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Pagina Personale YOUR PERSONAL PAGE: Every member of JuzaPhoto gets a personal page where he can publish up to 420 photos (even at full resolution), galleries, portfolio, profile, friends and a full featured blog. Example: www.juzaphoto.com/p/SteveMackay

Forum DISCUSSION FORUM: In the discussion forum you can discuss about everything from the photographic world.

Gallerie GALLERIES: Sixteenn galleries for every genre of photos, from landscapes to portrait, from wildlife to sport. You can see thoushands of photos from all the world, you can add your opinions and you can add your images.

Recensioni REVIEWS: Reviews, user opinions, sample photos and specifications of all cameras and lenses currently in production. Add your opinions, vote the cameras and lenses that you use, compare the specifications of cameras and lenses.

Destinazioni LOCATIONS: This section shows the best places for nature photography, travel photography and reportage in all the world. Everyone can participate by adding new locations! You can see photos, info and map about every location.

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