, especially through the power of the Digic IV in the "clean up" the images to a noise level that what it 'is normal to be in a bit more' high compared with other sensors with less. And 'here that fits what' I wrote one of the "cons": I think this machine and 'excellent for those who upgrade from an entry level body, for example, provided, however,' that they have already 'a kit at least decent . Are often disappointing fact shots with expensive 18-55 IS kit or with various 17 -85, 18-135, 18-200, and any other "zoomone" third party see the many Sigma. I recommend shooting in RAW as always shoot in JPG and 'another case that makes us lose a lot of quality' because of direct compression performed by the machine. I agree with those who have reviewed it before me on the goodness' of the AWB that does not miss a beat, excellent autofocus and comfort 'of the swiveling display that before he criticizes harshly but once the machine is used almost half' of the times ! In short, the 60D judge as an "upgrade" compared to previous machines of the series xxD especially with regard to the video section and the multiple functions attached. Discourage other as the transition from a xxD 60D say because you will not find the big changes that would instead switching to 7D or FF, so to speak. Rating: 8

pubblicata da Sarah September 24, 2011

Pros: The rotatable screen may be useful in certain situations, hd very good, good image quality, lock ring.

Cons: Semi-pro camera that actually is amateur, the body is magnesium alloy as the 40d and 50d, the screen can be rotated in the way, does not have the micro AF instead have the 40d and 50d, the possibility of process to a lesser extent in the file room in my opinion useless, not burst fast, uses sd cards instead of compact flash (for those who think this move from a 5o/40d to a 60d ... sconsigliatissimo, it is not an upgrade! rather buy the 7d!)

Opinion: I've owned for a short time then you probably are not able to give an informed judgment: I can only say that this camera is purchased only if appropriate to your needs. I found it quite amateur, NOT suitable for those who have special needs as may be established in a nature photographer, sports and study. I've sold after just a month and a half.

pubblicata da Inuy September 08, 2011

Pros: ergonomics, adjustable display, management iso drive, uses sd

Cons: yield high iso, no micro

Opinion: The swiveling display is really great, large and high definition, for those few videos that I've done I was almost indispensable. I found it very well done management in AV ISO Auto, the machine tries to keep the safety time and varies the iso accordingly, until the maximum that can be set from the menu. I found myself very well as ergonomics, especially with the bg mounted. Also excellent white balance in auto mode, almost always right, and the meter, two aspects are significantly better than the 40d I had before. I find a lack not just that of the micro, the other end of the same are all equipped. Are not satisfied with the 18MP sensor, in my opinion just too noisy lighting conditions are not perfect ... When I'm perfect, well defined which is spectacular.

pubblicata da PietroGuida July 08, 2011

Pros: Exceptional swiveling display. A semi-pro camera but manages to have a smaller size than the others. Image quality identical to 7D!

Cons: It has micro-adjustment, which is useful in the case of Sigma lenses not perfect.

Opinion: It 'a camera with professional features but is also suitable for those with smaller hands. The advice to women who shoot for work. E 'built in a robust way while not having the body of magnesium alloy. The photo quality is very good and the very fine detail (but you must use good lenses) has a low noise up to ISO 1600 in low light conditions. In light conditions discreet yet very little noise at ISO 3200! It has a large and brilliant display, outstanding! Live View mode works very well and offers a choice between phase detection with contrast mode, and even the Face Index. It also seems much improved speed focusing with Live View engaged. And 'quite small compared to 7d (of course it is much bigger than a 550d), but it is very powerful and full of features, very technologically advanced, despite a flurry not fast, for that is the 7d. Sin for the absence (as in the 40D) of micro-adjustment that is useful in the event of objectives Sigma very bright (type F/1.4) with some defect, otherwise it is not a great lack ...

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