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Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM : Specifications and Opinions

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM is a standard lens for FF and APS-C, manufactured from 2006. The focus is done by Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM), it does not have image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 1460 € / 1550 US $; 55 users have given it an average vote of 9.5 out of 10.

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 Focal lenght   50 mm
 Angle of view   46.8°
 Max. aperture   f/1.2
 Aperture blades   8
 Lenses/Groups   8 elements in 6 groups
 Min. focus distance   0.45 meters
 Reproduction ratio   0.15x

 Zoom type   -
 Internal AF   Yes
 Full Time MF   Yes

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   No
 Extenders   No
 Filters   72 mm
 Lens hood   Yes, supplied
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Weight   580 g
 Dimensions   86 x 66 mm
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Photos taken with Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM

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pubblicata da Riccardogibilterra November 25, 2014

Pros: Beautiful, massive, bright, fast AF, blurred by fear, handyman (at least for me), L, 1.2.

Cons: You have to tame it, not coincidentally is nicknamed Talpone.

Opinion: You can read all the reviews you want, see graphics video test everything you can find on the web, but the advice I give is if you can noleggiatelo and try it, well calibrated the machine taken taken taken and buy it ........ !!! Dream lens, detachment, poetic blurred by fear! The buy back with your eyes closed is worth whatever it costs!

pubblicata da Davide Spedicato November 12, 2014

Pros: colors, fast and silent AF, three-dimensional image bokeh

Cons: TA is reliable only with the cross-type points

Opinion: I bought this lens after reading and re-read everything you can find on the net; what perplexed me was reading about the unreliability of the AF TA.rnIn in fact, the first impact was not much; I tried it in portraiture and the only way to get sharp photos in 1.2 was to reconcile with the central ... with all the other points, the MAF was a stroke of lotto.rnCosì I brought 5DIII and 50one to room service for the calibration of any single point of focus. Now I can finally say it's worth all the money spent and I think is the best 50mm out there ... PROVIDED THAT YOU USE IT WITH A POINT MAF CROCE.rnLo blur is really nice; 1.2 clearly one can not ask for clarity exasperated ... but who buys a goal like it does for other reasons such as its bokeh and the feeling you get by clicking (hard to describe) .rnLo detachment of the plans is spectacular as the tridimensionalità.rnA TA vignetting you see all right but for portraits & egrave; an effect that I do not mind at all ... but ... if there is not often I add it in post.rnSe you can buy it!

pubblicata da Steve Emme October 30, 2014

Pros: Construction, colors, focus, three-dimensional image

Cons: Apart from the price, a little too soft at room temperature

Opinion: I state that I am not a fetishist of the optics so that, after having had several 50 (1.4 Canon, Sigma EX 1.4, 1.4 sigma series art), I decided to try it to see the performance. The 50 is the lens I use the most in assoluto.rnAlla I finally gave up and I'm loving it:) rnOttica great for the type of photography that belongs to me (portrait and fashion), beautiful colors, beautiful rendering of the complexion, focus fast and accurate, three-dimensional. It is not a "blade" as the sigma 50 f 1.4 series art, but I took it on purpose because the softer and made of special focus, allow me to have pictures more easily lavorabili.rnE 'view that scales well with the camera body, very strong but not pesante.rnA f2 sharpness, of course taking into account opening is very good, since f4 becomes exceptional. At f 1.2 and F1.4 do not have to wait for clarity as that of the sigma art: if you shoot a full-length and you go to look at the eye is enlarged to 100% forperfectly definito.rnCome said by some, suffers from chromatic aberration, but is easily removed with a simple adjustment ps.rnDetto this, I finally have found the right 50 and I hardly separerò.rn

pubblicata da Matteo Bertulessi October 23, 2014

Pros: F1.2, speed of MF, light tropicalizzazzione

Cons: price, plasticky construction, tropicalizzazzione not adequate cost

Opinion: Extremely disappointed with this objective, after years and several research (internet, trade fairs, magazines, and acquaintances who said lens) I was perhaps influenced by the fact reviews made, or the craving to have what for many is the "OBJECTIVE" I bought it but after a few months sold, according mè not worth the money that they charge, competing brands at half the price they do best, I repeat € 1,200 / 1,300 for this purpose are troppiii.

pubblicata da Nordend4612 September 17, 2014

Pros: Blurred unique, brightness, focus, sharpness, weather sealed, built for me .... and also the focal!

Cons: Price and .... I do not have it!

Opinion: I have this goal 6 months and I feel I've let my first impressions are so excited! Really agree with what is written in the previous reviews that the only cons is not having it! RnL'ho bought it as a personal gift for the arrival of my daughter; I came more than four years of 50mm f1.8 (used both on aps-c that on FF) and after trying to fine the 50mm f1.4 in a workshop.rnChe say? I have read and studied everything on this objective by turning on the internet. Heard assessments and adventures / misadventures of all kinds, made every type of evaluation and then I threw up. I love the 50mm focal length on FF, and based on the logic (very personal) that it is better to take a few good goals but I evaluated to stake everything on a fixed quality (albeit expensive) but that I liked, rather than have three of medium quality .rnInizio by trying to answer the question on everyone's mind when assessing this goal or whether it is worth spending four times more than the f1.4 version or even twelve times more respect to the f1.8 version. For my personal assessment, yes, indeed. Let me explain my reasoning: the 50mm f1.8 I always found sufficiently clear, even at full aperture and with a blurred acceptable but the AF, especially on aps-c left a lot to be desired and it was still slow; with 50mm f1.4 USM I found the (very important and real big difference with the younger brother) and always a good yield at wide apertures, but the images in the TA found little contrast and slightly veiled while the bokeh was more agreeable with brother f1.8 aperture; the 50mm f1.2 instead is great at room temperature (not a pixel-peeper, absolutely, but it is as clear as the other lenses I have, if not more) and close more and more better, keeping intact a beautiful chromaticity and loyalty colors as well as a bokeh unico.rnNon agree then who says that is a goal that has meaning only when used in TA? .assolutamente, if you take it is to have not only the third stop in the most but also for the surrender of large apertures (f2.8 fromand over) and for maintaining a unique style for each color and bokeh diaframma.rnCapitolo AF: I use it on the 5D, so its not a thunderbolt of war and incredible ... well with the side! Honestly I did not notice a deterioration in the functioning of the AF TA compared to younger siblings?'d Say it's equal, if not better, the 50mm f1.4 used both at RT. It also works with the side, well, if it does not hook because he would not do even with other versions in my opinion. It helps a lot to use the flash with infrared .... there is really hard're wrong focus. From my brief experience though, if you fail a shot most of the time it is due to the difficulty of managing a shallow depth of field. With this lens is very important to manage the distance from the subject to have the face or both eyes in focus ... is the lens for portraits prince ambientati.rnAggiungo also a goal that is weather sealed, heavy right and well built, as well as well salable on the market. Onlla sharpness I can say that it is not like the 135L f2 but more like the 70-200 F4L for me .... absolutely valida.rnRiassumendo, if you like the 50mm focal length is a goal not to be missed because it offers really unique shots and that you do not can be achieved with the younger siblings. Spending has also more than makes sense if we look for a fixed lens quality that can also serve as a handyman and can give us the shots that stand out ... if your budget does not allow it or if the focal length we like but we already meets the version F1.4 fall for on your feet with this latest version that is worth far more than it costs.

pubblicata da Alessandra89z July 26, 2014

Pros: all blurred brightness

Cons: a little hail, and not crystal clear

Opinion: I have this lens for quite some days and I was amazed at the great. blurred which makes it addictive, the three-dimensionality that provides makes you drool :), then buy another one thousand times, and no confornto with the remaining 50mm 1.4 that are around, art or not art, this is a 1.2 and is one and only! I could sell the kit and be alone with this :) .. I hope not by potergli also complement the 24 or 35 .. rn

pubblicata da Donato Romagnuolo June 24, 2014

Pros: lightness, brightness, AF, sharpness, Defocused

Cons: price distortion

Opinion: a great lens no doubt about it. a bit expensive and a bit difficult to use at all apertua if you do not have a proper light ... rnnotato an unpleasant distortion in the picture in the first piano.rnl 'perspective is very handy and easy to use ... often without a hood because outside when it enters into a bit of light gives a pleasant flare.rndiverso of his younger brothers, 50 mm, for those who can afford it is to buy assolutamente.rn

pubblicata da Filiberto June 01, 2014

Pros: Among the super bright Canon is the one with the most spectacular yield.

Cons: Among the super bright Canon is the one with the graphs of the worst Photozone & C..

Opinion: I've already said everything in the pros and cons, so the 50L is the most controversial of Canon optics. There is magic and that says who says that is the stuff of fetishists. I say that after the hangover of Otus and Sigma super hyper correct and solving some year between the super bright series The Canon will be sought and paid their weight in gold, so if someone who has to keep them tight!! ! Forget the charts and take some pictures to believe it.

pubblicata da Albertochicco April 21, 2014

Pros: Spectacular! a sharp knife ...! blurred by fear! and addictive!

Cons: not easy to use ...

Opinion: lens space ... from another planet! nice! light! a little bold and also by galvanizing appearance! addictive! one blurred by fear! nice! and that a lot of satisfaction! unfortunately .... and maybe even a PRO ... it is not easy to use, the diaphragm 1.2 does not forgive. rnUsato hard to find / trovare.Lente MUST HAVE.rnpeccato for the price UPPER but he deserves ALL the money spent!

pubblicata da Bibols February 27, 2014

Pros: Blurred by fear! Impressive three-dimensional, full-color rendering and pasty.

Cons: Embarrassing chromatic aberration in high-contrast scenes at large apertures.

Opinion: 6igrave; f/1.2 with other optics, such as the old Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 for Minolta a time that was, which, beyond the various difficulties focus on Canon, presents no aberrations so marcate.rnMa apart from all this, is that I find unmatched perspective to interpret a subject, or a detail of a subject, exalting him out of context and making it protagonista.rnrn

pubblicata da Shotofgod February 20, 2014

Pros: Bokeh, AF, Opening !! rnNon takes pictures but paints ..

Cons: To not using it until today ..

Opinion: After a session of test shots I can afford to comment on this point that is not easy to tame. After reading around I decided to buy it to complete my outfit, the use of 5d mk3 with fullest satisfaction, really I have no words to best describe this lens, honestly I had always toed mounted on my camera but the latter remain in your bag for a long time I guess :) A fantastic optics that makes every photo unique, if you get in tune I think nobody can help it, I did not think I would take so much after using for a few days .. 50 1.8 The I highly recommend, you will not regret !!

pubblicata da Franky.ski January 20, 2014

Pros: It 'a lens with exceptional characteristics. At f1.2 has a rendition of "poetic" (with this is to say that donates one blurred and unparalleled contrast - in the area in focus - that does not weigh down the photo). If you diaphragm (from f3.2/5.6) there is a three-dimensional image to be delighted.

Cons: The only counter that can move is the price (if taken in Italy following the Italian channels). Otherwise has no cons.

Opinion: I have this lens for about seven months before writing my impression I wanted to wait a while 'to understand it. In fact, for those coming from the zoom (24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8) to switch to a fixed may be initially painful, it should read in the need to build the frame because of the focus and not the possibility to use the zoom to build it (more easily). rnEbbene, after having taken his hand, I can confirm all the positive aspects that you read about and, for negative I can refute those seguito.rnIl Bokeh lens is one that offers the of the best (along with 85 f1.2 that surpasses it for the obvious reasons why a lens with a longer focal length royal fuzzy greater at full aperture). rnPer weight and bulk I just say: you had a neck 24-70 f2 .8 L? In relation to the weight of this lens (which use for obvious reasons), and the machine body (5D MkIII) the cinquantino irrisorio.rnPer is the "softness" to the entire opening or the difficulty of focus, same as for the tempor need to familiarize yourself with the lente.rnDa last say, with an example, that Ferrari is an excellent machine, but those looking for what Ferrari did not deem it did not live up to what is required! rnCiaorn

pubblicata da Cetolino January 14, 2014

Pros: Poetic, very crisp when closed, AF.

Cons: Bokeh horrendous at times, faint open.

Opinion: The most difficult task I have ever used. A yield erratic, almost moody. It can transform an ordinary image into poetry as a significant ruin with its flaws that sometimes become added value. I speak of the lack of sharpness open, but in particular its bokeh very particular that transforms the pictures according to the light and the background, hard and nervous sometimes, poetic other. Not the've never understood and I sold it at the end of the regretted it.

pubblicata da Ermannocazzola December 20, 2013

Pros: Lightweight, compact, pleasant to the touch, sharp enough at f / 1,4 in relation to the type of lens, very fast.

Cons: of course if the price was lower than most would like, but obviously part of the game ... if you do not have enough money, that's fine also the younger brother f / 1.4

Opinion: All describe heavy but for me it is absolutely ... indeed, coming from 85 f / 1,2 I find it even lighter and comodo.rnLo already knew from a previous purchase, at the time I did not like but then increased my knowledge of the camera and now I find I really wanted tanto.rnNon defects particular, I consider the perspective ambientati for portraits and reportage ... then the sharpness is not the most important factor ... but the blurred and his pleasure in the colors are its real strength ... then if you close the aperture to f / 2, then things change dramatically and it is also used for still life and architecture, but in those diaphragms advice Brother f / 1,4 which results from turning a little to the almost famous identici.rnRispetto 85 f / 1,2 flaw just a little bit at full aperture for sharpness but especially for aberrations evident when the light is strong ... even in low-light situations aberrations svaniscono.rnrnrnun suggestion: to shoot in low light series of 5:01, I highly recommend the use of Canon St-E2with its infrared helps the MAF ... or the flash in IR mode but is much heavier

pubblicata da Lorenzo Pastori November 28, 2013

Pros: Bokeh, creamy texture, feeling, and ex ... immediate satisfaction.

Cons: Never have I had until yesterday.

Opinion: I have read everything before you buy it. And 'if you buy a lens that you know what you want, and what does such a choice (time AF, the minimum pdc etc ...). When put hands in their pockets, mounted on the FF and realized that it's really yours, you forget that you have other lenses. All of them. But I think that is a lens which must approach after doing some obligatory steps, made of kit, techniques and passion, why not. Otherwise the risk is that you might not fully appreciate (or at all). Highly recommended. After 50 1.2 L you have to wonder what it might be in terms of ... libidine.rnE think that some (not many thankfully) consider him the idiot brother dell'85L ...

pubblicata da Luca Sacco November 18, 2013

Pros: Three-dimensional, brightness, color, strength.

Cons: Not to use it every day.

Opinion: I was hesitant because of the price but I'm glad I bought it a few days ago, it is amazing! I get better at using it than with a hypothetical 85 1.2 for its greater field of view, and after taking some close-ups and especially narrow environments ... well ... I continued for hours in disbelief brightness. I come from the 50 1.4 but this is another way of doing photography. I read any review of comparison between the two and in many cases it is said that the difference is minimal, but you kidding???? Oh 50 1.4 is great but ... the colors and especially the almost poetic Bokeh 1 .2 leave you speechless. Does not seem to suffer from the absence of the IS, and its weight is less than 85, then good buy and I will be glued to my 5D MK3 for quite a while '!

pubblicata da Dreamland November 13, 2013

Pros: Excellent focus and great colors, three-dimensional construction.

Cons: Too soft to TA

Opinion: This lens was my cue ball for a year and then I decided to make the madness and take it, to keep company to the first and 40d 5d MkII poi.rnLa building is typical of the series L, no objection, rings and fluid precise.rnUtilizzandolo it is evident the absolute quality of the focus, the three-dimensionality of the images and a fantastic color rendition. Autofocus silent, precise and fast even in low condiizoni illuminazione.rnPecca in sharpness to TA, where I honestly expected something più.rnrn

pubblicata da Giacomo75 March 23, 2013

Pros: Brightness, Cut Plans, Construction, Auto Focus, Color

Cons: Difficulty using a TA

Opinion: It 'a lens very interesting, you can buy for use primarily in TA and play with lights, floors and the environment that surrounds the lens and the photographer. Like all optical extremes is not the immediate feeling, many photos are blurred given the openness of 1.2, but with practice you get very personal and unique pictures. With this in mind than shooting situations are created, you can create a atmosphere that you can hardly describe. It is not an optical absolute detail, this is not trying to split in two the hair, this light will, and I think it succeeds well if you know how to use, proiettarti in the picture as a whole, in its atmosphere, in its entirety perhaps highlighting anything in particular, but everything in his engaging together. Highly recommended to learn how to take pictures and to search for photos from the pack, very personal, maybe not everyone may like but certainly unique and exciting. The cost of a safe investment.

pubblicata da Gozilla November 22, 2012

Pros: Construction, characteristics of fuzzy, three-dimensional images.

Cons: Weight and size, but it is a defect?

Opinion: And 'one of those lenses that are tested to fully appreciate. The cost is high, but as soon as you touch it you feel the quality of the materials and impeccable construction. Also possess the Canon 50 1.4, and if under the optical appearance by stopping the results seem similar, they are "animals" different. The focus is particular dream I would say, especially wide open, and in the end I made this purchase for its use in these conditions. Anyone looking for a bright 50 to use on the road or street can in my opinion be on version 1.4, but those who seek the very characteristics for which it was built, budget permitting, is not to be missed. Always shooting in raw, and developing the files with DPP using "digital optimization goal," the results that I see make me forget the cost of this glass.

pubblicata da Giallo63 July 20, 2012

Pros: Bokeh, three-dimensional, plasticity, tonal richness, construction

Cons: Sharpness outlying areas to greater openness, weight and size, curvature of field

Opinion: A lens with a strong personality. Anyone looking for a razor and a view to playing those planes and geometric savings over a thousand euro and buy the macro f 50/2, 5. Those who want to create images in natural light with a strong three-dimensional and rich tonal transitions and for the richness of colors, at home, Canon can not find anything better. At full aperture the sharpness is acceptable only in a small central area, drops dramatically in peripheral areas: in some areas it is completely acceptable and normal, in others not, but we would be out of the design requirements of a target as well. Already a stop closure (f: 1.8) yield is impeccable and far superior to that of the two 50mm less bright. By f: 3.5 on the micro-rears even in very remote areas, and are not the most obvious effects of spherical aberration and field curvature. An additional benefit of this is that the pleasantness of the blurred remains still high even at diaframmature more generous merit at all unusual and it definitely separates - for the better - the other two 50mm to list (I do not consider the 50 macro because it has - logically and coherently - a project, say, diametrically opposed to 50/1, 2 L).

pubblicata da Adi July 04, 2012

Pros: L-Series quality, high brightness, blurred background extraordinary, fast, quiet autofocus, Super Spectra coatings, vivid images with high fidelity.

Cons: No.

Opinion: It is a perspective that helps me to create forms and unpublished experimental configuration of light and especially to seize new relationships between things, putting in conditions to face in a more conscious perceptual shocks from a world increasingly permeated by technology. Excellent results portray exploiting it to the max at full-frame camera bodies, for me is a wonderful lens in its insieme.rnrnAdrian

pubblicata da Nik56 June 20, 2012

Pros: A lens magnificent super super recommended the purchase and I just 'a marvel ideal for portraits and then close a thread, and the diaphragm are overviews From fairytale

Cons: Maybe a little pesantino the only real problem '......... not having

Opinion: another perfect optical I bought 85 1.2. The 24 1.4 50 1.2 and now this. I would say three optical thrilling and if once Leica looked at all from the top front of these three lions not there more history to anyone Even so, you get used to space these three objectives and 'really a small problem that short time you get used to conclude 50 and 1.2 'cnsigliatissimoooooo!!! and 'beautiful

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